Wedding Jewelry Styling Tips

If the countdown to your big day is officially on, it’s time to think about the details. You may have your dress, hair and makeup sorted, but have you thought about your wedding day jewelry? Here are some simple styling tips to make your dress shine and create the perfect finishing touches.



Earrings are a wedding staple and they can really bring a look together. The style of earrings you go for will usually depend on the look of your dress. If your dress is very simple, you can go to town with accessories. If your dress is colored, patterned or has an ornate design, it’s best to opt for something understated. It’s also a good idea to think about the neckline. Studs work well with high necks while teardrop earrings look beautiful with strapless styles. Match the metal to your engagement ring and wedding band. Pearls are a popular choice for vintage lace dresses while diamonds set in platinum work well with clean-cut, modern designs.

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Necklaces can be a perfect addition to your wedding day look. If your dress is strapless or Bardot style, a very simple, delicate chain is an ideal choice. If you have a high neck, you may not need a necklace and it may be better to go for some drop earrings. If your dress is very plain and you want to bring it to life, make more of a statement with your neckwear. Go for a showstopping pearl choker for an old-fashioned, romantic dress or a statement collar for a contemporary design.

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Rings are all-important on your wedding day. During the ceremony, wear your engagement ring on the other hand. Once your new husband has placed your wedding ring on your finger, you can then swap over and enjoy the sight of both rings together for the first time. Choose a wedding band, which matches and complements your engagement ring. If you have a large or intricate engagement ring, pair it with a simple band. If you have a custom-made ring, for example, one from Tacori, you may wish to design your own band. Most couples choose to have matching bands, but you don’t have to go down this route. Try some different styles and see what you prefer.

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Bracelets and bangles

If you have a strapless or sleeveless dress, you may be thinking about adding a bracelet. Match the style of the bracelet to your dress and any other jewelry you are wearing. If you have pearl earrings, for example, choose a simple string of pearls for your wrist.

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Accessories can bring your dress to life and complete a stunning bridal look. When you have your final fittings, take some jewelry with you and try some different looks out for size. Add or take away pieces until you find the perfect balance. Remember that less is more when it comes to accessories, especially if you have an eye-catching dress. Your jewelry should complement our gown, rather than stealing the show.


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