Mommy, Daughter Style

I love being a mom, especially to my little girl. I very rarely share her on my site, so this is a very special post.

We had a Saturday recently where hubby/daddy was off with one of the teams doing his AD stuff. Which left us to be, well, girly!

As I was getting ready, she went and got dressed all on her own. She came in, hopeful, that what she put together worked. (She knows that I need to “approve” of what she wears. Meaning it needs to at least fit, go together, and is weather appropriate. Otherwise, we aren’t super strict in this area as she is still young.)

She looked so cute! I love that she is noticing how I pair things together, and is starting to understand that dressing properly is a sign of respect. I then told her, “You go pick my outfit!” I had a feeling of what would happen. 

I stood in my closet door, happily watching her. She first picked the ankle boots, then the chambray shirt, and finally, the tulle skirt.

I was on board with it all. We didn’t have much planned that day, so I asked her if we could have a “Fancy Day”. Her eyes lit up. 

We went out to a nice Italian restaurant, ordered Italian Cream Sodas, ate a good meal, and finished with ice cream sundaes.

One of the best parts I noticed, she was being even more proper, and acting just like a little lady. I was very proud, and I think it was a really good bonding day for her and I. 

If you are a mom with a daughter, I encourage you to have a “Fancy Day”. You will both have a great time!

See below for for the Outfit Inspiration!


Chambray Shirt – Old Navy

Tulle Skirt* – Versona

Ankle Boots* – Target

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Gold Bar Initial Necklace* – Versona


Chambray Shirt – Old Navy

Tulle Skirt* – Old Navy

Ankle Boots* – Old Navy

Happy Shopping! (And have a fun “Fancy Day”!)

*Exact items not available online. Similar or like items may be available.

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