Bachelorette Recap – Ireland Part Two

Oooh man Bachelorette Fans! We had another exciting week full of, well of course – drama!

Here’s the run down of what happened Monday night.
We return back to Kaitlyn’s room where Shawn is looking for even more validation. He goes as far as asking Kaitlyn if she loves him. Too soon, Shawn. Too soon. He basically feels slighted because he didn’t get the group date rose; and that he’s having a hard time with everything.

Hey Shawn, you have watched this show, you should know what you signed up for.

Joe and JJ are on the two on one date. JJ feels that Joe isn’t a threat. Oh, okay. He toasts to Kaitlyn, with Joe there, saying he is falling for her. They all, yes, all clink glasses, and it goes silent.

Joe “steals” her away where he shares that the group date in San Antonio was a turning point for him. He says that he is really falling for her, and Kaitlyn doesn’t respond. She does tell the camera that she was blown away by him opening up the way he did.

JJ gets time with her, and shares that he cheated on his wife. He says it was a one time mistake and he just wants to be open and honest. Kaitlyn seems really receptive to him opening up about it. He felt at peace sharing with her. 

Kaitlyn has a hard time picking which guy. (Really?! Joe is so great!!!) She feels that Joe hasn’t had enough time, and doesn’t see a future with JJ. She doesn’t immediately give Joe the rose, the two will spend more time together that day.

She says good-bye to JJ, and they leave him there on the cliff. (I wonder if he’s still there?) I mean, they really just kind of leave him behind and head off on a boat.

Kaitlyn is thankful for Joe opening up, and for not needing any additional validation. He gets the rose. (Yay!)

Joe returns back to the rest of the guys and Shawn looks bewildered. He’s so bewildered in fact that he decides to go see Kaitlyn…again. *groan*

Kaitlyn is exhausted, and starts crying when she finds out. She still thinks that it is still about Nick. I’m thinking, at this point, you’re so worried about it, just own up to it!!!

They chat, blah-blah. She’s thankful it isn’t about Nick. Oh good, way to be honest. She tells him that he is the only one that has needed reassurance, and that this is the process, there is no other way around it. He says that he is going to work on being better about it, and that staying is worth it.

Cocktail Party time!

She opens the evening saying that she had a hard week, but she is going to keep he heart open. This throws all the guys off, Shawn thinks it is because of him, and Nick thinks it is because of their…well…night together. 

Ben Z. gets some time with her. Followed Ben H. he shares that after the off camera time he and Shawn had with her, Shawn was giving off a different vibe. He could tell that something was said to him that gave him a certain validation, and Ben wants to make sure that he isn’t just “spinning his wheels” being there. Kaitlyn says that her intentions with going to say hello to the guys was just supposed to be a sweet gesture and that it didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. (Basically the whole issue behind this “secret time” is that Shawn says Kaitlyn told him he was it.)

Nick is feeling really fearful that he has caused her rough week. She is really nervous that he is going to tell the guys about their “intimate time”. She says that their day and night was “perfect”, but doesn’t want him to go on about it. He feels that someone said something, and wants to know who, she says it doesn’t matter. (Because it doesn’t.) He gets rather defensive and says that he shared with the guys that their date was good and intimate. She basically cringes when he says that word. He says he wants to be there, starts crying, then they start kissing, and never actually finish their conversation. 

Later she tells Shawn that she regrets sneaking down that night and that he just looked a bit “torn up”. So basically she just told him things to make him feel better, real nice. She tells him that they maybe need to take a step back to see if they can passed this “bump in the road”.

She keeps talking about owning up to mistakes and being honest; yet she won’t. She doesn’t think that Shawn can handle hearing what happened between her and Nick. Sooo…you’re just going to keep it from him?! That’s a great way to start a relationship.

Finally, Rose Ceremony time.

All of the guys look uneasy. Nick, Joe, and Jared already have roses from dates. (Although I think Nick got more than just a rose, if you know what I mean…okay I’ll stop.)

Roses go to Ben H, Chris, and Shawn.

Wait. What?! SHAWN?! Not Ben Z.?!?! Argh!! Poor Ben Z!!! He’ll do great on either Bachelor in Paradise (coming this August!) or as the next Bachelor, though.

The next morning the guys are getting on a bus to head to Killarney, and Kaitlyn shows up to say that a date starts now. She asks Jared to join her. 

They road trip to Killarney Castle and get to kiss the Blarney Stone. Okay, I’m jealous, I want to do that!

The next morning she says that she feels like nothing can go wrong, so the producers say, “Send in Chris Harrison!”

They talk about the week, visiting families, and she talks about her mistakes. Chris says that they’ll switch the order of things, she’ll get the group down from 6 to 3. From there they will do fantasy room dates, then she’ll only meet 2 families. (Whoa!!)

Chris H. then tells the guys about the change and then leaves the date card. The guys are all quite shaken with this news. Chris “Cupcake” will get a 1-on-1 with Kaitlyn.

They take a helicopter ride to the Cliffs of Moher. They talk about various things for a bit and then she starts crying. She really likes him, but doesn’t want to lead him on. He was so kind about it, and it was hard for them to say good-bye. She leaves him there on the cliff (is he still there?!), and he breakdowns crying. 

Next week we’re return back to Ireland to see who will go on the next dates, who will get a rose, and who will go home.

(Maybe we’ll also find out if JJ and Cupcake are still stuck out there?! Okay, I’m joking.)

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