To My Stylist – And Her Supporters

Dear Kelsey, 

I had no idea when I first found you to babysit my daughter, that our relationship would grow to where it is now. I am so thankful we have met, and that I came to you to get my hair done.

I arrived at Posh International Hair Studio on Tuesday morning with my blonde hair and said, “I want to be a redhead!” You said, “Okay!!” 

Though I’m not sure either of us knew the journey we were about to embark on. 

You colored, you washed, you cut, you styled. Then you did, what I think, was the most important thing; you told “Call me if you don’t like it, CALL ME if something is wrong.” and you MEANT it. 

You turned my chair around and I felt like Black Widow straight out of the Avengers, and I loved it! I left the salon feeling like a new woman, you snapped some pics, it was great.


Then, the next morning I washed it…

Oooh dang it! It turned brown! Ugh, curse my blonde hair (and my wild idea to be a redhead…)

What is Kelsey going to say?! Is this fixable?! What’s going to happen to my hair?!

I contacted you and you answered my questions. Yes it is fixable, and no it won’t fry your hair. You said, “We WILL get you where you need to be. No worries!” (Okay, I tried not to worry, by my anxiety usually has other plans for me. Still, I knew I was in great hands.)

I arrived the next morning and you had a PLAN. You pulled other stylists in for their opinion, which is a sign of a great stylist. Allison, Susan, and Jeff all jumped in, positive, supportive and ready to help. 

You and I endured the smelly, color removing wash, and I got to be a cartoon character for a bit! (That was a good laugh we had.)

You never once faltered, you were confident the whole time. When the color we picked was no longer available (I mean, just our luck, right?) you again asked Susan’s recommendation on what you were thinking of doing, and she agreed. 

You got that color on, gave me a wonderful deep conditioning treatment, and my hair came out beautiful!! I am in love with the color, and it is just what were going for!

I am so thankful for your dedicated, hard work. You are confident, professional, and a joy to be around. 

I am also very thankful to Susan, Allison, and Jeff for not only being positive, kind and encouraging to us both; but most importantly for being supportive and helping guide you! As I said, asking for help is a sign of a great stylist. Happily giving help, being polite and supportive while doing it, is another sign of a great stylist. Those are the ones who not only want the best for the client, but also want the other stylists involved to learn, and grow.

They are good people, Kelsey, and they will help you continue to grow beautifully in your profession. 

I am so thankful I not only picked you to care for my daughter, but also to be my stylist. I truly feel like I have gained a friend as well. 

I am already looking forward to the next time I come to Posh, as I know my hair is in good hands! I hope you’re ready to see me often, because I’m sticking with being a redhead! Plus, I’m going to need you to curl my hair for events, we both know you do it better!

All My Best,

“Leopard Print” Lindsay Spencer

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