Floorboard Findings

I love a good pair of earrings, every girl loves some sparkle, and Maria with Floorboard Findings knows both!!

She specializes in gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. All of her jewelry items are hand made with Swarovski crystals, and are nickel free!

I was so thankful she wanted to collaborate with me, and was so excited by what she chose to have me feature!

A Pennsylvania native, she also works as a massage therapist and nail tech; posting her fun nail art on Instagram!

This beautiful girl will be saying “I do!” in September, marrying an everyday hero! Thanks to her Fireman fiancée for helping to keep their community safe. 

Her dream is to open up her own boutique someday, I’m sure full of her own beautiful, Floorboard Finding items! When she does, I know I will be going there to shop!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Maria and all about her business! (Which you can also check out on Facebook!) I am looking forward to seeing her grow, and hope that you will check her and her shop out!

How to find Floorboard Findings:

Etsy Shop
And keep an eye on my Instagram! Those adorable pink earrings will be given away to one lucky lady! 💋

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