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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

May your holiday season be blessed and full of happiness. I am looking forward to posting a lot of great things through the season. 

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Blanket Scarf – Another Way

Ahh yes, the tartan blanket scarf! I told you, it’s my favorite piece this season. 

Here is another great way to wear it; simply drape it over your shoulders and belt it just above your waist. Be sure to use a thin belt to keep from looking bulky.

I paired mine with my straight jeans and ankle boots. This can also be paired with leggings and riding boots. 

Outfit Inspiration:

Tartan Blanket Scarf – Neil Link on Amazon

Black Sweater – Target

Straight Leg Jeans – Old Navy

Ankle Boots – Target

Skinny Black Belt – Target

Care Packages for Homeless

Once a week I drive through an intersection that has a homeless person hoping for help. 

This inspired me to create care packages to hand out, because I believe we all have the power to help and to make someones day better.


I gathered supplies from my local grocery store and Target.

My supplies include:


Granola Bars

Apple Sauce

PB & J Crackers

Cheddar Crackers

Honey Roasted Peanuts

Juice/Water Boxes

Candy (I can admit, this was left over from Halloween.)

Personal Care/Other:

Tissue Packs

Travel Deodorant


Travel Toothpaste


Hand Warmers

Freezer Bags

Spoons (not pictured)


In each freezer bag I put:

1 Apple Sauce & Spoon

1 package of each Crackers

1 package Peanuts

1 Toothbrush

1 Toothpaste

1 Deodorant 

1 Chapstick

1 Tissue Packet

2 Granola bars

2 Juice/Water Boxes

2 Hand Warmers

Handful of candy 

I created four bags and have them I my car where I can grab one easily to pass out to those in need.


I hope you will be inspired to do something similar and help those in need in your town.

Full On Fall

I hope you like seeing this blanket scarf, because I am loving it this season! 

This is another simple, fun, fall outfit. Notice that my sweater is long enough to cover my back side. (Because leggings aren’t pants.)
Outfit Inspiration:

Knit Sweater – Old Navy (The one I am wearing is not available online. The one linked would be a great option!)

Black Leggings – Hue

Tarten Blanket Scarf – Neil LINK from Amazon

Brown Riding Boots – Franco Sarto from Famous Footwear (The pair I am wearing is not available online.)

Have a great day! 

Classy Casual

Here is another simple look that is classy, yet a little on the casual side. 

Take this outfit from “everyday” to “work” by simply switching out the jeans for a pair of black pants.

Also, say hello to Champ who makes an appearance again this week. 

Outfit Inspiration:

Dark Grey Blazer – Old Navy (Only available in black online.)

Black Blouse (Boxy Popover Top) – Versona

Dark Boot Cut Jeans – Old Navy

Grey Flats – Charming Charlie (The pair I am wearing is not available online.)

Silver Monogram Necklace – Versona (Not available in silver online.)

A Little Dressy

I think most girls love a good reason to dress up. I know I do! 

Recently my husband and I had a basketball tip-off dinner to attend, and I wasn’t missing this chance to wear a new skirt and get a little dressy.

It was not only cute, but quite comfortable as well!

Outfit Inspiration:

Leopard Blouse – Versona  (The one I am wearing is not available online, the one I linked would look good worn with the skirt as well.)

Pleated A~Line Skirt – Versona 

Black Suede Heels – Charlotte Russe

Gold Pendant Necklack – Versona  (The exact one I am wearing is not available online, this one is similar.)

Feeling Fall

Fall is the perfect time to wear that jean jacket, and with various options and accessories, you can switch it up to keep it looking different. 
I like how I put this outfit together, and look forward to wearing it different ways this season. 

Outfit Inspiration

Jean Jacket – Old Navy

Black Kai Top – Yala Designs

Black Rockstar Pants – Old Navy

Grey & Orange Scarf – Mod Pod  (This scarf would match the outfit well!) 

Dark Grey Flats – Charming Charlie (The pair I am wearing not available online.)