65 days.

Starting tomorrow that is what I will have before our next family “event”.

Since the move I have been trying to get myself in better shape. I am frankly tired of the way I look, and how I feel.

I keep letting myself slip with nutrition, and it is time to be honest with myself and face it head on. I like to eat. And yes, although I try to eat healthy throughout the majority of my day, I definitely take some liberties with snacks or treats.

I also seem to do alright for a week or two, and will start to see the progress, but then, for what ever reason (be it stress, frustration, tiredness, busy schedule), I slip and start eating unhealthy things again.

Before the move I was a runner who had ran numerous 5ks (all around Oregon), a 15k (Sharock Run – Portland, OR) , and a Half Marathon (Runaway Pumpkin – Lebanon, OR, benefiting the ABC House). My routine, however, was thrown off by not only the transition, but also the weather.

Tonight was about being fully open and honest with myself. I know that I enjoy being scheduled with things, and if something messes with that schedule, I can get really thrown off.

So I sat down and made a list of both the workouts I enjoy doing, as well as the healthy foods I like to eat. Three days a week I will be running, and two or three days a week I will be doing the workouts from my list I enjoy. They include both weight and strength training movements. 

The list of foods I have is, surprisingly, longer than I expected it to be. I will be making regular stops to purchase fruits and vegetables for the week, and will possibly create a “food plan” for myself. I will try the food list first though. 

I will do weekly check-ins to share my progress, triumphs, and any frustrations. Being honest with yourself is hard, but worth it. 

Here I go, 65 days, to a better me.

One thought on “65

  1. I am looking forward to our next “family event” together and both of us supporting the other on our quest for better health.


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