Bachelorette Rundown

Here we go trying to scrape together what is left of this season. 
Last week they decided to skip hometowns, for now, and have her get the group from 6 to 3, stay in Ireland and then do fantasy suite dates.

Jared, Ben, Shawn, Joe, and Nick are left. (Remember, she left Cupcake on a cliff last week.)

Ben will be getting the first date card of the night. They take a rowboat with a picnic basket in it, where Kaitlyn talks about her date with Chris (Cupcake), and that she is trying to find the guy that would feel like her husband. 

They row to a private island and play hide ‘n seek. I’m pretty sure the only thing in the picnic basket is wine.

He asks what she looks for in husband material, and she focuses on kissing and physical attraction. 

Later they end up at a restaurant where Ben toasts to more experiences. He also shares with her that due to a relationship in his past, he doesn’t feel lovable and doesn’t want to be rejected. Kaitlyn says he is a very lovable person and that she is falling in love with him. He says that he is falling in love with her too.

She asks him what his thoughts are on over nights. He says that over nights don’t have to be physical, and that he respects her enough to just want to talk all night.

“Are you a virgin?” Yes! She actually asked him this question! Hey, Kaitlyn, just because a guy doesn’t focus solely on the physical side of a relationship, doesn’t mean he isn’t experienced. (And no, Ben is not a virgin.)

On the group date is Shawn, Nick, & Joe. 

Shawn gets time with him first, and they talk about starting to move things forward again. He wants to get back on track, so they start kissing. Kaitlyn knows that he has trust issues, and she needs to tell him about Nick. 

Too bad that Nick walks up right at that point, and she isn’t able to tell him. They go off to have their 1-on-1 time, and he says that he felt good about her date. She says, “I’m a grown woman and I can do what I want.” Then says she doesn’t feel like she made a mistake. Even though if you go back to older episodes she says numerous times “I made a mistake.”

Joe finally gets his time with her and says that he is falling for her, and that he could kiss only her for the next 60 years. She doesn’t say anything…not awkward at all. She finally says that it was flattering, and that she is going to be brutally honest. She says that she doesn’t feel like they are on the same page, and that she can’t imagine saying goodbye to him. He’s clearly upset and just says that, it’s cool and it’s been fun. Kaitlyn asks for a hug, and he really doesn’t want to give her one. He does the “ass out” hug and walks away. Well, bye Joe.

She returns back to Nick and Shawn and tells them that she sent Joe home, and that she doesn’t want to hand out the rose. She also sends Nick back to the hotel and tells Shawn that she wants to see him more later.

Nick is feeling pretty let down not getting more time. Shawn is looking forward to relaxing evening. Well, you’re in for a surprise, buddy.

Kaitlyn and Shawn settle in, with alcohol, (I mean, yeah, they’re going to need it), and she struggles to find the words to share what happened with Nick. She finally gets it out, and Shawn is speechless for a moment. He asks if she regrets it, and she says she has guilt. He also wants to know why she is telling him now; she just feels that it was the right thing to do. Shawn steps away to regroup and think. 

When he returns he says that he is going to man up and push through. He is there for her and that she is worth it. When Shawn returns to the house, he says that there wasn’t a rose, but that they had a great time. 

Cocktail party time! Just kidding! Kaitlyn knows what she wants to do, is going to skip the party and jump right into the rose ceremony.

Shawn….he then asks to talk to her. He says that he had a hard time sleeping, and wants to know “why Nick”? She says that she is there to explore other relationships, and that telling Shawn that he was the one was a mistake. She likes his honesty, but needs to figure things out on her own, and that she doesn’t think he trusts her.

They go back in, and he accepts the rose.

Ben gets the next rose…wait what?

Nick gets the last rose. I threw my pen.
Kaitlyn will be sending Jared home. I was actually very surprised by this, maybe it was because of his beard? He was so kind to her, and offered his jacket to her when they went outside. She starts crying, and he says it is hard to say goodbye to her, and that he is going to miss her. 

The next day starts the overnight, Fantasy Suite dates. Nick will get the first one. Blah.

They wander around and go into a cathedral, she’s starting to maybe see that she has more than just a physical connection with him. They then go into a pub for a drink, chat with some locals, and make a toast.
That evening, Kaitlyn and Nick settle in at an old jail to, well, not eat, we all know that. They start talking about the guys, and Nick says he doesn’t respect one guy. He goes on to make personal remarks (something about Eskimo brothers), then tries to just move on to another conversation. She stops him and he says that it is Shawn, and that all the guys in the house say he’s the front runner. From my stand point, this was really manipulative of him.

Kaitlyn hands him “the envelope”, and asks what he thinks after it’s read. He says he wants to wake up next to her, then promptly asks if she has the key. Little eager?!

She leads him to another part of the jail, and they open a cellar door to reveal two little mats on the group, in a damp little room. She finally tells him that it’s a joke. Nick says, “Alright, I can do this wherever.” Yeah, we bet you can.

Their real room is at the Fota Island Resort. He tells Kaitlyn that he is falling in love with her, more and more every moment. 

The next morning, we see them eating! She says that they sat on the couch, ate chocolate and talked a lot. 

Nick heads back to his room, and Shawn arrives. Shawn says that he doesn’t want to talk about Nick behind his back like the other guys. Shawn really lays into him, calls him “arrogant” and “manipulative”. Nick tries to call him the same. Shawn tells Nick that he is a shitty person. It looks like it is getting pretty heated. 

We’ll see next week, how it all ends.

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