Radiant! How to Get Glowing Skin!

Let’s be honest, we all want super soft glowing skin. We want to look like our best selves, and only have to wear the tiniest hint of BB cream, rather than a full face of foundation. But just how can we do that, especially as the years go by? Well, there are some tricks you may not know about that could help. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Good cleanser



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Number one on the list of tips for a radiant complexion is using a good cleanser. Yes, I know that you know all about how you have to take your makeup off, and how it’s not go to bed in it at night, because of it smothers the skin and stops it refreshing itself. But to do this, you need a kickass cleanser.

Some of the cleaning products out there are too wishy-washy, they just don’t have the guts to remove full coverage foundation or waterproof eye makeup. The problem with this is that you end up pulling your face about and scrubbing at it to remove your makeup. Something that is definitely not good for the condition of your face, or the radiance of your skin.

A good cleaner will be strong enough to remove all of your makeup, but will also leave you skin feeling clean moisturized. Remember having hydrated skin is one of the keys to radiance and your cleanser is a big part of this.



Something else that you can use to get a more glowing complexion is microdermabrasion. This a treatment where the top layer of skin is removed to reveal the younger, fresher skin underneath.

Until very recently you have only been able to go for this treatment in clinics and spas, but now you can get at home microdermabrasion kits. These can work out as a lot more cost effective, than paying a spa to do it for you. As well as having the benefit of being able to do it in the comfort of your own home. Great for if you get a little red afterward, and don’t want anybody to see you until it goes down.





There are changes that you can make to your diet as well to help your skin glow with radiance. In particular, the consumption of food rich in antioxidants can be very helpful.


This is because these attach themselves to the free radicals in your system. Free radicals are associated with cell replication problems like aging. So by eating well, you can help minimize the aging of your skin.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little helping hand either, and that is where some of the makeup products on the market come in.

First, we have shimmering primer, designed to be applied before your foundation. This will smooth out your skin, as well adding a hit of radiance to your face.



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Then there are the ever popular highlighters and strobers that are around at the moment. These are design to provide reflection and give a dewy, youthful glow. Apply them to areas that would be naturally hit by the light for maximum effect and radiance.



Do You Know What’s Truly Affecting Your Skin?

Skincare is a tricky thing to get just right. Most of us struggle with it for most of our lives. It is rare that anyone really comes into a skincare regime that lasts forever, and yet this is something that most of us would admit to wanting. Part of looking after your skin is knowing about the many different things that can affect it, in both a good way or a bad way. As it happens, there are more of these than you might think, and that’s why it is so important to learn as much about them as you can. In general, the more you know about the things which affect your skin, the better you will be able to look after it.


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This is one of the more obvious factors, so we will deal with it straight away. Your diet can have a major effect on the quality of your skin, and knowing this will ensure that you can choose what you eat much more sensibly. Of course, to be able to do that, you will need to know what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t be eating. Many of these rules are not applicable to everyone, and it will depend on each person individually what works and what doesn’t. But there are some foods that you should absolutely avoid at all costs if you want your skin to really be at its best as much as possible.

Chief amongst the foods to avoid are anything high in saturated fat or salt. This basically means that you should try not to eat any fast food, or at least keep it to a minimum. This kind of food has a way of making your skin greasy, and can cause a higher likelihood of issues such as spots, acne, blemishes and even an increase in the number of freckles and moles you might have. You should also pay attention to how many whole foods you are eating – the more of these, the better in general, but you should be aware that eating only fruit and vegetables is likely to be overkill for most people. You need a little white meat or fish in your diet, in order to provide some omega-3 to the skin. This is the kind of fat that the skin gets its healthy glow from, rather than the unhealthy gleam of fatty foods.


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The amount you eat is another important factor in how healthy your skin looks and feels. If you overeat on a regular basis, you will soon find that your skin begins to appear dull, while under eating can deprive the skin of the necessary nutrients and minerals, and will ultimately have the same effect. It is a fine balance to be drawn – but as ever, in the balance is where you find what you are looking for.

Harmful Substances

As well as what you eat, you also need to think about anything else that you might be putting in your body which could affect your skin. As it happens, this can be pretty much anything – but there are certain substances which you should definitely avoid as much as possible if you are serious about trying to have healthier, better-looking skin. Among the most harmful substances for your skin are alcohol and tobacco. If you drink excessively, or smoke at all, you are causing your skin a lot of damage, some of it perhaps permanent. If alcohol is a particular problem for you, then it might be worth trying to find a way to cut down on it. Even just cutting out a few drinks a week can make a big difference, and will often lead immediately to skin that is healthier and has a better glow about it.


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If your vice is smoking tobacco, then it is definitely a wise move to stop smoking altogether. Smoking dries up the skin and makes blemishes, spots and wrinkles much more likely to appear. It also has long-term damaging effects which can result in you looking considerably older than you really are. Fortunately, cutting out cigarettes can dramatically reverse these negative effects, leading to healthier skin again. Doing so can be tricky, but with the proper use of some alternative nicotine replacement therapy, you should find it a little easier to do. It should save you money, too – just find some vape juice cheap and switch over to that, and your skin will improve in no time.


Water is truly the life-giving substance, and when it comes to your skin it giveth and it taketh away. The tricky thing about water is knowing how much to drink, but the good news there is that you would probably be hard pushed to drink too much. Generally, people don’t drink anywhere near enough, so a good rule of thumb would be to add a glass or two a day to what you are currently drinking. Around eight glasses is a good goal, but beyond that would be even better. Too much water consumption can affect you negatively though, and that is true for your skin as well as your internal organs. However, with the right amount of water in your system, your skin will be able to heal itself much faster from any cuts or abrasions, and it will also need much less moisturizer in order to remain smooth and soft. Water should be considered an absolutely essential part of any skincare regime.


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We all know the potential dangers of the sun, and it is obviously sensible to keep out of high sun as much as possible. Wearing sun block, covering up and staying out of the midday sun are all good ideas if you care about your skin. But you do need some amount of sunlight, and gain here we run into the issue of trying to find the perfect balance. The sun’s rays give your skin vitamin C and D, and these are both vital for healthier skin. Just make sure that you don’t allow your skin to become burned.

Does Your Physical Health Impact Your Mental Health?

The simple answer to the opening question here is… yes. There’s no point in trying to pretend that we should weigh the different options, suggesting that there is merit to both, when in reality the answer is very clear-cut indeed. Yes, physical health has a massive implication on mental health – and it’s easy to see why.


Given that this link is so explicit, perhaps the better way to focus time and energy is to look at what you can do about the impact of poor physical health (be it from an accident, an illness, or just random bad luck) can have on your mental health. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a “look on the bright side of life!” patronizing response to those thoughts. In fact, acknowledging them as legitimate might be the first step to coping…


Feelings Of Injustice




Self-pity is not an emotion that many of us strive for, but it’s nevertheless one we all have a tendency to feel when our physical health is failing us. That’s completely normal; in fact, it could even be considered somewhat odd were that not the case.


After all, when your physical health is poor, your life suffers. You’re not able to get outside as much, you might miss out on events, or seeing friends – of course that’s going to give you feelings of sorrow for yourself. It’s important to recognize that you have legitimate reason to feel like that; don’t beat yourself up about acknowledging the reality.


The key is to acknowledge those feelings and see them as genuine, but then press on regardless anyway. If there’s something that you can do to make yourself feel better, then do it, but don’t expect instantaneous results. When you have been injured in an accident or taken ill, you are going to struggle with feelings of “but why me?” – so don’t let anyone try to suggest that you’re wrong for doing so.




Somewhere in the midst of that self-pity, there is likely to be more than a little depression waiting to rear its ugly head. This isn’t necessarily clinical depression (which is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain) but situational depression. Admittedly, the classification doesn’t make much difference: both feel awful.


There is some evidence to suggest that having a positive mindset during times of ill health can actually benefit healing. However, this isn’t found just by telling yourself to get over it and cheer up. Therapy is usually the best option for finding your way back onto a more even footing, so don’t be afraid to seek out options to talk to a professional about what you’re going through.


Apologizing For Yourself




Finally, perhaps the most damaging mental health impact of poor general health is when you constantly feel the need to apologize for yourself/the “problems” that you cause other people.


Try and remember that you don’t have to apologize for the fact you are alive. By all means, acknowledge the contribution of the people who help you, but don’t apologize for existing. Snapping out of this habit will bring about the most positive change in both how you view yourself, and how you respond to suffering a health misfortune. Good luck.



Skincare: When Drugstore Products Don’t Cut It

Having problem skin can be stressful at the best of times. It can be painful, depending on your condition, expensive (from all the products you buy) and it can knock your confidence too. One of the most frustrating things is having everyone you know mention various drugstore products to you that worked for them – even though your skin is completely different to theirs. Maybe you are dealing with excessive dryness, adult acne or premature ageing, all of which require a very specific and precise course of treatment. You may well have spent hundreds of dollars on drugstore beauty products over the years, both to solve your skin issue at the root and to cover it up with makeup. But after so many years, you may be ready to put all that behind you and look for a solution once and for all who actually works. Here are a few tips on where to go with your skincare journey when drugstore products just don’t cut it.


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Special treatments

You may cringe at the idea of chemical peels and dermatological facials – but hear us out! The vast majority of these treatments are non-invasive and relatively painless (unless you go for something zany like the infamous vampire facial!). If you feel like your skin is in need of a total refresh, these types of treatments could be just the ticket you need. Speak to your local dermatologist about your problems, and the kind of results you want from treatment. It may not come cheap, but usually, the results last for quite some time – and it’s always nice to pamper yourself every once in a while!

Prescription medication

The majority of drugstore skincare products are marketed at a pretty general audience so that they will sell the most. Prescription skin products, however, target your problem right at the root, as they are designed to eradicate a particular issue. Some orders come in capsule form like traditional medication, while others, such as the ones created by Dr Bailey, come in cream form. Make sure you learn how to apply such products correctly, so you avoid irritation. These creams can often be much stronger than the kinds of lotions you would find in drugstores, so while your skin adjusts, remember that less is more.


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Lifestyle changes

No one likes to admit that their lifestyle could have an impact on their skin – but it definitely can. If you suffer from something like acne or a skin allergy you don’t know the cause of, try cutting various things out of your diet one at a time and monitoring your skin’s reaction. Additionally, be honest with yourself and ask: is your lifestyle as healthy as it could be? We all have cheat days, of course – but a lifestyle consisting of a fatty diet and little to no exercise can have a direct impact on your skin. Try cutting down on processed foods and soda, replacing them with fresh vegetables and lemon water instead. The natural minerals in these things will help to flush toxins out of your skin and give you a healthier, happier glow.

Caring for Your Reproductive Health



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Let’s face, it for lots of women, our periods simply suck. If we aren’t feeling bloated, were struggling with the pain of cramps or feeling crabby because our hormones are all over the place. It might not be possible to make our period problems go away completely, but there are several ideas we can try to make them suck less.


Here are some easy ideas to make the worst time of the month a little more bearable:


Take Control of It


For many women, their period feels like it is totally out of their control and there is little they can do about it. This can lead to a lot more stress, anger, and annoyance than is really necessary. So, instead of trying to pretend your period isn’t happening, or feeling upset because it isn’t under your control, start tracking it with an app instead.


By taking control of your period, you’ll feel more ownership of it, and you’ll always know why you’re feeling a bit down or struggling with bad skin so that you won’t feel so crazy about it all. Of course, if you track your period, you’ll always be prepared for it when it comes.


Move More


When it’s that time of the month, you probably want to do little more than crawl up into a ball with a heat pad and your favourite shows on Netflix, but here’s a bright idea: get up and do something instead. By not dwelling on your cramps or the way your stomach has bloated to twice its side, you won’t actually feel quite so bad, and if you actually get up and do some exercise, the movement will release feel-good endorphins, which will boost your mood and ease your pain.


Try a New Contraceptive


If you’re currently taking a contraceptive, have an implant, or any other form of you’re using any other form of birth control, it may be worth talking with a professional at marie stopes or your local doctor to see if there might be a better alternative for you. Many women find that their period sucks less after they’ve been out on certain contraceptives, so it’s certainly worth a try, especially if you’re dealing with heavy periods, extreme period pain or breakouts.


Treat Yourself


If you suffer from PMS, stress and low mood at that time of the month, one idea that often works is to treat yourself to something nice. It could be a having dinner with friends, a massage, or a new dress, just do something nice for yourself and you will probably find that the anger and bitchiness start to evaporate just a bit and make you feel a bit better about the tough few days you’ll be forced to go through.


Try a Menstrual Cup


Many women who suffer from cramps during their period have noticed that, when they use a menstrual cup as opposed to tampons, their pain diminishes significantly. Although, as yet there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence to back this up, it’s an idea worth trying because you have nothing to lose and if it does help your period will suck less.




Wrinkle Wrangles: What Are The Best Ways Of Keeping Your Youthful Complexion?



There are many arguments and misconceptions about the best ways to maintain your our youthful complexions. Some people think they have to spend a fortune on the best creams and beauty products. However, experts claim that none of those items are going to produce the best results. If you want to avoid the wrinkles and ensure you look stunning for years to come, you just have to follow the tips on this page. In nearly all instances, there is no requirement for you to spend anything. You just need to improve your routine and avoid some of the bad things in life. With all that in mind, let’s get down to business!


Consume only the healthiest foods


Most of us eat junk food on a regular basis these days, and that’s something that needs to change. By consuming only the healthiest products, you will limit any damage caused to your skin. That means it should deteriorate at a much slower rate than it otherwise would have done. Also, most fruits are cheap to purchase, and they contain essential oils and nutrients you need to remain healthy. For people who want to live a thrifty life, fruit is ideal. So, make sure you create a shopping list that leaves no stone unturned. Leave those fatty products on the shelves and opt for something different. Increasing your intake of vegetables and fruit is guaranteed to create the results you desire.


Ensure you stay as active as possible


Exercise is also known to help women avoid wrinkles and maintain their youthful complexions. So, maybe it’s time you joined a local gym or something similar? Just recruit a friend who wants to achieve the same goals as you. You can then attend the gym and workout together. It’s often easier to find the motivation if you have a friendly face offering encouragement. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on gym memberships if money is tight. Nothing is stopping you from jogging around your local streets or working out at home if you want to become fit. There are plenty of fitness DVDs you could purchase. Also, using them means you don’t have to exercise while other people are watching. That is important to some ladies.


Protect your skin during the summer months


The last thing you want to do is spend time in the sunshine without protection. The sun is one of the top causes of aging of the skin for most people. So, you need to ensure you always have the right products to hand. Suntan lotion and sunblock are designed to ensure the harmful UV rays don’t damage the surface of your skin. That is why they are some of the best tools available to combat aging. If you ignore all the other advice on this page, make sure you pay attention to this last section. Those items can also assist in preventing skin cancers in some instances. So, it’s vital you don’t forget that.


You should now have enough info to make a start one maintaining your complexion. Of course, some beauty products will improve the appearance of your skin. However, most of them just mask imperfections rather than removing them. That is why it’s critical that you make some changes to your routine and become a healthier person. Thanks for reading. I hope you found my tips useful.

How To Get Your Body Looking Good And Feeling Great For Summer

The warmer weather is upon us, and you’ll be spending way more time outside in the sunshine, catching those rays and topping up your vitamin D. For you to have the energy to enjoy each day, with the early sunrises and late-night BBQs, you’ll need to be in great physical condition (so that you can be the last one leaving a warm-weather get-together). The following are some areas you might want to consider when it’s time to get your body and mind into a healthy place this summer.

Woman Wearing Bikini Jumping to the Beach

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-bikini-jumping-to-the-beach-191741/  


Your Diet


When the weather is hot, it’s tempting to drink copious amounts of cold soda and eat ice cream after each meal; however, all that refined sugar is a sure way to make you feel lethargic, run down and unhappy. You’ll get an instant hit from the glucose or fructose you’ve consumed, but it won’t be long before your body crashes, and you’re sleepy, with a rumbling stomach.


Consider making your own fruit ice lollies, so you know that the sugar in them in all natural, and you can control the amount. You could also look into healthier alternatives to ice cream, like frozen yogurt, which can be whipped up on your weekend, and you and the family can help yourselves throughout the week. Fizzy sodas will not only give you way too much refined sugar in one hit, but they can also leave you bloated, which may affect your confidence when you’re hanging out in a bikini. Get creative in the kitchen, and check out some healthy hot weather recipes on Pinterest. Remember that whatever you put into your body will have a direct effect on how you’re feeling, your energy levels, and whether or not you’re glowing from the inside-out.


Your Fitness


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and become more active; so get your workout clothes on and start enjoying the weather. Regular exercise, whether it’s walking, jogging, or running around your local park, will ensure that your body stays in great shape, and it will release endorphins, which will help to keep your smile beaming as much as the sun.


Working out doesn’t have to feel like grueling exercise either; spending an hour or so out in the garden, playing games with your kids, will keep you fit and burn off those fruit lollies you ate earlier. Make an effort to get outside each day to get your circulation and heart rate going, and you’ll become a super-fit version of yourself before you know it.

Your Well-Being

Relaxing and taking some time to look after your mind is also vitally important when it comes to your body’s overall health and well-being. So, whether reading a book or having your nails painted is your idea of heaven; ensure that you make space in your schedule to indulge in your favorite activities to reset your body and give your energy a boost. If you’re happy and healthy on the inside, from head to toes, you’ll be radiant on the outside, and people will be asking what your secret is (you can point them in the direction of this blog obviously).



Woman’s Health Conditions Are Often Underestimated: Here’s How To Fight Back



There is an unfortunate truth that any woman has to confront at some point in her life: women’s pain is not taken as seriously as men’s pain. There are endless studies and personal stories that confirm this as a reality time and again.


This is bad enough in terms of general health concerns, but what about women’s health? This is a section of health that half the population has no direct experience with. Even for the pain that everyone does deal with, there’s a massive tendency for women’s pain to be underestimated – so you can imagine how bad it is for female-specific pain. Plenty of men don’t understand how painful period pain can be, for example, which in turn means there is less research and understanding of how to treat it.


It’s a sorry state of affairs. While we wait for society to catch up, it makes sense that women have to bolster their own knowledge to ensure they know what might be happening with their own bodies. Furnished with further information, you can be more confident about discussing medical concerns with a doctor and – most importantly – have a firm idea what is and isn’t “normal”.


It’s Not Normal… To Feel Sad All The Time


There is still a tendency for women who experience emotional problems to be dismissed as just being “sensitive”. If you have a problem with chronic sadness, coupled with a loss of appetite and a desire to withdraw from society, it’s unlikely that you’re being “sensitive”: you might have chronic depression.


Depression, when diagnosed, can be managed with both medication and therapeutic options.


If Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen: Explain that you have had these feelings persistently over a course of time. Don’t take no for an answer. There are various diagnostic tools which you can insist are used, so the situation can be judged on the facts rather than just the impression of the doctor.


It’s Not Normal… To Be In Intense Pain During Your Period




Some cramps during your period are going to happen; it’s an inevitable part of the biological process. But if the cramps become severe enough to cause you to miss work or need to take a lot of painkillers, then that’s not something you have to put up with.


There are numerous health conditions which can cause excessive pain during your period, from endometriosis to polycystic ovary syndrome. When identified, there are good treatments options for these conditions, so don’t be shy about pushing for a diagnosis.


If Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen: There’s no doubt that this is one of the trickiest conditions to get the appropriate treatment for. Switching to a female doctor can help, or just soliciting a second opinion. Or a third opinion. Or a fourth opinion. Basically, if the pain is severe, keep pushing until someone takes you seriously.


It’s Not Normal… To Experience Discomfort When Urinating


The majority of women will suffer from a urinary tract infection (often called an UTI) at some point in their lives. Part of this is just a bit of biological bad luck; women’s urethras are far shorter than men’s, which results in a higher infection rate.


The occasional UTI can be dealt with relatively simply, but it’s important not to ignore them. If left untreated, UTIs can become kidney infections. Usually self-care or a course of antibiotics will fix the problem in the moment. However, if you experience persistent pain when urinating, then something else could be going on. You might be suffering from a sexually transmitted infection (an STI) or even have a condition called interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is a painful condition that has all the symptoms of a UTI but no infection is present; you can discover more about it here http://www.medicinenet.com/interstitial_cystitis/article.htm to see if it has any relevance to you.


If Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen: If your doctor is dismissive of pain when urinating – perhaps insisting it’s “just another UTI” and ignoring any other possible causes – then you have every reason to push for a better response. You could seek help from those such as www.saferstdtesting.com/free-std-testing to clear any concerns of STIs, or even seek the opinion of a urologist directly to discuss interstitial cystitis.


It’s Not Normal… To Have Endless Heartburn


Did you know that women experience heart attacks very differently to men? The depiction of a heart attack in TV and movies is always the same; a pained expression, a grabbing of the left arm, and the imminent fall to the floor. In reality, a heart attack can be much milder – and even confused with heartburn.


If you have persistent heartburn, then it’s cause for your doctor to try and find the reason. It’s more than likely to be a gastrointestinal issue, but if medication doesn’t work, then you’re within your rights to ask for testing. Heart issues in women can be much milder than they display in men; a fact that some doctors don’t even know.


If Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen: One option is to buy an at-home blood pressure monitoring kit and keep track of your levels. If there are spikes, then this is hard evidence your doctor should find difficult to overlook. You should also request a stress-test, which is one of the best ways of identifying underlying heart conditions.


In Conclusion




It can be difficult to make yourself heard if you’re female and concerned about your health. You’re more likely to be told that you’re overreacting, that things aren’t that bad, or that there’s nothing to worry about. It therefore makes sense not only to educate yourself on how health conditions manifest in women, but also to take any “it’s all fine!” dismissal with a pinch of salt.


While it might be fine and you’re healthy as can be, there’s also too much evidence to suggest that women are frequently overlooked when it comes to managing their health – so don’t get left behind. Be forthright, a little cynical, and well aware of what should and shouldn’t be considered ‘normal’.

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Healthy Weight Loss

When you first set out to become a healthier, fitter, version of yourself, you probably knew that it would be hard work, but you didn’t realise that you could work out and eat the right food for months and barely see a change in the scales. Sometimes it feels like, despite all your hard work, you are still no closer to cracking the code that will unlock all the secrets of weight loss. Out of desperation, you might seek out more drastic solutions and jeopardise your health for the sake of quickly losing a few pounds. Trouble is, you know from experience that it’s not easy to keep this weight off. So where does that leave you in regards to your weight loss goals?

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As frustrating as it is, you need to keep going and find the combination that works for you; what works for your friends or fitness instructors might just leave you feeling miserable, hungry, and dejected. While you continue to search for your own magical weight loss formula, you also need to focus on developing a healthier relationship with food, and finding a form of exercise that you look forward to completing each week. In the meantime, here are a few guidelines to help you lose weight without compromising your health.

Never go on a fad diet

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, then you should know that fad diets never work. At best, you lose weight quickly and manage to keep it off for a week or two before you put it all back on again with some added gain, or you give up halfway through because you’ve essentially been starving yourself and you can’t do it anymore. As far as what you need for a proper healthy diet, you just need to eat food that is healthy. Anything that grows in the ground or on trees, swims in the sea, or runs on land is considered healthy food. Stop eating ready meals that are full of refined sugars and start cooking your own nutritious meals.

The human body needs calories, carbohydrates, and fat in order to function properly throughout the day – despite what you may read in some diet books, these macronutrients are not the enemy. The only thing you need to really avoid is overindulgence – too much of anything can be a bad thing.

Calories are not equal, but essential

Losing weight feels like a cryptic formula because things that appear healthy might actually contain more calories than something that seems unhealthy. You might think a turkey sandwich is more nutritious than a slice of pizza, but if the sandwich comes on focaccia with cheese and mayo, that’s around 970 calories, whereas two slices of pepperoni pizza equal 520 calories.

However, this is not a disastrous outcome as long as you’re still within your recommended calories for the day. Regardless of what some fad diets will say, it’s not healthy to cut your daily calorie intake too much – in fact, it’s pretty dangerous as consuming enough calories is essential for the human body to function. Cutting down your intake to less than 1000 calories can lead to heart problems, digestive problems, nutrient deficiencies, and it causes your body to destroy muscle tissue, which is an unhealthy form of weight loss. If you feel guilty about exceeding your calorie limits, you can just exercise for an extra ten minutes to burn off the excess.

It’s also important, psychologically, to not ban any foods from your diet. The more you deny yourself a slice of chocolate cake, the more you crave it, and the more likely you are to overcompensate for your denial by eating too much cake.

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The question of supplements

When hoping to slim down quickly, a lot of people turn to protein shakes and other supplements to keep their body nourished, but without consuming too many calories. However, the clue is in the name; supplement. Products such as powders, energy bars, or vitamin pills are intended to fill gaps in nutrition, not to replace food completely and become the body’s sole source of these nutrients. While there can be a place in our diets for dietary supplements – especially if you’re deficient in something – food is always supposed to be the main supplier of these essential nutrients.

When the food on the plate falls short and doesn’t include essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, a supplement can help take up the nutritional slack. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help prevent deficiencies that can contribute to chronic conditions. Supplements are also useful for when you’re working out.

Every time you complete an intense workout, body tissue gets destroyed and the only way to build it up again is to consume a lot of protein. While it would be easy to eat more meat, broccoli, and other protein-rich foods, many athletes instead choose to drink a protein shake after their workout because it doesn’t require any digestion and just goes straight to the muscles. Visit http://aretheyonsteroids.com/crazy-bulk-reviews/ for an example of what a protein shake contains, but a good one should have all natural ingredients such as whey, soy, or casein protein.

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Crunches and cardio

You can force yourself to do all the weight lifting and crunches in the world, but you won’t get a flat stomach without getting rid of the layer of fat above the muscles. If you’re serious about toning your abdominal muscles, you need to incorporate a balance of cardio and resistance exercises into your regime. Swimming is an excellent example, because the water provides an element of resistance to a vigorous cardio exercise. Alternatively, you could sign up for a High Intensity Interval Training class at your local gym to combine 30 seconds of weights and 30 seconds of cardio in three minute increments for a 30 minute workout. It’s intense, but it can fit into even the busiest schedules, and has been shown to zap more belly fat than steady-paced moderate workouts.

Relax With These Mind-Boosting Tips

Not all of us are good at unwinding. There are lots of people who find it difficult to switch off once we get home from the office or after an argument with a close one. If all of these stresses and worries play on your mind for too long, you might find that they start to cause anxiety and other mental health problems.


So, even if you aren’t the most chilled-out person, it is important that you do spend the time to try and calm your mind after these testing situations. Here are some ways you can do just that and keep your mind in top health.




Leave Work Worries In The Office


One of the main causes of stress is work. These days, most of us are working very long hours with few breaks and for little pay. This isn’t the perfect situation, and it is often made worse by bringing all the worries from the office home. One way to stop worrying about work at home is to stop checking emails and work messages once you get home. If you have a work phone, you should even consider leaving it on your desk.


Try Mindfulness


Did you know that meditating can really help you calm your mind? And now there are lots of different apps that you can use to help you meditate and lead a mindful life. One of the main benefits of mindfulness and meditation is that it can help you deal with stress very effectively, as it trains your mind to ignore stressful and anxious thoughts. Not only that, though, but most people find that mindfulness also helps them to improve their mental clarity and concentration.




Know The Warning Signs


If you don’t keep a check on your mind and you continue to struggle with a lot of stress, you might find that some serious issues develop and you start to struggle with mental health problems. For this reason, it is necessary to know what the signs of bipolar depression and other mental disorders are so that you can spot them in the early stages. Then you can quickly get medical assistance before things develop into a serious condition.


Eat For A Healthy Mind


Did you know that the things we eat have an impact on our brain activity and mental health? That means you need to watch your diet to make sure that your mind is always in top condition. One of the best things you can eat for good mental health is Omega 3 fish oil. This is found in lots of oily fish as well as dairy products. Making sure that you always eat your five portions of fruit and veg a day is also crucial as it means you will be getting all the vitamins and minerals needed for a fully functioning brain and mind.


Taking care of your mental health isn’t too difficult. As long as you can switch off with all of these tips, you shouldn’t have too many issues.