Self Discovery Sunday

Learning about ourselves can be both difficult and amazing. Admitting when we aren’t feeling the best, is also hard, but doing so opens us up to a beautiful world of support and love. 

I was thankful when a friend opened up to me, and sent me the following poem they wrote. They allowed me to share it on here, and I am sure that many of us have felt the same as they were when they wrote it. 

“The Box”

I’m in a box

Feels like every day that my life is on the rocks

It’s tight and constricting

So many thoughts

All of them conflicting

Who am I?

How will I be defined?

I cannot say

Not until I’m out of this bind, anyway

Someone help me! I want to scream

For I am struggling to hold on to any dream

Within the box my pain is confined

Because the box, you see, is in part my mind

Every day is a struggle

Hoping for that glimmering ray
What is wrong? 
I cannot say
Not until that day
I leave the box

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