Bachelorette – Fantasy Suites

Here we go again Bachelorette Fans, let’s just jump right into this week’s “fun”.

We return back to Shawn confronting Nick about being….Nick. Oh, I mean, he says he is manipulative, arrogant, and cocky. He says that if Kaitlyn ends up with Nick at the end, he’s fine with that because that means they weren’t mean to be.

Nick tried to throw back the whole “eskimo brother” issue. (For those who don’t know what “eskimo brother” means, it’s the ridiculous term used for guys who have slept with the same girl. The term can be used for females as well, you use sisters instead.) 

The alleged situation Nick is trying to bring up, is he thinks Shawn was “bragging” about bring that with a country singer. Shawn says he wasn’t bragging, and the conversation basically just ends. (You know I’ll only cover important things.)

Ben will be having his date with Kaitlyn, she says he is, “Ridiculously hot.” And I am pretty sure that’s all she thinks/cares about. She also says that he can tell he isn’t a player, and I am wondering if he thinks this of her. (Keep in mind he doesn’t know she slepted with Nick.)

The two go on a horse back ride, and Ben asks his horse to make a good impression. I think the horse has better chance at finding love on this date.

They feed some donkeys and then have to drop the bucket and run when the donkey’s won’t leave them alone. They saddle back up and ride over to a picnic next to a lake that looks on to a castle. (Again, I’m pretty sure there is only alcohol in the basket.)

Ben says that he gets more am excited to see her, and is getting more comfortable. He also shares that he is falling in love with her. Basically, he says he wants to dive in and start a life with her.

That night they have “dinner” at the castle. (I’m pretty sure at this point that the food on the table is fake.) Ben recounts their time together in a toast. He is excited about this experience with her, and also shares that he had his 26th birthday during the show. Kaitlyn is older, and he doesn’t think of it as an issue.

She says that he is a sweet and mature person, but doesn’t tell him about Nick. They both think that time together gets better every time. Ben says that she is always happen, she says it is because of him.

She hands him “the card”, and says that spending the night is a big step in a relationship. She wants him to be 110% sure. (110…..really? Let’s just not.)

He comments that he hates the other guys in this, but love spending time with her, and she is someone he can see himself with. He is excited about the fantasy suite and says, “Best sleep over ever!”

Kaitlyn says her feelings for Ben are getting stronger. 

They liked waking up together in the morning, they had a fun night, and she didn’t want to say goodbye to him. She also says that she didn’t expect to fall in love with him. (She says this in a way that hints at maybe she was hoping for something to go wrong so it would be easier to send him home.)

Shawn arrives for his date with Kaitlyn, and is presented with a present. He opens it to find a bright pink polo shirt, like you guys, this is PINK! (So naturally, I like it.) They will be golfing, abs he is very excited about it. 

The polo gets paired with bright royal blue pants. Stop, I love these colors together. Such great styling.

Shawn wants to make a bet before they play. Kaitlyn says if she wins, she gets what she wants; and if he wins, she gets what she wants. Shawn laughs and agrees. Shawn is also very good and teeing off and driving the ball.

They enjoy playing a few holes, then Kaitlyn says she wants to play “Truth or Dare”. Shawn picks dare, and of course, she tells him he has to stream the golf course.

She says he can keep his socks on, and use his “little glove” to cover himself. (Well there goes his confidence.) She quickly says “Big! Big glove!” and he agrees to do it. While stripping down we see he’s wearing, what looks like, black running pants under his golf pants. That doesn’t look uncomfortable.

Ah yes, Shawn got his own “black box” and from what we could see, he looks pretty good naked. While he is making a putt, Kaitlyn steals his clothes and runs away. Well, better grab your little glove, Shawn.

During the “dinner” portion, (at this point, I am sure all the food is fake) Shawn shares he enjoyed laughing with her.

Kaitlyn starts off with the ol’, “I hate to bring this up, but…” and brings up Shawn’s hatred for Nick. Because this is what every guy wants to do on a relationship. 

He shares that he talked to him, and is very honest about what he said. He finished by calling Nick a smooth talker. Then it’s Kaitlyn’s turn. She shares what Nick had to say about him, and Shawn gets REALLY fired up, and says Nick is delusional. 

1-on-1 with the camera that she needs to know Shawn will be a loyal husband. Gee, that’s fresh coming from you, Kaitlyn. Back at their fake food dinner, Shawn says Nick acts like a 16 year old girl. “This really made a mess of things.” says Kaitlyn, almost like she had no idea it was going to happen.

She feels that it would be better to talk off camera. He reads “the card” and they decide to head right to the room. (Also, did anyone else notice that Chris Harrison’s hand writing changed?)

The next morning he leaves and it just doesn’t look like things went that great. Shawn looks as if he is on a war path. He walks outside and oh good, look who’s waiting, Nick. “What’s up, Shawn?” Oh Lordy, this isn’t going to end well. 

Nick wants to talk to Shawn, but Shawn really isn’t having it; so Nick follows him inside anyway. Nick tries to throw around a bunch of accusations, but Shawn cuts him off. He tells Nick that of his name comes out his mouth again, it won’t end well. Nick quickly asks, “Are you threatening me?” (Settle down, Cornholio!)

Things get heated between the two, Shawn dominates the conversation, calling Nick a smooth talker. Shawn finishes it by telling him he doesn’t want to see him, and tells him to get the f*ck out.

Nick, to the camera continues making comments about how he thinks Shawn isn’t a man. He didn’t know he was Kaitlyn, and felt he was “bragging” about it, and that wasn’t “classy”. (Really Nick, because you didn’t tell the WHOLE group about your off camera time, give me a break.) Nick tries to sound like such a good guy, but just fails. Also, Nick, if you’re going to keep making comments about “how to be a man”, you might want to give your sister her pants back. 

Rose Ceremomy Time!

Kaitlyn tries to start, but gets upset and leaves the room. She is starting to fall in love, and it’s breaking her heart. She doesn’t want right make the wrong choice. Once calmed down, she heads back into the room and starts again.

Nick, then Shawn, get the two roses. Ben will be going home.

Kaitlyn doesn’t know how to say goodbye to Ben. She tells him that he will find a great girl, and she is frustrated it isn’t here. He says it won’t be easy not to see her.

She heads back in, worried about the hatred between Shawn and Nick. She gives them hugs, and then leaves them with their champagne glasses. They mill around, really awkwardly for awhile, mess with their clothes, finish their required daily dose of alcohol, and….well…really?! Are they trapped in there?! Someone release them!

Oh my gosh, okay, now we move on to “Hometowns” or better yet “Everyone just go to this hotel, we’re doing it all here this year because we are way cutting back on our travel and just yeah…just go”.

Nick at least was released from the room in Ireland, darn. He shares with Kaitlyn that the best part of his day was talking to her (prior to the show). He has no reservations about her, and loves her. 

His family, however, was very nervous about him coming on the show again. He had his heart broken during Andi’s season. A few of them tear up before Nick arrives with Kaitlyn. 

His family is surprised that it is already down to two. Nick’s sister talks to Kaitlyn, shares her nervous feelings about it. Nick’s little sister asks Kaitlyn about Vancouver, then follows that by asking if she loves him. Kaitlyn says that she cares for him a lot.

While talking to Nick’s mom, Kaitlyn focuses on the conversations they have and for how “goofy” he is. Notice she never once says anything about the “physical” side of their relationship, that we have heard about all season. 

Nick’s mom asks him to compare it to Andi’s season. He says he was over confident, and this time he is following his heart. He says that she is great at making out. (Oh, he’ll touch on the physical side, but really, just making out? Okay.) He does tear up talking about how happy he is with her; and his mom is so beautifully nervous for him.

The two head back to her room, both feel they had a great day, so they make out. Nick tells her he loves her. “Promise?” Kaitlyn asks, he says with all his heart. Nick then asks her if she wants babies someday, at least that’s what I think he says. Kaitlyn doesn’t question a life with Nick.

The next day it’s Shawn’s turn. He says that Kaitlyn HAS to get along with his family. They are excited that it is down to two.

Shawn’s sister wants to know how many serious relationships she has had, and talks about how exclusive Shawn is about having girls meet the family. Kaitlyn shares about their initial attraction. Shawn’s other sister wants to know about the other guy, and if she and Shawn have spoken of a future.

Shawn’s sister thinks Kaitlyn is nice, and that they have different personalities that they bring out in each other. 

Shawn’s dad, well, he might feel different. He starts a conversation with him by starting with, “What the hell’s going on? This is nuts.” His Dad does ask if it has changed him, what makes her different. He barely gives him a chance to answer. Shawn, ugh Shawn, why did you do this? He tells his Dad about the off camera time in San Antonio when she told him he was the one. 

Back in his room, Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he has something to get off his chest, and says he loves her. She kisses him. She tells the camera that it was overwhelming to hear. He says he was disappointed she didn’t say it back, but maybe she couldn’t. 

Kaitlyn heads back to her room, and starts crying. She didn’t think the day was going to go so well, and now feels confused. Yet again hoping for something to go wrong so she can make the “easy” choice.

Oh man, how will this all end? 

I’ll tell you one thing for sure, I am excited about next! MEN TELL ALL!!! Oooh yes! Finally!

Until then, be well all!!

Self Discovery Sunday

Learning about ourselves can be both difficult and amazing. Admitting when we aren’t feeling the best, is also hard, but doing so opens us up to a beautiful world of support and love. 

I was thankful when a friend opened up to me, and sent me the following poem they wrote. They allowed me to share it on here, and I am sure that many of us have felt the same as they were when they wrote it. 

“The Box”

I’m in a box

Feels like every day that my life is on the rocks

It’s tight and constricting

So many thoughts

All of them conflicting

Who am I?

How will I be defined?

I cannot say

Not until I’m out of this bind, anyway

Someone help me! I want to scream

For I am struggling to hold on to any dream

Within the box my pain is confined

Because the box, you see, is in part my mind

Every day is a struggle

Hoping for that glimmering ray
What is wrong? 
I cannot say
Not until that day
I leave the box

Bachelorette Rundown

Here we go trying to scrape together what is left of this season. 
Last week they decided to skip hometowns, for now, and have her get the group from 6 to 3, stay in Ireland and then do fantasy suite dates.

Jared, Ben, Shawn, Joe, and Nick are left. (Remember, she left Cupcake on a cliff last week.)

Ben will be getting the first date card of the night. They take a rowboat with a picnic basket in it, where Kaitlyn talks about her date with Chris (Cupcake), and that she is trying to find the guy that would feel like her husband. 

They row to a private island and play hide ‘n seek. I’m pretty sure the only thing in the picnic basket is wine.

He asks what she looks for in husband material, and she focuses on kissing and physical attraction. 

Later they end up at a restaurant where Ben toasts to more experiences. He also shares with her that due to a relationship in his past, he doesn’t feel lovable and doesn’t want to be rejected. Kaitlyn says he is a very lovable person and that she is falling in love with him. He says that he is falling in love with her too.

She asks him what his thoughts are on over nights. He says that over nights don’t have to be physical, and that he respects her enough to just want to talk all night.

“Are you a virgin?” Yes! She actually asked him this question! Hey, Kaitlyn, just because a guy doesn’t focus solely on the physical side of a relationship, doesn’t mean he isn’t experienced. (And no, Ben is not a virgin.)

On the group date is Shawn, Nick, & Joe. 

Shawn gets time with him first, and they talk about starting to move things forward again. He wants to get back on track, so they start kissing. Kaitlyn knows that he has trust issues, and she needs to tell him about Nick. 

Too bad that Nick walks up right at that point, and she isn’t able to tell him. They go off to have their 1-on-1 time, and he says that he felt good about her date. She says, “I’m a grown woman and I can do what I want.” Then says she doesn’t feel like she made a mistake. Even though if you go back to older episodes she says numerous times “I made a mistake.”

Joe finally gets his time with her and says that he is falling for her, and that he could kiss only her for the next 60 years. She doesn’t say anything…not awkward at all. She finally says that it was flattering, and that she is going to be brutally honest. She says that she doesn’t feel like they are on the same page, and that she can’t imagine saying goodbye to him. He’s clearly upset and just says that, it’s cool and it’s been fun. Kaitlyn asks for a hug, and he really doesn’t want to give her one. He does the “ass out” hug and walks away. Well, bye Joe.

She returns back to Nick and Shawn and tells them that she sent Joe home, and that she doesn’t want to hand out the rose. She also sends Nick back to the hotel and tells Shawn that she wants to see him more later.

Nick is feeling pretty let down not getting more time. Shawn is looking forward to relaxing evening. Well, you’re in for a surprise, buddy.

Kaitlyn and Shawn settle in, with alcohol, (I mean, yeah, they’re going to need it), and she struggles to find the words to share what happened with Nick. She finally gets it out, and Shawn is speechless for a moment. He asks if she regrets it, and she says she has guilt. He also wants to know why she is telling him now; she just feels that it was the right thing to do. Shawn steps away to regroup and think. 

When he returns he says that he is going to man up and push through. He is there for her and that she is worth it. When Shawn returns to the house, he says that there wasn’t a rose, but that they had a great time. 

Cocktail party time! Just kidding! Kaitlyn knows what she wants to do, is going to skip the party and jump right into the rose ceremony.

Shawn….he then asks to talk to her. He says that he had a hard time sleeping, and wants to know “why Nick”? She says that she is there to explore other relationships, and that telling Shawn that he was the one was a mistake. She likes his honesty, but needs to figure things out on her own, and that she doesn’t think he trusts her.

They go back in, and he accepts the rose.

Ben gets the next rose…wait what?

Nick gets the last rose. I threw my pen.
Kaitlyn will be sending Jared home. I was actually very surprised by this, maybe it was because of his beard? He was so kind to her, and offered his jacket to her when they went outside. She starts crying, and he says it is hard to say goodbye to her, and that he is going to miss her. 

The next day starts the overnight, Fantasy Suite dates. Nick will get the first one. Blah.

They wander around and go into a cathedral, she’s starting to maybe see that she has more than just a physical connection with him. They then go into a pub for a drink, chat with some locals, and make a toast.
That evening, Kaitlyn and Nick settle in at an old jail to, well, not eat, we all know that. They start talking about the guys, and Nick says he doesn’t respect one guy. He goes on to make personal remarks (something about Eskimo brothers), then tries to just move on to another conversation. She stops him and he says that it is Shawn, and that all the guys in the house say he’s the front runner. From my stand point, this was really manipulative of him.

Kaitlyn hands him “the envelope”, and asks what he thinks after it’s read. He says he wants to wake up next to her, then promptly asks if she has the key. Little eager?!

She leads him to another part of the jail, and they open a cellar door to reveal two little mats on the group, in a damp little room. She finally tells him that it’s a joke. Nick says, “Alright, I can do this wherever.” Yeah, we bet you can.

Their real room is at the Fota Island Resort. He tells Kaitlyn that he is falling in love with her, more and more every moment. 

The next morning, we see them eating! She says that they sat on the couch, ate chocolate and talked a lot. 

Nick heads back to his room, and Shawn arrives. Shawn says that he doesn’t want to talk about Nick behind his back like the other guys. Shawn really lays into him, calls him “arrogant” and “manipulative”. Nick tries to call him the same. Shawn tells Nick that he is a shitty person. It looks like it is getting pretty heated. 

We’ll see next week, how it all ends.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Oooh my gosh, this is delicious. I won’t even try to pass it off as totally healthy, but it isn’t bad for you.

I’ll whip one of these up after a good, long run to replenish my body. It’s chocked full of protein and tastes like a treat!

Whip It Up:

3/4 – 1 cup Crushed Ice

1 tbls Mini-Chocolate Chips (I use Nestle Toll House brand)

1 1/2 – 2 tbls Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

1 tbls Natural Peanut Butter (creamy, I use Jif Natural)

3/4 – 1 cup Milk (I use 1%)

Place that in your Ninja Blender (or whatever blender you own) in the order above, blend until smooth and enjoy! No really, like ENJOY! Mmm…so tasty!

I use a Nutri Ninja Blender that has the single serve cup. I LOVE this blender and highly recommend it!

Maxi Style


Okay, so I love black maxi dresses, and my jean jacket. The best part? They go together beautifully! 

This is such an easy look to put together and can be worn to work, out for a girls night, and is also a great date night outfit!

Get the look:

Black Maxi – Liz Lange for Target

Jean Jacket – Old Navy

Brown Belt – Versona

I finished off the look with a pair of brown sandals, my every day jewelry (Tiffany & Co. necklace and bracelet), and bling stud earrings.