Classic Style

I love a classic style. Why? Because I’m not exhausting myself trying to keep up with ever changing “trends”. 

I love this look, and feel it can go for ever season by changing up one thing: the shoes. 

Fall only gave us a little taste, and summer came back this week; so I was happy to be able to get my leopard sandals out one more time. I’ll transition this to fall by adding adding flats, ankle boots, or even riding boots. 

In winter, I’ll add a blazer to the look with my riding boots. When spring comes around, it’s back to flats. 

This is such an easy look that keeps you looking fashionable, stylish, chic, and classic.

Outfit Inspiration:

Split Neck White Blouse – Old Navy (This shirt is close to the one I am wearing. I know, it has the tassles, but they are subtle.)

Loose Skinny/Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy (I’m wearing the “Sweetheart” style.)

Leopard Sandals – Bamboo brand from Versona No longer available online – hopefully next season!

Gold Elephant Necklace – Versona (Elephant not available online, this necklace will match the outfit wonderfully, and be able to go with many other outfits.)

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