Corporate Photography: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Corporate photography is a rewarding occupation, and much needed, but taking great pictures isn’t all you’ll need to do. Here’re some extra tips you may not have thought about.

When you’re working with businesses, you need to make sure you get along. Show the client that your care about their problems and you’re here to help them. Have a warm, genuine smile on your face and a spoonful of confidence. Just make sure your pictures back up that confidence!


Make sure you know exactly what the client needs from your photography. Ask questions before you even have a camera in your hand. What do they want to show off? Who is their target demographic? How do they want their customers to feel? Once you know all the relevant answers, you’ll know exactly what to shoot, and how to shoot it.


You never know where you’re going to shoot, so make sure you bring light with you! Whether it’s a Speedlight (buying guide: attached to the camera, or a whole truck full of external flashes and modifiers, you need to make sure you can light up the subject!


Sometimes you’ll need to light things individually, or there still isn’t enough light – so you’ll need a sturdy tripod. Mount your camera, making sure everything looks great and fire it remotely. You’ll get perfect pictures every time.


You need to help your clients to find you. Building a web presence can help you get noticed. Make sure you hire a great designer and an SEO specialist to make you stand out above the rest. Then make your photos the first thing the client sees like this has done. You’ll have non-stop calls in no time at all.


Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the shoot – if you’re in an office, make sure you don’t turn up in shorts and a tee-shirt. It sends the wrong message to the client, and you’ll feel uncomfortable all day! Think long and hard about where you’re going that day and who your customer is, and dress appropriately.


Imagine how a client would feel if you told them you have to leave because you’ve run out of power. Make sure you bring enough batteries for every bit of equipment and charge all of them the night before. Whether it’s your camera or flash, or remote batteries; Make sure you have them all, and some backup – and backups for them too!


I’m sure you already work hard but are you efficient? All the way through the photography process you need to make sure you’re working fast, and getting your photos correct. Whether it’s on-site or in the digital darkroom, make sure you’re not wasting your (or the client’s) time.


Taking pictures under bright lights, running around setting everything up is surprisingly tiring. Make sure you have plenty of water and keep some sugary snacks in your camera bag to keep you going. Don’t forget to take a breather, and consider hiring an assistant if you feel you’re getting too tired organizing everything.

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