My Lip Tint Pack 

I recently saw a “sponsored” video for this product, and we all know how I love my bold lip. I just had to try it, so I took to Amazon. 

It is called “My Lip Tint Pack”, and it is made in Korea. It is marketed as a “Lip Tattoo”, but don’t worry, it isn’t that permanent. Think of it like lip stain.

It comes in six different colors, and they can be purchased as a whole set, or individuals.

I wanted to try just the “Virgin Red” color, and loved the price! It was only around $6! It arrived this week, and I was excited to try it out! 

My apologies for a not as high quality as I like for my “before picture”. 

This is me with my natural lip. I started with nothing on them, you’ll want them free of any other lip product. I will be trying to exfoliate my lip prior to using this product, that way the lip is smooth and it will go on easily.

The product is a sticky gel, that has a slight fruity scent. It takes a bit of time the first time, but when applying, you’ll want to make sure to evenly cover your entire lip, both top and bottom.

Do NOT touch your lips together though, it is very sticky and needs to dry. Be sure not to use too much, so it doesn’t gloop off your lip.

If I felt like it got out of place, I used one of my nails and carefully ran it across my lip line to correct it. 

Yes, I am making a very weird face, this is what the product looks like while on, and drying. I did not want my lips to touch, didn’t want to mess it up!

Let it dry about 5-10 minutes. You can feel it drying, and you will be able to tell when it is no longer sticky.

Once dry, start at the edge, and peel it off. Yes, you read that right, you peel it off! You can see in the picture below, it comes off in one piece, each lip of course.

I loved the red color! My lips left as if they had nothing on them, didn’t feel dry, and I could rub a finger across them without anything coming off!

It was close to 5pm when I first tried it on, when I checked around 7:30, my lips were still really red, and it only wore off a little in the very middle. (I had eaten dinner, so that was probably a factor.)

This product not only goes on easily, but lasts and won’t “kiss off”. When getting ready for bed, I used my makeup removing wipe, and what was left, came off easily.

Let me know if you try this product out!


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