The Bangle Bear

I am so excited about the first feature on my site! Every couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a different business. I’ll share information about how they got started, their shops/items, and most importantly, where to find them!

I am very thank to The Bangle Bear for their support, and adorable items! They are so sweet, and make such beautiful bangle bracelets, below is a little about how they got their start!

Liz and Lauren have been a creative duo for as long as they can remember. From lemonade stands to art fairs, selling flowers door-to-door and bake sales, these two grew up making and selling just about anything mom would let them (thanks mom!). 

It was Winter of 2015 and Liz was searching for the perfect birthday gift for Lauren. A hair tie bracelet was a great idea, but there were absolutely no good affordable options out there. So Liz decided it was time to design her own and Lauren agreed! With the support of the rest of their family, the The Bangle Bear was launched in January, 2016

These beautiful ladies sent me not one, but two Lydia bracelets! 

I love the Rose Gold it is made with, which can match with many different colors, and go with a lot of outfits.

As you can see, this isn’t just any bracelet, it is a great and stylish way to wear a hair tie. It stays in place, and you won’t lose it.

(Be honest ladies, how many times have as dug to the bottom of our purse hoping to find a random hair tie?)

The Lydia bracelet solves that problem. And it comes with a hair tie! 

The cuff can gently stretched to fit over your wrist. These ladies thought of it all.

You can also wear it with or without a hair tie.

I love the detail in the bracelet with or without the hair tie, and also like that it can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit.

I hope that you will check out their SHOP and see the other beautiful items they have!

Their items are perfect for Mother’s Day, Graduation, Birthdays, etc!

The Lydia Cuff with a hair tie.

Lydia Cuff without a hair tie.

The Bangle Bear is also on: Instagram!

And keep your eyes posted, that second bracelet will be given away to one lucky Instagram follower!

Thank you Liz and Lauren!


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