The Walking Dead – Season 6 Predictions 

This is not a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill!! The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC! 

As I said, I would have some predictions on what and who I think will go down. Before going on, be warned that this is full of spoilers. 

Are those that don’t want spoilers or predictions gone?

Yes? Okay, here we go.

Season 5 had our group arriving at a large, seemingly safe community, Alexandria. I remember calling it early on when previews came on and it wouldn’t show much, “They’re going to end up somewhere and get cleaned up.” (It’s fun when I get it right.)

They arrived and met with the “leader” of the community. I know Abraham, “Who’s Deanna?!”

They quickly take places in the town, and others start to notice they are all good leaders in their fields. 

We see, however, the struggles they have. Sasha has lost Tyrese (and it nearly ends her), Daryl feels a bit out of place (or like a trapped cat), Carol is hiding her true self (you’re such a badass), and Rick is well…Rick.

We see Glenn have some major issues with some of the other runners in the town, causing each group to lose a member. (Ooh Noah, you went too soon.)

Maggie trying to keep the peace after Father Gabriel tries to turn Deanna on Rick and the group.

Abraham takes the lead on a construction site, and Eugene totally steps up to save Tara. 

It all ends with Morgan arriving in town to find Rick having just killed “porch dick”, er…I mean Pete, at the request of Deanna who is laying over the body of her husband, Reg. (Whom Pete had accidentally killed in a drunken rage.)

We’re also shown the “Wolves Not Far” sign, which is some serious foreshadowing to who is going to cause problems heading into Season 6. 

So, what do we think will happen this season? Here are some thoughts I have had:

I think, sadly, that it is Sasha’s season to go. She tried giving herself up, telling the Walkers to “come get her”, and even laying in a pile of walker corpses. I feel like she’ll turn everything around and want to live, and that’s when it’ll happen. Whether it is by Walkers or Wolves, that I am not sure. Could be a mix of the two.

Nicholas or “Nicky”. He was responsible for the death of Noah, and tried to leave Glenn for dead in the woods. He HAS to go. I also wonder if he doesn’t turn on the Alexandria group and tries to join the Wolves. Which if that happens, I can see them using him to get closer, or into Alexandria, then “taking care of him”.

Father Gabriel. He’s been around long enough, we all know what he did. He’s going to go. Has to happen, I’m mad at him. 

The Wolves, they are going to try to take Alexandria, I think we all know that is going to happen. Whether they are successful or not, I’m unsure. Will our group end up on the run again?

Deanna and Rick are going to become closer as leaders, but Rick is going to be too aggressive, and Morgan is going to have to intervene. I think it is likely that Michonne will have to assist with this area.

I hope that Aaron makes it through the season, but he also might be a casualty of this season’s “excitement”.

Carol will probably have to take off this fake housewife mask she is wearing and show what a huge badass she is.

I feel like Abraham and Eugene will make it through this season, and I go back and forth on Tara. She’s recovering from being injured on a run, and I think Eugene will try to keep her safe. If he fails, he will take this as a huge personal hit.

Jessie and her sons, hmm…I wonder if something doesn’t happen to them, I feel like I don’t have predictions on them just yet. 

I think both Michonne and Daryl will make it through the season. This could also just be my hope because I like them both a lot.

Carl will be fine, but I think his girlfriend, Enid won’t be. Judith will make it through, mostly because even as dark and twisted as this show is, I don’t think they’re going to do anything to her.

Maggie and Glenn. Ugh, I don’t want to talk about them. There has been so much speculation as to whether or not Negan arrives this season. I’m so concerned about this possibly. I think it happens, and I think we say goodbye to Glenn. My friend Peggy added to it though, she thinks Maggie finds out she is pregnant before it happens. Ouch, our hearts.

What thoughts do you have?! I’d love to hear them! 

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And tune in tonight to see the premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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