How to Master the Art of Flat Lay Photography

At the moment, Instagram is such a popular social media platform. You can share snippets of your life or have it as a continuation of your blog. All in the form of photos, of course. It is a great way to get new blog followers if you are able to use Instagram in the right way. Some people use the platform to share moments as they happen. Other people take the time to curate their feed, and it is much less ‘instant’. One of the big trends that is popular is to have flat lay pictures. They can look so good, can’t they? Flat lays are a great way to show outfits, makeup, jewelry, or even things like baking ingredients. Done right, they can look so good. But how can you achieve the perfect flat lay photo?


One of the first things to do is to think about what you are taking pictures of. Think about the style of the photo and how you want it to look. Then you can think about what will look good and where. If you were displaying your makeup, include some brushes in the picture, as well as a few eyeshadows and mascaras. Think about the shape that they create together. Don’t just have them in any old style. Think about props you can use to supplement the picture too. Things like fresh flowers or pretty candles make great props in flat lay photos.

When you are thinking about the picture, the background is important. A busy and messy background will distract from what you are trying to focus on. If you haven’t got one, you could use crisp white sheets over carpet or a table. You could even use things like floorboards or tiles. A marbled tile is a popular choice on Instagram.


To make sure that you are getting as good of a photo as possible, consider using a DSLR camera to take the photos. You are trying to curate an amazing feed, so they often produce better photos than a camera phone. Then you can upload the photos and email them to yourself. Then you can still upload them to the Instagram app. If you don’t have a DSLR camera, there are a range of cameras out there, that would be great for beginner photographers. Just do a little research and see what will fit your budget.

As with any photography, lighting is key. Take pictures in the room that is brightest in the house. You are only taking a snapshot picture; no one will know if you are on taking it on the bathroom floor. If it gets the most light in your house, then go with it. Take pictures in natural daylight. You don’t want direct sunlight but take pictures close to a window. Avoid using a flash if at all possible! It can affect the look of a photo so much. You want to take great photos that will attract readers to your blog. You don’t want to put them off.


A few months ago, I went on a slight “rant” regarding bras. (Didn’t see it? Find it HERE!)

I used to work in a lingerie shop, and I learned that the second most important thing in a bra, is how you care for it. (The first most important thing is proper fit to your body, see my original post linked above.)

Cleaning your bra correctly will keep it fitting you well, looking beautiful, and will help it last longer than 6 months.

ThirdLove provided the great infographic below, but I will also share how I care for mine.
First, I always put them in a lingerie bag. It’s a small, mesh bag made with a tie or zip closure for your washing machine.

I put mine in either on their own, or with other delicate items. (Blouses, handwash items, etc.) Never put them in with jeans or other heavy items.

I use the “Delicate” cycle on my wash, it does a very slow spin, so it won’t bend or break any underwire. I also use a small amount of laundry detergent.

I never use fabric softener (on any of my clothes actually), this can actually break down your clothing items and make them wear our quicker.

Never, really, never, put your bras in the dryer. The heat, and the turning will hurt your bra. Lay it flat to dry.

That’s it! Not so hard, huh? It isn’t so hard to #SaveYourStaples

“Now, thanks to ThirdLove, we’re going to talk about taking care of those beautiful bras!” 

If you have considered checking out ThirdLove, use the code STAPLES to get 15% off your order!!

Relaxed Style

True, I love dressing up, and enjoy wearing all those cute outfits. However, I can go a bit casual from time to time. Especially since I got these adorable Chuck Taylor’s!! 

Paired with a “geek chic” (thank you to my friend, Samantha, for that awesome term) Hogwarts Alumni shirt, this outfit is comfortable, casual, and stylish!

Outfit Inspiration

Hogwarts Shirt* – Target

Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy

Converse Slip on Chuck Taylor’s – DSW

Silver Earrings – Tiffany & Co.

Always Pendant Necklace – Gift

Happy Shopping!
*Exact item not available online. Similar items may be available.

Fun Things To Do With Friends This Summer



Now we’re all grown up, it’s hard to recapture that ‘school’s out for summer’ feeling. Remember when school closed and the holidays stretched on and on? Though we can’t go back in time, we can still have fun. Get together with a group of your girlfriends this summer and try some of these activities.


  1. Road Trip

A road trip is something that everyone should experience at least once. And what better way to do this than with a group of your BFFs. Throw your bags in the trunk, load up some tunes, and you’re off.


  1. Camping

Camping is a great way to experience new places at a fairly low cost. Campsites are so much cheaper than hotel rooms. And you get to sleep beneath the stars and cook on a campfire. Combine your trip with a festival to make the most of it. There are plenty of events to choose from like these festivals.


  1. Shopping

Shopping is always fun but never more so than when you’re with your friends. Rather than heading to the mall or your local town, do something a bit different. Drive or get the train out to a different town and hit the shops. If you’re a little cash poor, then set yourselves a budget. See who can get the best haul for $20.


  1. Movie Night

Set up a regular movie night and take turns to host it. The host gets to pick the film and must provide refreshments. Keep it simple with chips and dips or go for something more elaborate. Or treat your friends to some of your home cooking.


  1. Rent A Cottage

Rent a house or cottage for the weekend. Drive out to somewhere rural or remote and stay for a few days. Choose somewhere with plenty to do and see. You can then decide whether to explore or stay close to home. This is always a fun thing to do before someone gets married. It reinforces the bond you have before the bride’s life changes.


  1. Pamper Day

Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? But doing it with friends adds a whole new dimension. Book a spa or massage and spend the day relaxing. Choose somewhere with a pool and other leisure facilities. Make the most of your time. If a full spa day is out of your budget, then opt for a manicure or facial massage instead.


  1. Cook A Meal 

Gather your friends together and cook them a slap-up meal. Really go to town, serving different courses and wine. Complete the meal with a sumptuous and indulgent dessert.

  1. Hang Out

Remember when you just went to each other’s homes and hung out? Nothing much was achieved, least of all homework. You just talked endlessly. Rekindle this by inviting a few friends round. Talk, have fun, drink some wine.


  1. Set Up A Culture Day

Set aside a day or afternoon where you can explore everything your local town has to offer. Visit a museum or art gallery. See what’s showing at the theater.


  1. Do Something Different

And lastly, try something completely different. Step outside of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Who knows, it may become your new ‘thing.’

Wide Leg Style

This summer I highly recommend adding a pair of wide leg pants to your closet. They are so comfortable, and can be worn to a variety of events and occasions!

Outfit Inspiration:

Black Kai Top – Yala Designs

Wide Leg Elephant Pants – Target

Black Sandals – Target

Elephant Necklace* – Versona

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet – The Bangle Bear

Happy Shopping!
*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available.

Fashion Tip Friday

I think this Fashion Tip Friday we need to change the way we think about clothing. Remember that different brands are made in different cuts. 

You are the only one who will know if you had to purchase a size that is different from the majority in your closet. No one else is going to see the tag, they are only going to see how fabulous you look in a well fitting outfit! 💋

The Split Rail

I am so excited for this week’s feature!! 

Becky from The Split Rail and I connected via Instagram, and she makes such beautiful and fun earrings, and more! 

She has two amazing kids, and a hard working, supportive husband. They are the reason she runs her business, and they add joy to her creative process.

She makes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by hand, and often sets out to create something, and lets it evolve into its own amazing piece. 

She takes custom requests, and aims to make something meaningful and unique to the lucky recipient.

She wanted to featured these adorable earrings, and I am so happy be able to share them, and her, with you all. 

I love the colors in these two pair, one light, one dark. (Also, we all know how much I love the sparkle!) They can both be paired with a variety of outfits, and what I love best is that they can be worn with a casual outfit, or a more dressed up outfit.

I mean, look at these. How much fun are these earrings?! The best part, though, they will be given away to one lucky winner! (Keep posted to my Instagram for details!)

They are a great size too, and add a fun element to any outfit. 

I hope that you will check Becky’s store out! 

Find the earrings at her Etsy Shop!

Check out her collaborative stamped metal and leather cuffs, and email her is:

Of course find her on Instagram!

The Split Rail is found locally at Just Take Time Boutique, in Elk Mound, WI.

Brazen is at Darling Clementines in Wilmar, MN. As well as at The Mason Jar and Salvage Sisters, both in her hometown of Mankato, MN!

Also, most importantly, for Leopard Print Lindsay readers, use this code: LEOPARDPRINT15 for a discount from her Etsy shop!!

Thank you Becky for the support!

Brunch Style

We had a breakfast to attend recently, and I was really excited to wear this skirt. 

I got it while visiting one of my favorite Downtown Corvallis stores, Mod Pod.

The store is ran by my friend, Jessica, and  she brings in the most fabulous items. From gifts, to clothing, decor, and more; Mod Pod is an awesome place to shop, and one of places I miss most since my move.

The skirt is from Mikarose, which is a beautiful clothing company that specializes in modesty. (And you all know how I feel about that!)

Almost all the rest of the items were from, of course, Versona!
Outfit Inspiration:

Pink Boxy Popover Top – Versona

Bird A-Line Skirt* – Mod Pod

Nude Heels* – Versona

Tree Charm Necklace* – Fossil

Light Pink Earrings* – Versona

Happy shopping!
*Exact item not available online. Similar or like items may be available.