Bachelorette – Another Round of Fun!


Ah yes, here we go, heading into another “dramatic” episode. 

We left off last week during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, and a very over confident Clint. He’s feeling like a big boy because he has his “power socks” on.

Kaitlyn is tired of hearing bad things from others in the house regarding him and is going to send him “down in flames”.

She tells him that she’s tired of “taking steps back”, and he disagrees, stating he is insecure. He also continues to talk just about JJ. I think he forgot that he was there to date Kaitlyn…

Kaitlyn tells him that she doesn’t trust him, at which point he actually says, “I can’t even.” I think I face planted into my couch at that point. 

They head into the house so she can tell the guys she is sending him home. Where JJ turns the tides on Clint and snaps at him, in front of the group, and tells him he needs to apologize. (This is where we heard a loud, collective gasp through Bachelorette Nation.) Bromance, no more. 

JJ tries to smooth it over with him after the fact, and is called a “piece of sh*t” as Clint leaves. I guess Clint isn’t a success story, and maybe needs a new pair of power socks; I think the ones he was wearing might be broken. 

After his departure, JJ locks himself into a bathroom to cry. Then cries again during his camera time. He has to walk away and sobs into the bushes, stands up, slaps himself and whispers, “Son of a bitch, suck it up.” 

At this point all the men want JJ to go. Kaitlyn, however, has decided not to have a rose ceremony. The group finds out they are traveling to New York City!

They arrive at the Knickerbocker Hotel, and pretty much run out to the balcony to yell as a group off it. (Newsflash, everyone knows you’re in New York!)

John, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, Shawn, and JJ will be on the group date, and while each guy got a little cheer/clap when their name was called. The room went silent for JJ. (Enter crickets here.)

The group arrives and are greeted by Kaitlyn and Doug E. Fresh, and find out they will be doing a rap battle. At least they won’t be physically battling again, this show has enough black eyes right now.

They go up against each other, and it’s pretty funny until JJ says “NYC hoes”, the room gives a collective sound of disapproval. (JJ, again, just stop talking.)

This is also where we see our first glimpse of Nick at the back of the room. We find out that he and Kaitlyn have been chatting via social media and have quite a connection. He didn’t like the thought that she could potentially get engaged without them meeting. 

Then WHY NOT show up at the beginning of the show?! Go through the process like all the other guys did!!!

She is considering bringing him on the show, and tells the guys on the group date what she is thinking of doing. None of them look happy, understandable, it isn’t a good idea.

The men ask some good questions, and Shawn knows exactly who she is talking about. They feel she isn’t confident in the guys she already has there. 

She leaves the party to meet Nick, they are very snugly and chat a little before they kiss. SERIOUSLY?! She feels that she has a genuine connection with Nick, but wants to sleep on the decision to bring him on. At this point, I’m wondering, if she knew back when they were chatting on social media that they had a “connection” why not meet up?! Why come on the show?

She’s creating some of her own drama at this time.

She does eventually head back into the party, and Justin gets the group date rose. When the guys head back to the hotel, they share the news and the mood is very heavy. No one likes this idea. 

Jared will be going on a one-on-one date, but before they go Kaitlyn calls Nick and asks him to meet her after she gets her hair done. 

This may have been the best part, she’s getting her hair styled by Ashley (you know, “The Mesa Verda”). She tells Kaitlyn that her feelings for Nick are lust, and I think we all actually agreed with her.

She meets Nick, and decides to keep him. Bad idea.

She gets ready for her date with Jared, and we have our first Neil Lane plug of the season. (Seriously, Neil, gorgeous designs and pieces!)

She and Jared are at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and enjoy an evening wandering the exhibits, and then have dinner. (At least dinner is sitting on the table, I don’t know if we saw them actually eat.)

Kaitlyn is having a hard time focusing on Jared because of her decision about Nick. They talk about it, and Jared says that he is confident about where they are at in getting to know each other. He gets the date rose, and they take get to take a helicopter tour passed the Statue of Liberty.

The following day she is second guessing her choices, and decides to go talk to the guys about it before the group date. They don’t look happy, and she makes a comment about not liking “how the room feels”. chose this, not them. Side note, Corey, I am loving the hotel slippers.

Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, and Ben H. are on the next group date where they will be getting to learn some of the steps from Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway! Joshua let’s out a good, “Oh dear God.” He’s my favorite. 

They guys are trying so hard, and Joe looks so lost, but is having fun. This is one of the most entertaining dates I have seen. Until they find out that only one guy will stay, and the rest will go back to the hotel. 

They “audition” by singing “A Whole New World” to her. Chris is chosen to stay, and they will have a part in the show that night. 

The rest of the group isn’t happy, especially Joshua. He doesn’t have a hay bail to hit. Someone bring him a hay bail quick!!! He isn’t looking forward to going back to the hotel, “Nothing there but anger, loneliness, and dudes…and that new guy.” If I could shrink Joshua down to carry him around in my pocket, I would. 

Chris and Kaitlyn get ready for their part in Aladdin. They walk on stage and hold some flowers. That’s it. So all that singing they did to “audition” meant nothing, just a good reason for them to embarrass themselves. 

The two of them then walk through Time Square, and get to walk all the way up to the New Year’s Eve Ball. (This is ABC reminding us to watch New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.)

We then join Nick in a very cramped elevator heading to the room to move in with the guys. This isn’t going to be awkward at all.

“‘Sup guys?” he says as he enters the room. 

In keeping with their running theme of cliffhangers, we’ll find out next week what happens, and who goes home at the Rose Ceremony. 

Until then, have a great week!

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