Fashion Tip Friday

Hello Fashion Tip Friday!

Last week’s tip was a suggestion to “stop trying so hard”. Well, this week I let you know you should at least try.

Stop with the pajama pants in public, just don’t. These are to be worn at home, that’s it. 

As for gym clothes; I get it, they’re comfortable, but you know what? So are nice, black leggings and flats.

Unless you’re going to, or coming from the gym, or work in an athletic based career (PE Teacher or full time Coach, as examples) please wear real clothes. 

(Or if you are a new mom, you’re totally exempt, you just had a baby, you rock your yoga pants!)

Again, I know, it’s easy, they’re comfortable. But have we just stopped trying? 

I’ll expand on this topic; I hear a lot of people complaining about how “lazy” the world has become, well, maybe we should stop dressing like it? 

This is, of course, my opinion. I do see dressing well (not expensively, not over done, but non-athletic attire) as a sign of respect. Respect for yourself, and those around you. 

These are also, of course, just my tips. Take what you like, leave what you don’t.

Have a great weekend! 💋

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