Let’s Talk – Kindness


I’ve noticed it, and maybe you have too. 

What happened to kindness? Manners? Politeness?!

No really, what happened? 

I feel like we were raised, and many of us are raising our children to say “please” and “thank you”. Only to have many people come into adulthood, and drop it all together. And sadly, maybe some people aren’t encouraging their children to have these manners.

There is one thing I know, it’s becoming an epidemic, and we need to fix it.

I will be the first to admit, one of my biggest pet peeves is rude/inconsiderate people.

It really riles me up when I do something helpful or kind to a stranger, and don’t even get a simple “thank you”.

Now please don’t think that I run around doing things to get acknowledged, because I don’t. I’m one of those rare people, I’m genuinely nice and think that kindness could actually better the world. 

I find it really frustrating when I hold the door open for someone to have them walk through without so much as a smile. This is rude.

I also find it frustrating when some goes through a door, opening it only enough so they can fit through, basically ensuring it closes in my face. This is disrespectful. 

You know what it makes me think when someone does this? It tells me that they think they are better than others 

Spoiler alert: you aren’t.

The people who are running around feeling all entitled need to be stopped. Sorry, but they do. 

There is a lot to be said for hard work, life doesn’t owe us anything, and we need to stop running around looking for a handout. 

There is even more to be said for manners and kindness. We need to think about the fact that we are all facing battles, we all have struggles, we all have tough days. If only we tried to go out in the world with this in mind as we encounter others, maybe (just maybe) we could make our world a little better of a place. 

Earlier this week I paid for gentleman’s coffee, and asked him if he could simply pass it on. Will I ever know if he did or not? No! That’s what kindness is, and I won’t stop doing it, no matter how self-centered people can be. 

(Side note, this gentleman was very polite and said thank you more than once. Yay! Kindness!)

That is what I want to encourage you do to this week – take your politeness, pass it on and remember the following:


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