Let’s Talk – The Walking Dead


AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, ooh Walking Dead. (TWD for the rest of the article.) I’m hooked, so hooked, but was I always? No. 
Let me take you on a journey of how this show became my (and my husband’s) Sunday night “must have fix”. Note, “spoilers” ahead if you are still getting into the show.

I can fully admit that when this show was first getting ready to premier, I would change the channel or go hide under my bed until the previews were all gone. (Eek! Scary!)

Zombies, excuse me, Walkers, really freak me out. Vampires? Werewolves? Mummies? Nope, don’t bother me. Walkers? No thanks, I should just pass out now.

I, however, struggle with an “illness” that probably doesn’t have a name, but it deals with an over active “curiosity gland”. (That’s what I’ll call it, just play along. I’m sure Doc McStuffins would be able to diagnose me if I could get into her clinic to be checked out.) Anywho, yes, I get curious. What’s worse than being curious? Being curious and having a Peggy. 

If you don’t have a “Peggy”, I suggest you get one, my Peggy is great!  

Peggy has watched TWD from the start, and you guys, she is a FAN! She loves talking about it too. She never once told me, “Just watch the show!” when my curiosity gland got out control and something made me peek from under the bed. I always knew I could message her and ask about the show. She would happily, and fully explain.

Then it slowly started pouring over into Pinterest. I’d sign in and see a TWD meme and think, “Peggy would like that!” So I would send it to her. You all know how Pinterest works, right? If you send something, they have these algorithms that use their Spidey-Senses and think, “Oh she sent that pin! Let’s show her more!”

Basically, my Pinterest got to the point where I was seeing TWD pins ALL the time. This is how I learned character names, and various story lines. 

Then, one fateful day, I was left to my own devices while my daughter and husband napped. This is a very dangerous thing, the curiosity gland REALLY gets wild. It happened to be a Sunday. The Sunday of the Season 4 Finale.

There it was on my guide, the TWD marathon. “Still”, Episode 12 of Season 4 was just starting, I select it. Just Daryl & Beth in the woods, drinking moonshine in a cabin. Not bad, okay, I’ll watch the next. “Alone”, ooh starts off a bit intense with them fending off walkers in the fog, but I don’t hide under the bed. “The Grove” starts, just Carol, Tyrese and three girls trying to make it. 

This episode “turns” fast. (Get it? “Turns”?) At this point my husband, Mark, has joined me, and I’m pretty sure these were my thoughts: 

“What?! Why? Why is that girl playing with a walker?!” 

“No! What! This little weirdo is feeding it?! Oh shiz, run! Run! They’re coming after you!”

“HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! That freak killed her sister! WTF AM I WATCHING?!”

“What’s Carol doing? 😳 Ooooh Lordy, she told her to look the flowers.”

After sitting there in silence for a few minutes, Mark asked. “What the hell did we just watch?!” I think I answered, “I don’t know….but I’m never watching this show again.” Oh how wrong I was.

Flash forward to October 2014. Mark had accepted a new job and we were moving out of state. Now remember I said I had a Peggy? Yeah, I also have a Dad. He also LOVES this show and loves talking about it. He helped me pack my house. 

This show was pretty much all we talked about on our “pack days”; which looking back, always seemed to be right after a Sunday. This further confirms that he and Peggy were somehow in cahoots with each other. 

The moving truck pulled out in early November, I still had three weeks left in Oregon. My daughter and I checked into the good ol’ “Mom n Dad: Bed n Breakfast” (aka, my parents house), and I prepared for Sunday nights. 

I survived through Season 5’s “Self-Help”, “Consumed” and “Crossed”. Then the mid-season finale aired the night Mark, our daughter, and I went wheels up out of Oregon heading to our new residence. 

I found myself at the airport trying to get the episode to steam on my phone, and couldn’t. 

Wait, what’s happening? 

The next night I grabbed the iPad and got all signed into the AMC website and was able to get “Coda”. Oh yay! I can watch the mid-season finale!!! What? Did I just…seriously, what is going on?!

Oh. My. Gosh. 

It happened. I wanted more. I sat crying and alone on my couch at the end of “Coda”. “Not Beth! Why Beth?? What’s going to happen now?!” I tried to let it go, tried to forget, but I couldn’t. It just wouldn’t stop poking my curiosity gland. 

Mid-December: *Ding* Oh, message from Dad. “TWD Marathon, all seasons from the beginning, starts New Years.” 

He knew you guys! He knew!!!! I immediately set our DVR, and we had them all. Every gory, scary, crazy, walker filled episode. We got them all watched, just in time for the February premier. It was glorious.

True that sometimes it still freaks me out, but not as bad. I finally understand why Carol had to tell Lizzie to “look at the flowers”, how Abraham, Eugene (and Eugene’s awesome mullet) came to be the with the group) and that I am big time Team Daryl/Carol! 

I’m glad I have a Dad and a Peggy. They help me try new things. Thank you Dad and Peggy, thank you. 

Now is it October 11th yet? Someone pass me some of Carol’s cookies while I wait. Maybe I’ll just do some stuff…and thangs to help me pass the time.
PS- Unless it has changed, the ringtone for me on my Dad’s phone is the opening theme for the show. Boom. 

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