Let’s Talk – Bras

Yep, you read that right, bras. 

Earlier today I saw a post making the rounds through Facebook, and I groaned when I saw it.

It made it clear to me, yet again, that women are just not “in the know” about one of the most important pieces of undergarments we wear. 

Back in Oregon I worked at Donna Bella Lingerie, and learned everything I’ll need to know about bras, and it changed my life. I learned how to properly fit women into well made, wonderfully fitting bras; as well as how great I felt when I wore a properly fit bra. 

There’s one company that I won’t name (but seriously, you’ll be able to figure it out) that doesn’t measure right at all, and leaves the vast majority of women who go in wearing the wrong band and cup size. Which leaves them not feeling supported at all.  They put me in a 36DD. What size did I get when I got sized correctly? 30G. No wonder I never felt like I was supported! (Here’s a “secret”, D cups aren’t big.)

A bra should fit snugly around your body, with the band fitting across the middle of your back, not up near your shoulder blades. The snugness of the band is where you get your support from, and it should stay in place. As we would say, “When you lift your arms, your bra shouldn’t travel with you.”

Your breast tissue should fill the cups of the bra with out leaving the fabric loose, but also not “spilling out”. (Seriously, enough with the quad boob.) The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders, enough room to slide two fingers through. The underwire shouldn’t dig into your breast tissue, and the gore of the bra should also rest on your chest, between your breasts. 

Your new bra should fit on the first set of hooks, and if you feel like you have a little under arm “wing”, that’s normal. It’s your skin, and no one sees it. Even those skinny 30B girls have it.

When you’re wearing your bra, stand facing a mirror with your arms down at your sides; your breast tissue should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

Here are some examples:

 (Panache – Andorra)   

(Freya – Ada Tattoo)

 Okay, so basically now I am going to pick this “bra/boob” post apart. As Kevin Hart would say, “You gonna LEARN today!”

1) Somewhat true. There are certain athletic bras I look at and then laugh. Try an Anita Sports Bra, I love mine. I run with it and don’t ever feel like I’m “bouncing” all over the place. 

2) Okay, so this is correct. Bras go to H, HH, and beyond. Bands start off at 28, and go into the 40s+. Women come in all shapes and sizes! (And we’re all beautiful!)

3) BAH!!!!!!! *Insert Annoyed Scream* My “collection” is full of beautiful colors, prints and lace! (Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Panache, and Wacoal – to name a few – all make gorgeous bras in a wide range of sizes!)

4) 😑 Underwire gives the bra structure and helps with support. It isn’t evil, and when a bra is actually fitting correctly, it doesn’t hurt or dig in. And if you are larger chested, seriously, try cup-sized swim wear with underwire. It’s awesome! 

5) Anyone can get boob sweat, but yeah, okay, I guess larger boobs deal with more.

6) I’ll give them this one too. 

7) Umm…okay? Find a shirt that fits? I wear button up shirts, and I can say that yes, I have tried on certain shirts that do that; just find one that fits properly. 

8) Unless your boobs are fake and perky, yeah, they might not work.

9) Really? I fit many brides, with larger band and cup sizes than me in strapless dresses for their wedding gowns. There are strapless bras out there for women larger than a 32B.

10) Okay, I’ll agree here too. HAHAHAHAHA! That’s cute. 

11) Who cares about squishing your friends face in your boobs? That’s what friends are for! 
If you are in Oregon, head to Donna Bella to be properly fit! (http://donnabellalingerie.com)

If not, search for a boutique near by where you can be properly fit. I also hear that Nordstroms does a pretty good job at getting women into the correct bras.

Happy Bra Shopping!!

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