Let’s Talk – Passing Runners


Being a runner, a “road runner” I guess, I pass many different people during my outings. Today I’ll be covering the whole “passing runners” topic from a few different views. I hope that runners/walkers, bikers, and drivers alike benefit from this post. 

A lot of this is probably “common sense”, but we all know that isn’t that common these days. 

Passing a Runner while Driving

As a runner, and I am sure any other runners have to do this, I run on the road. (Now before I go further, yes, I know there are “off road” paths and trails, but sometimes getting to those takes extra time we don’t have, and we just need to get our run in.) I always make sure to run against traffic, and I stay as close to the curb, or edge as I can, and I see that the majority of runners out there do the same. 

While driving, always give extra space, even when a runner is in a bike lane. This not only show us that you SEE is, but that your respect our space on the road as well. 

Giving us space also allows for us to avoid things in our path you may not be able to see, thus giving us room to get around them safely. Seriously, I really do not want to step in that dog poop…or on that dead frog. 

I have, sadly, had encounters of some pretty poor drivers. One person actually started crossing the line TOWARD me during a run, another turned in front of me causing me the need to slow down nearly to a stop in the middle of the road. These things should not happen and are not okay. Pay attention while driving and be aware of those around you. 

Also keep in mind, running is hard. Whether the runner is doing 1 mile or 10, they’re out there giving their best effort, working hard. Give them a wave or a thumbs up, this is such a great boost, and keeps us going. 

(My favorite yet was the bearded biker dude who said “WOW!” as he passed me recently. Yeah, that made my day.)

Passing a Driver while Running

Runners, the same courtesy should go for us as well. 

Be sure that if a driver didn’t give you space it wasn’t because they didn’t have room in the other lane to give. 

If they do give space, always be sure to acknowledge it with wave. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do. 

If they give you a thumbs up or wave, again, acknowledge it! Seriously, kindness is free, spread it around!

Runners Passing Runners

I feel like I shouldn’t even have to cover this, but sadly after today, I’ll address it.

If you’re going to pass another runner, same side, same direction, or not; don’t just pass them like they aren’t there. Say something, wave, smile! 

This happened to me and it actually really bugged me. 

I heard the person coming and stayed my path, leaving plenty of safe space from traffic. When they passed I looked over to give a smile and say hello, and it was like I wasn’t there. 

We are all working hard when we are out there. Let’s boost each other up, encourage each other, and watch how much happier we all are by doing so!
My last thought to drivers: Keep in mind that I can see you while driving, GET OFF YOUR PHONE! 


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