DIY Floating Witch Hats

I love a good Halloween craft, and this one is really easy. It is also a simple way to add some flair to any home!

Items needed:

Witch Hats – Target (I got three.)

2-3ft of Ribbon (1 1/2 inch width, colored. I used green.)

Tulle – Michaels Crafts (I used Sparkly Orange.)

Black Glitter Roses – Michaels Crafts (I used purple.)

Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks)

Crystal Thread

Sewing Needle

Pony Beads (2 per hat)

Push Pins (One per hat)

Something to prop the hat up on while decorating. I used a plastic “megaphone” on a roll of paper towels. This helped to fill in the tall part of the hat, and made it easier to create on.

Ribbon Hat:

Place hat on your prop.
Take your ribbon and gently wrap it around the mid-point of the hat, crossing it in the back, edges should hang off the brim. The ribbon should be angled, see picture below.

Using your hot glue gun, glue top portion to the hat first, then glue the cross over in the back. 


Rose Hat:

Prop hat up.

Remove two rose heads from the stems. 

Using hot glue gone, glue the roses on the side of the hat where the “cone” part meets the start of the flat brim, be sure the bottoms of the roses are facing each other. 


Tulle Hat:

Prop up your last hat.

Using 5 feet of your tulle (be warned, if you’re using one with glitter, it is about to get everywhere). Wrap the tulle around the bottom part of the “cone” of the hat, and form/tie a bow. 

Fluff out the loops of the bow, and the part around the hat. 


Preparing to hang your hats:

(These are the steps you’ll take for each hat.)

Cut about 5 feet of the crystal thread, then slide two pony beads onto thread. 

Hold both ends of thread together, so the beads fall to the middle.

Gently invert the hat so it is inside out.

Put both ends of the thread through the needle, and push through the top point of the hat. 

Very carefully reach through the other side and of the hat, and pull the needle through. You will flip the hat back the correct way, and pull until the beads are in the tip of the hat.

I tied a couple of knots to keep the thread from getting too crazy.

Hanging your hats:

Decide how low you want to hang your hats, and tie the thread at that length around the push pin. 

I tied mine multiple times, to be sure it wouldn’t come undone and fall down.


Decide where you want them to hang, be careful if you need to use a ladder, then simply push the pin into the ceiling!


I hung all of mine in our entry way, and they had such a fun element to this season’s decor! 

Green Ribbon Hat

Purple Glitter Rose Hat

Orange Tulle Hat

If you have any questions, comment and I’ll answer them!

Happy Crafting!

For the Stay at Home Moms 

There I was in the checkout line at Target today, (I know, it’s my favorite store!) when I had quite an unsettling experience. 

I’ll set the scene for you; it’s the Monday before Halloween, around lunch time. The store is apt to be a little busier during this time of day and time of year. I know I was getting the supplies I needed for our Halloween party, and saw others with such items as well. 

I was unloading my cart, having let a lady with one item step in front of me, when what to my listening ears should I hear? But a condescending woman, speaking quiet clear.

“So busy!! All these ‘little’ stay at home ‘mommies’.”

My head snapped up so fast you would have thought someone yelled, “Chris Evans is here and shirtless!” 

Sadly no, that is not what was said. Captain America was not there to save the day. Neither were any of the Avengers. (Although I think Black Widow would have been on this woman before I got my head up.)

I’ll go ahead and take a little “guess” myself (since this lady decided to make such a knee-jerk choice to assume everyone there was a “lowly, lame, sad, Stay at Home Mom*”) that she doesn’t have kids. 

*SAHM through the rest of the article. (And no, we are NONE of those things.)

I’ll go ahead and also assume she has NO idea how hard we actually work. Yes, I am a SAHM. A PROUD one! 

She should not just run around assuming because a business is a tad busy at a LUNCH HOUR, that everyone is a “little stay at home mommy”. 

Maybe these women, we’ll say they were all mothers just for the purpose of my rant, are on their lunch break? Running to Target to get a few things for their child’s costume, grabbing the snack needed for the class party, or getting bags of candy for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, instead of eating lunch. 

(And because they know that Target will have what they need, they always do! I love you, Target!)

So what if all of us were SAHM?! What? Are you better than us and don’t have to wait in a short line?! We are all waiting, learn some patience! (And trust me, you aren’t better than us, certainly not with that “little” tone.)

She probably has no idea how hard a SAHM actually works. I run my website and all of my own social media accounts for it, take care of our child and household, while supporting and being present in my Husband’s job.  That’s like three full time jobs, I have no helper or assistant, and yet I’m patient enough to stand in line and be polite.

Some SAHM’s run successful in-home businesses. Some run successful craft businesses. Some work part time out of the home. Some work evening/night shifts to be with their kid(s) during the day. Some are also students and are working toward a degree. A lot of us volunteer at our child’s school, with charities/non-profits, at churches, and in the community. 

All while keeping the child(ren) taken care of, errands ran, house kept, schedules organized, etc.

Do you want to try? No. I don’t think you do. 

Being a Mom means no days off. No vacation, no sick days. You are on 24/7, everyday of the year. I joke with my husband anytime we travel with our sweet tiny human, it is a “business trip”.  

Potty needs or bad dream at 3am? Yep, Mom is awake.

Sick at school? Mom is on the way.

Class party? Mom will help plan it. 

Also, SAHM’s are smart. Many have degrees or left careers because their children were more important. We have brains, and thoughts, like any normal adult! We can have conversations, and even vote! (I know! “Say it isn’t so?!”)


Does it sound like we just sit with our feet up on the couch all day, “watching our stories”? No? 

We work our tails off during the day and still have a dinner ready on time.

(Me too, Beverly. Me too.)  

So please, before you run around judging someone because they chose to put their child first, know that we sleep a little better at night knowing our families are cared for, our households are (mostly) in order, and we work harder than you.


PS – This is also why wine and chocolate exist. They are really made for us, but we’re nice, and know how to share. #YoureWelcome 

Fashion Tip Friday

Happy Fashion Tip Friday all!!

It is that time of year again, here come the leggings!

You need to remember though, they aren’t pants!! No really, they aren’t ladies. You need to cover your back end. Wear a long shirt, a tunic, or a cute dress over them.


No one wants to see your thong or panty lines! This is tacky, and we aren’t tacky, right? No, we are not.

Also, please be sure that your pick a pair that is thick enough they don’t get almost “sheer” as you out them on. They are leggings, not tights, they should remain black when being worn.

Have an awesome weekend all!

Fabulous Fall

If there is anything you need to add to your fall wardrobe, it is these pieces. I love this look, and can wear all of the garments with other pieces in my wardrobe.

Outfit Inspiration:

Black Sweater – Target

Tartan Blanket Scarf – Neil Link from Amazon

Search “Tartan Blanket Scarf” on Amazon and select the first option by Neil LINK

Straight Leg/Loose Skinny Jeans – Old Navy

Ankle Boots – Sam & Libby for Target

Easy Halloween Munch

Halloween really kicks off our end of year Holiday season, and it is one of my favorite events to decorate and create fun treats for. 

This recipe can be called “Easy Halloween Munch” or “Ghost Poop”, really we all think the second name is funny. It is easy to make and only takes four ingredients! 

I’m planning on making a few batches, thus why I bought the big box of cereal. 


2 cups Corn Chex

1 cup Dry Roasted, Unsalted Peanuts

1 cup Candy Corn

1/2 bag White Candy Melts

Mix dry ingredients together in large bowl, set aside.

In glass/ceramic, microwave safe bowl, melt white candy melts, until smooth. I put them in for one minute, then stir; then another minute checking at 30 seconds. If they are ready at the 30 second mark move on to next step. If not, put back in for the last 30 seconds.

Once the melts are at a smooth consistency, pour over dry ingredients, scraping the bowl to ensure you get it all. 

Mix until all dry ingredients are coated. 

Once fully coated, pour mixture onto a sheet of wax paper to let cool. Mixture will harden as it cools, this is good. 

Once full cooled, place into plastic container, large ziploc bag, or package up to give as a gift! 

This is a great gift for teachers, neighbors, and friends! This also goes over great at parties. 

To make a larger batch, simply double the recipe.

Happy Haunting! 

Chambray Style

I shared a variation of this outfit a few weeks ago, and wanted to share a way to change it up.

Instead of sandals, I wore flats. I also switched up the jewelry. These changes kept this outfit fresh, and it is another great fall look!

(Like the cameo by my cat? I like how my animals are getting in on these posts.)

Outfit Inspiration:

Chambray Shirt (Tied at the bottom) – Old Navy (Men’s Section)

Black Maxi Skirt – Yala Designs

Leopard Flats – DSW

Pearl Necklace (wrapped three times) & Pearl Earrings – Versona

Leopard Look

Unsure of how to incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe? Here is a simple, classic look that I put together before changing my hair. 

This look is great for fall, and once cooler weather comes, I can pair it with boots and a blazer!

(Also, how do you like the cameo by my dog?)

Outfit Inspiration:

Leopard Print Blouse – Versona (Top not available online currently, but keep posted as a similar one might come available.)

Dark Skinny Jeans (Not the pair I am wearing, but these are a great option!)

Nude Perforated Flats (This pair from Versona are a bit darker, but would match well with the right leopard top.)

Layered Navy & Red Necklaces – Versona (Almost any fun, long necklace would go well with this outfit. 

Back to…work?

It was “back to school time” recently in Oregon, and my friend’s took it to the next level.

While everyone was posting those cute pictures of their kids all dressed up heading back to to first day of a new school year, Kami and Ben decided to take the side of humor. 

Kami posted this to her Facebook page:

This is the real side of life, my friends, and I can’t stop laughing. 

Yes, that says “Day 4,343 and 7,690 of work.” Even better, yes, that is an R2D2 lunch box…that makes noises! 

These are good people, and I am thankful for the friendship and laughs they bring into my life.