A few months ago, I went on a slight “rant” regarding bras. (Didn’t see it? Find it HERE!)

I used to work in a lingerie shop, and I learned that the second most important thing in a bra, is how you care for it. (The first most important thing is proper fit to your body, see my original post linked above.)

Cleaning your bra correctly will keep it fitting you well, looking beautiful, and will help it last longer than 6 months.

ThirdLove provided the great infographic below, but I will also share how I care for mine.
First, I always put them in a lingerie bag. It’s a small, mesh bag made with a tie or zip closure for your washing machine.

I put mine in either on their own, or with other delicate items. (Blouses, handwash items, etc.) Never put them in with jeans or other heavy items.

I use the “Delicate” cycle on my wash, it does a very slow spin, so it won’t bend or break any underwire. I also use a small amount of laundry detergent.

I never use fabric softener (on any of my clothes actually), this can actually break down your clothing items and make them wear our quicker.

Never, really, never, put your bras in the dryer. The heat, and the turning will hurt your bra. Lay it flat to dry.

That’s it! Not so hard, huh? It isn’t so hard to #SaveYourStaples

“Now, thanks to ThirdLove, we’re going to talk about taking care of those beautiful bras!” 

If you have considered checking out ThirdLove, use the code STAPLES to get 15% off your order!!

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