Bachelorette Recap!

Alright! Finally! It’s time to get back to my rundowns of the Bachelorette after our family trip. 
This post will cover last week’s episode. Then another post (hopefully later today) will cover this week’s awesomeness.

Okay here we go!
We returned back to the cocktail party, and Ian pontificating upon himself. He feels that all the guys are on a “vacation from life” and not taking it seriously. He tells Kaitlyn that he was hoping to “meet the girl who’s heart was broken by Chris. Not the girl who wanted to plow his field.” WHOA IAN!!! Not okay.

He blabbers on about how she just wants to make out with everyone, and says she is shallow. He ends up leaving, where he continues to say how great he is, because he went to an Ivy League college. 

Hey Ian, news flash, just because you went to a nice school, doesn’t mean you’re a good person. Also, the fact that you said you needed to have sex as the car drove away only shows that you are the shallow, surface level person. Lastly, no one wants you to be the Bachelor. 

Okay, back to the party, where we are all still feeling bad about Joshua’s hair.

Nick (groan) goes to comfort Kaitlyn first. The guys all still seem really frustrated with him. Shawn wants to have time with her, and walks in on them making out. #Awkward

The group heads to The Alamo for the Rose Ceremomy. 

Jared (again with the facial hair?! I thought we talked about this!) Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z., and Tanner all get roses. (Shawn, Nick, and Ben H. already had roses.)

I felt bad for Joshua (not just because of his hair), he is a really good guy, and I am looking forward to watching him on Bachelor in Paradise. (Coming this August!)

The group then heads to Ireland, where we see the guys yelling “Hello Dublin!” from a bridge, you know, in case those around didn’t know where they were. 

Kaitlyn joins the group at the hotel and says the first 1-on1 date starts at that moment, and invites Nick. We have another looooong silence and they head out.

Kaitlyn talks to the camera saying she has heard that Nick is one way in the house and another with her. She can’t go by what the guys say in the house. Yes, because with Clint it was a totally different story…she wasn’t strongly, physically attracted to him. This is lust.

They wander Ireland and it seems that all he can say about her, is that she’s “sexy”. She’s nervous about walking through the birds, then gets nearly attacked by some while having some 1-on-1 time with the camera, and she should have taken this as an omen. 

They find some Irish Steppers and dance along with them, I was surprise to see that Nick could kick so high with those tight pants on. He then buys them matching Claddagh Rings. Kaitlyn says she feels instantly happy when he put it on her finger. 

They basically can’t keep their hands off themselves the whole date, and head to a Cathedral for “dinner”. (Yet again we don’t see them actually eat.) Nick touches his mouth the entire time they talk, then they get back to kissing each other. 

She invites him back to her hotel room. They keep it to the couch, but not for long. They head into her bedroom, and you know what happens. How awkward for the camera crew in there. 

He leaves the next morning and the guilt sets in for her. She’s worried that he’s going to tell the other guys. She doesn’t want this to be an issue. Well, it’s going to be.

Nick tells the guys that they talked on her couch, but uses the word “intimate” a few times. 

Tanner, Ben Z., Jared, Ben H., Chris, and Shawn head to the group date. They meet up with Chris H and he tells them that “Kaitlyn is dead…for today.” Okay, that’s not morbid. They are doing a mock Irish Wake and all the men are going to be speaking about her. 

Shawn take a stab at Nick, he’s pretty funny. Ben Z asks the guys to leave the room. (Reminder, Ben lost his mom at a young age, so this probably wasn’t the best group date for him to be on.) He was very sweet about it, and said nice things; later he does tell her that it was hard for him, she she apologized for making him uncomfortable.

Later that evening, Jared gets the date rose, and they get to continue the evening alone, with a performance from The Cranberries. 

The rest of the group all feel like they are going home. Uncertainty is starting to set in. Shawn walks away from the group and is talking to a crew member and says that he is just feeling unvalidated and isn’t sure he can do this anymore. 

Later that night Shawn goes to Kaitlyn’s room (where she’s eating! Whoa!). She’s afraid that he knows about Nick and is worried that he is going to leave. She cries very hard because of this while doing her 1-on-1 with the camera.

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