Brunch Style

We had a breakfast to attend recently, and I was really excited to wear this skirt. 

I got it while visiting one of my favorite Downtown Corvallis stores, Mod Pod.

The store is ran by my friend, Jessica, and  she brings in the most fabulous items. From gifts, to clothing, decor, and more; Mod Pod is an awesome place to shop, and one of places I miss most since my move.

The skirt is from Mikarose, which is a beautiful clothing company that specializes in modesty. (And you all know how I feel about that!)

Almost all the rest of the items were from, of course, Versona!
Outfit Inspiration:

Pink Boxy Popover Top – Versona

Bird A-Line Skirt* – Mod Pod

Nude Heels* – Versona

Tree Charm Necklace* – Fossil

Light Pink Earrings* – Versona

Happy shopping!
*Exact item not available online. Similar or like items may be available.

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