Casual Summer Style

I had so much fun visiting the Newport Beach Versona store this summer! It was a fun day filled with shopping and bonding with my awesome Sister-in-Law.

I was so thankful she was willing to take me there, as she knows how much I love the store.

What better place to take an Outfit Inspiration at, right? Enjoy!

Outfit Inspiration:

Olive Vest* – Versona

White Tank Style Blouse – Versona

Straight Legged Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy

Converse Chuck Taylor Shorelines – DSW

“Brave” Hand Stamped Necklace – Worn Wisdom

Gold Knot Earrings – Versona

Happy Shopping!

*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available.

Floorboard Findings

I love a good pair of earrings, every girl loves some sparkle, and Maria with Floorboard Findings knows both!!

She specializes in gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. All of her jewelry items are hand made with Swarovski crystals, and are nickel free!

I was so thankful she wanted to collaborate with me, and was so excited by what she chose to have me feature!

A Pennsylvania native, she also works as a massage therapist and nail tech; posting her fun nail art on Instagram!

This beautiful girl will be saying “I do!” in September, marrying an everyday hero! Thanks to her Fireman fiancée for helping to keep their community safe. 

Her dream is to open up her own boutique someday, I’m sure full of her own beautiful, Floorboard Finding items! When she does, I know I will be going there to shop!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Maria and all about her business! (Which you can also check out on Facebook!) I am looking forward to seeing her grow, and hope that you will check her and her shop out!

How to find Floorboard Findings:

Etsy Shop
And keep an eye on my Instagram! Those adorable pink earrings will be given away to one lucky lady! 💋

Classic Summer Style

Oh summer, I am so glad you are here! Time for shorts, sandals and sunshine.

This chic outfit is so simple to put together, and is great for any backyard BBQ you are attending this season!

What else do I love about it? This shirt will flow seamlessly into fall!

Outfit Inspiration:

Gingham Shirt – Versona

Olive Green Shorts* – Versona

Tan Sandals – Target

Hand stamped “Brave” Necklace – Worn Wisdom

Green and Pearl Bracelet – SBXC

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available.


I feel so blessed to be featuring the shop, Lovassion this week!

Creator, Tingting and I connected via Instagram and she has been an absolute delight to message with from the start. 

She is one of the most kind, caring, and happiest people I have had the pleasure of collaborating with for my website.

She has a mission in life to be a light for people, she wants to encourage others to do what they love, and reach for their dreams. 

Her items come with a poem she writes and I loved the one she chose for me. It certainly makes me feel like I am fearless and that I can do anything!

She has always loved creating, and always wanted to create something of her own. She was running her own website, Empower Love, using that as a platform to inspire others.

One day she came across some information on Pinterest, and learned how to make her own jewelry.

Her little sister helped her come up with the Lovassion, combining the words Love and Passion. She feels it represents her and her shop nicely. I must say, I agree.

Tingting’s shop is on Facebook as well, and I hope you check her out. 

These items are perfect gifts for any occasion, even as a “just because”, to give someone a boost in their day.

(Charm enlarged just for fun.)

Corporate Photography: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Corporate photography is a rewarding occupation, and much needed, but taking great pictures isn’t all you’ll need to do. Here’re some extra tips you may not have thought about.

When you’re working with businesses, you need to make sure you get along. Show the client that your care about their problems and you’re here to help them. Have a warm, genuine smile on your face and a spoonful of confidence. Just make sure your pictures back up that confidence!


Make sure you know exactly what the client needs from your photography. Ask questions before you even have a camera in your hand. What do they want to show off? Who is their target demographic? How do they want their customers to feel? Once you know all the relevant answers, you’ll know exactly what to shoot, and how to shoot it.


You never know where you’re going to shoot, so make sure you bring light with you! Whether it’s a Speedlight (buying guide: attached to the camera, or a whole truck full of external flashes and modifiers, you need to make sure you can light up the subject!


Sometimes you’ll need to light things individually, or there still isn’t enough light – so you’ll need a sturdy tripod. Mount your camera, making sure everything looks great and fire it remotely. You’ll get perfect pictures every time.


You need to help your clients to find you. Building a web presence can help you get noticed. Make sure you hire a great designer and an SEO specialist to make you stand out above the rest. Then make your photos the first thing the client sees like this has done. You’ll have non-stop calls in no time at all.


Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the shoot – if you’re in an office, make sure you don’t turn up in shorts and a tee-shirt. It sends the wrong message to the client, and you’ll feel uncomfortable all day! Think long and hard about where you’re going that day and who your customer is, and dress appropriately.


Imagine how a client would feel if you told them you have to leave because you’ve run out of power. Make sure you bring enough batteries for every bit of equipment and charge all of them the night before. Whether it’s your camera or flash, or remote batteries; Make sure you have them all, and some backup – and backups for them too!


I’m sure you already work hard but are you efficient? All the way through the photography process you need to make sure you’re working fast, and getting your photos correct. Whether it’s on-site or in the digital darkroom, make sure you’re not wasting your (or the client’s) time.


Taking pictures under bright lights, running around setting everything up is surprisingly tiring. Make sure you have plenty of water and keep some sugary snacks in your camera bag to keep you going. Don’t forget to take a breather, and consider hiring an assistant if you feel you’re getting too tired organizing everything.

Fashion Tip Friday

Fashion Tip Friday has arrived!! 

Now, for me, if it is hot enough, summer starts June 1st. It is time to enjoy those neon colors and fun nautical accessories! Remember, they don’t have to be worn together. 

Have a great weekend! 💋

Boardwalk Style

Oh vacation, why did you have to end? Oh yeah…I’m not independently wealthy. 

We traveled to Virginia Beach recently and I was able to wear a bunch of great, new summer looks. So get ready for some awesome Outfit Inspirations!

We walked the Boardwalk one day, and I decided it was the perfect chance to wear my awesome Mom Life shirt from Alecca Trends

Also, if you head to her shop now, you can use the code LEOPARD20 for great discount! Code expires on July 31st.

Oh, and hey to King Neptune!! 

Outfit Inspiration:

Mom Life Baseball Shirt – Alecca Trends

Tan/Khaki Shorts – Old Navy

White Sandals* – Cole Haan

Blue Stud Earrings – Floorboard Findings

“Accio Coffee” Bag Pin – Oh So Geeky

Happy Shopping!
*Exact item not available online. Similar items may be available.

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart

One of the biggest factors in your life when it comes to the health of your heart is your diet. Your heart is the driving force of your cardiovascular system. This system can be severely affected if you’re not eating the right foods.

Many of us understand that a lot of unhealthy foods lead directly to heart problems. But the problem many of us face is that we don’t understand how it happens. And when we don’t know exactly what these unhealthy foods are doing to our bodies, it’s easier to “abstract” the problem from ourselves. Sure, we know it’s bad. But how?


The two staples of the average diet that you’ll no doubt have heard damage the health of your heart are fats and salt. Fats (and also cholesterol) lead to a buildup of plaque in your blood vessels. Over time, this makes it harder for blood to travel through them. It means the heart has to pump harder to get the blood around your body.

This is what eventually causes it to wear out sooner than it might have done without all those fatty foods. With salt – or sodium – the problem is similar. It creates a fluid imbalance in your body, which makes the heart have to work harder.


Fruit and vegetables

So how can we make sure we’re eating foods that don’t do horrendous damage to our hearts? To start off, a good rule of thumb is to eat more fruit and vegetables. You’ll no doubt have heard this advice before! But you’re probably underestimating just how good for you.


Some people tend to focus on the amount of sugar found in a lot of fruit. But the sheer number of essential vitamins and minerals found in them almost cancel that out completely. If you’re having trouble eating more, why not try consuming them via the magic of smoothies?


How you’re cooking your meals

A thing that affects your heart in a big way isn’t always what you eat, but how you cook it. The oil you use for roasting or frying, for example, is very important. Something that is gaining a lot of popularity recently is the use of blended oil. Because different oils have different health benefits – olive, canola, grape seed etc. – many have taken to blending them to get more benefits. There’s premium blended cooking oil available here.


Whatever oil you’re using, you should try putting more focus into roasting or baking instead of frying.

Reducing dairy intake 

Dairy products are often high in fat. If you’ve forgotten why fats will damage your heart, then you must have quite a poor memory because I told you just a few paragraphs ago! Of course, there are a number of health benefits to several dairy products. But consider for a moment how much dairy you consume. A lot of people are consuming more than they should be!


Even if you’re not planning on switching to a vegan lifestyle, you should still explore dairy-free options. Milk alternatives like soya, oat milk and almond milk are much better for you. They don’t taste as different as you might imagine! Most dairy-free butter alternatives also taste pretty good. Decent dairy-free cheese can be much harder to find, though!