Guest Post – Hair, Hair, and Hilarity by Peggy Geerhart

Peggy is one of those women who is simply gifted, and doing exactly what she was created to do – hair. Below, Peggy talks of how she got started into doing hair, and shares what some of her favorite moments have been so far.


Hair, Hair, and Hilarity by Peggy Geerhart

Hold on to your butts. This is gonna be a long one.
For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a hairstylist. I can’t explain it. It’s simply what I always wanted to do.

It took me a bit longer to get there (I was at least 25 when I went to school and had 2 kiddos) but I did. That’s where I met our lovely Lindsay. We started school together on the same day. She was open to my immediate and insistent chatter and the rest is history!

So here I am 15ish years later. A busy and specialized hair stylist in the Willamette Valley. I made it. I followed my dream and you know what? It IS exactly what I thought it would be! I meet new people all the time. I’ve developed some amazing friends from all over the world. I’ve traveled across the US for training with world known hairstylists. I’ve done the hair for our President’s own sister-in-law for a People magazine photo shoot. (You KNOW I still have that particular issue!) I’ve done 1st haircuts ever, proms, locks of love, updates and new changes, and weddings. Oh,weddings!

See, the thing is that my clients usually, at one time or another, ask me what my favorite part of doing hair is. The answer is usually dependent on what I’m doing at that moment. If I’m foiling and coloring then that will likely be my answer. If my sheers are sliding and snipping through the ends of your hair then THAT is the answer. The thing is, though, I think I would give it all up if I could just do formal styling all the time. I love updos (and downdo’s) and more specifically I love weddings! 

The hair is my part and I’m not too humble to say that I do it well. But the the entirety of it is just wonderful. I love seeing all the emotions the bride and her “people” experience from the 1st time she calls me to ask for a consultation (I get stupid giddy when I hear “I’m getting married”) to her walking down that aisle. (I mean how beautiful is that?) I love hearing about the pretty details about the ceremony and reception (and I really do need to know about them if I am to understand your taste, preference, and expectations for the day. Awesome perk for me, right?) I, also, truly care about those funny stories about your great aunt who, without your knowledge, invites every “cousin” you’ve never heard of to your $25 each plate dinner reception. Those are personal and wonderful details.

But do you know what I love the most? It’s my bride. Simply … the bride.

(Side note, this is Peggy and I’s mutual friend, Kristen, isn’t she gorgeous?! Okay, back to Peggy’s post.)

I love her excitement and happiness. I love her confusion and wonder. I love her questions and suggestions. I’m so honored to be chosen as a part of her team.

Do you wanna know a secret, though?

I truly, honestly, and completely love the unexpected moments. The funny mishaps. Basically, … the embarrassing stuff.

I, once, had a bride that forgot to bring her photo inspiration to our practice session. The only way she knew how to describe the Elizabeth Taylor style swoopy soft side bangs was to say “You know, like Conan O’Brien bangs!” I, literally, whined: “Please don’t make me give you Conan O’Brien bangs for your wedding.”

I had a bride that brought an old, flimsy, light blue banana clip to wear in her style because she needed “something blue”. (I was able to improvise something blue for her and NOT use a banana clip in her wedding style.)

I had a bride that had nerves that caused loud, uncontrollable, burping while we she was getting her hair done.

There was a bridesmaid, in my chair, one summer that had to get up several times to vomit because she was so hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night before.

Another bride was concerned that the curls in her hair was making her hair too short. She refused the option of clip in extensions for the ceremony because she didn’t want it to “look too fake”. she immediately asked, after refusing that suggestion, if there was a way we could tape her curls to her breasts to keep the length pinned in place. (It was my turn to refuse that option. I am not in the habit of taping hair to boobs.)

I’ve had several brides on the edge of passing out.

Only one bride described herself as a bridezilla. When it came to wedding day she refused to speak. She didn’t want to be “that” bride. Literal silence.

One bride wore nothing but panties while I did her hair. No Shirt. No bra. No robe. Just panties.(I’m not uncomfortable with nudity and I’ve been around when almost every party has changed in to their dresses but this one was a little more casual about it than most. I give her props for her comfort!)

BUT I have had EVERY bride be beautiful, prepared,and deliriously happy at the altar.
I am so lucky to love what I do.

ps: Our very own LeopardPrintLindsay may or may not be one of the brides that I listed above.

pps: She is.

(Yes, that’s me dancing with my Dad on my wedding day; with gorgeous hair thanks to my Peggy!)

Maxi Style – Season Transition

Not ready to give up that black maxi dress? This is a great, stylish way to bring it from summer to fall. 

Pairing your maxi with a great scarf and jean jacket can give you a great look during this season transition time. 

I paired my maxi with a darker leopard scarf (perfect for fall), my go-to jean jacket, a skinny tan belt, and tan sandals. As we get further into fall and the temperature starts lowering, you can switch out the sandals for ankle boots!

Outfit Inspiration:

Black Maxi – Old Navy

Not currently available online.

This option from Target is very similar:

Jean Jacket – Old Navy

Leopard Scarf – Target 

Not currently available online.

This option from Amazon is very similar to the one I have: Coffee Leopard Print Lightweight Voile Scarf

Tan Sandals – Sam & Libby for Target

Tan Belt – Versona

Not available online.

This option from Target would match well with all the pieces:

Last Summer Outfit

We have entered September, and are getting ready to say hello to fall. (Yay! Boots and sweaters!) 

However, for many of us, the weather is still very warm. This means we don’t have to put away our shorts just yet. This was one the awesome “transition” outfits I wore before changing my hair. 

This outfit stylishly pairs a great pair of summer shorts with a top that will go seemlessly into fall. It’s bringing the seasons together in a cute and simple way. 

Outfit Inspiration:

Leopard Print Blouse Top – Pinky brand from Versona (Top not available online, but they have many other great options.)

Cobalt Blue Shorts – Skies are Blue brand from Stitch Fix

Brown Sandals – Sam & Libby brand from Target

Necklace – Gold Pendant from Versona (Necklace not available online, they have a lot of wonderful options though!)

Let’s Talk – Kindness


I’ve noticed it, and maybe you have too. 

What happened to kindness? Manners? Politeness?!

No really, what happened? 

I feel like we were raised, and many of us are raising our children to say “please” and “thank you”. Only to have many people come into adulthood, and drop it all together. And sadly, maybe some people aren’t encouraging their children to have these manners.

There is one thing I know, it’s becoming an epidemic, and we need to fix it.

I will be the first to admit, one of my biggest pet peeves is rude/inconsiderate people.

It really riles me up when I do something helpful or kind to a stranger, and don’t even get a simple “thank you”.

Now please don’t think that I run around doing things to get acknowledged, because I don’t. I’m one of those rare people, I’m genuinely nice and think that kindness could actually better the world. 

I find it really frustrating when I hold the door open for someone to have them walk through without so much as a smile. This is rude.

I also find it frustrating when some goes through a door, opening it only enough so they can fit through, basically ensuring it closes in my face. This is disrespectful. 

You know what it makes me think when someone does this? It tells me that they think they are better than others 

Spoiler alert: you aren’t.

The people who are running around feeling all entitled need to be stopped. Sorry, but they do. 

There is a lot to be said for hard work, life doesn’t owe us anything, and we need to stop running around looking for a handout. 

There is even more to be said for manners and kindness. We need to think about the fact that we are all facing battles, we all have struggles, we all have tough days. If only we tried to go out in the world with this in mind as we encounter others, maybe (just maybe) we could make our world a little better of a place. 

Earlier this week I paid for gentleman’s coffee, and asked him if he could simply pass it on. Will I ever know if he did or not? No! That’s what kindness is, and I won’t stop doing it, no matter how self-centered people can be. 

(Side note, this gentleman was very polite and said thank you more than once. Yay! Kindness!)

That is what I want to encourage you do to this week – take your politeness, pass it on and remember the following:


Thank You

I have had a very busy week, and am struggling to find time to sit down to get some articles written and posted. (I know, I hear Gary Vaynerchuk in my head saying “Audit yourself!”) Be patient all! Good things are coming. More outfits, recipes, etc. 

I wanted to take this chance to say thank you to all those who have supported me, shared my posts, left comments, retweeted articles, liked pictures, and have been inspired. 

Branding yourself and “spreading the word” is hard work. I have such a great group of friends and supporters who check into my site and follow along with what’s going on. I am SO thankful!

I’m so appreciative for those who know and understand what I am trying to do. I am simply trying to share bits and pieces of what I find interesting in the world with others. I want to inspire people with fashion and food, I want to connect with other creative people, and act as a platform for others who have something fun or creative to share.

I’m grateful for the patience I am being given as I work with adjusting my schedule and work on giving more time to myself so I can get more posts up on a regular basis. 

Please keep sharing my Facebook page, retweeting those tweets and liking/commenting on Instagram. And of course, if you have anything you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you to all of my supporters!

– Leopard Print Lindsay