#WCW – To All The Lady Leopards

Hello Wednesday! We have quite the snow day here, and I’m enjoying my day at home. Which also got me thinking that today might just be a great day to get this post up.

I think you all know that I greatly enjoy social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram, etc.) I like connecting with people, talking to others, and hopefully inspiring others through my various accounts.

The more I am on though, the more I am seeing an unfortunate “trend”. Girls, posting rather exposing pictures of themselves, in hopes to gain followers and “likes”.

“Likes”, that is how the majority of the “younger generation” sees their worth. This is sad. They hear stories about how someone gets “noticed” or “discovered” via Instagram, Vine, etc. Only they don’t realize this is similar to lightening striking. 

Sure, it would be awesome if it could suddenly just happen to anyone, but that isn’t how it works. They also don’t see the hard work behind the accounts for some of these people. 

Do you think someone signs up for an account and is immediately “discovered”? No, there is work behind any account. 

I praise those women who are staying classy and dignified, posting pictures in actual clothing without a ton of cleavage or their butts hanging out.

Please know that taking your clothes nearly off (or completely off) and posting pictures won’t make you famous. It only attracts the wrong attention.

You are not a piece of meat, stop allowing males to treat you like one. Getting comments like “damn, you so hot, I’d hit that.” Isn’t cute, it’s disrespectful, and also horrible grammar.


As I said before, this is how a lot of the younger generation is gauging their worth. However, there are plenty of ladies in their late 20s and up who are also doing these things.

What kind of an example are we setting for those younger than us? Our daughters, nieces, etc. I want my daughter to grow knowing that I didn’t do these things, and she won’t either. 

Please remember that you are a lady with class and a woman with dignity. You should be treated as such.

When it comes to the truth behind social media accounts and building your own brand, it takes time and work. Hard work. It takes proper attention, and care. You can’t simply “buy” followers. These are fake accounts, and the second their are found and deleted, your follower numbers drops. 

You have to WORK for real followers by putting out good content, that you have to spend the time creating. You can’t just haphazardly snap a poor picture of an outfit and post it hoping you get some “likes”. 

One outfit post for me takes time to put together. Besides picking the right pieces and accessories to go together, I then make sure to get a Vine and Snapchat stories done before I put it on. This shows the pieces up close.

Then I make sure the lighting is right, because a photo that is too dark not only looks unpleasing, but won’t show just how the outfit looks when on. I also do light editing on the photo to be sure exposure, color and light create a photo that is ready to be posted. 

Only then, after all of the time I spent doing that, is it ready to be posted. Again, it takes work. One post takes me at least 2-3 hours of work. From putting it together, to posting the Outfit Inspiration on my site, then sharing it through all of my accounts. I then do my best to respond to comments on all accounts 

Why? Because this is how else you gain and keep followers: interaction. Whether you find posts on your own, or someone finds yours, comment, interact, be kind and polite!

This post recently popped up on one of my favorite Instagram accounts (Humans of NY) and I love it, not just because of what she’s wearing, but also because of what she had to say.


So ladies, girls, and all females. Please, respect yourself enough to put your clothes on, act with class and dignity. You are a Lady Leopard!

And lastly, it’s 2016, enough with the “duck face” already. You’re prettier than you know, and we want to see your real smile.

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