The Skirt of the Season

If you follow along with Versona and their latest pieces, you know that this skirt made a huge wave when it came out earlier this summer.

It has such a beautiful print and goes with many different tops. It can also be dressed up with heels or worn slightly more casual with sandals.

Just look at all those colors and that print! I am still in love, and cannot wait to wear it again!

Outfit Inspiration:

Slit Neck Sleevless Blouse – Versona

Bordered Floral A-Line Skirt – Versona

Brown Sandals – Target

Red and Blue Layering Necklaces* – Versona

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona 

Happy Shopping!

*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available.


Boho Girl Design

I really enjoy when beautiful items come along and help me to expand my look and style.

Nola with Boho Girl Design did just that when she shared these amazing, handmade wrap bracelets with me!

She works full time, but makes these wonderful bracelets as a hobby. She specializes in leather wrap bracelets, crocheted wrap bracelets, flat licorice leather wrap bracelets, as well as anklets!

I really like the metal button closure on her bracelets, as well as her brand name on a little charm. 

Nola got started in making beaded jewelry about 18 months ago. A new bead shop opened in her town (in Australia!) and she decided to take a couple classes. The rest, as she says, “is history!”. 

She likes working with different techniques, but as you can see from her Etsy page, she loves the wrap style bracelets.

Nola enjoys being crafty, and is always on the look out for new techniques.

You can find Nola by the links below, I hope you’ll pop over and say hello!

Shop with her on Etsy! Use code: 10OFFBOHO for a discount!

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Dressy Beach Style

It’s nice when you are at the beach, and this is as dressed up as you have to get.

Also, for those who follow me on Instagram, yes, this is the “martinis” outfit! 😆 Don’t know what I am talking about? Find out here and have a good laugh.

This top will surprise you, because it wasn’t made to be a normal top; however when I came across it, in a rather surprising store, I knew I could wear it another way! 

It is actually a swim cover up and I found it at Academy Sports about two weeks before our trip! It is still one of my favorite things to wear around for summer. 

Paired with the leggings, and sandals, the print on the top gives it such a nice look, plus the fabric (almost chiffon like) helps to make it look very classy. 

I love being able to find different ways to wear such neat items!

Outfit Inspiration:

Tunic Coverup* – Academy

Black Tank – Versona

Black Leggings – Hue

Black Sandals – Target

Initial Heart Necklace^ – Day and Co Jewelry

Cushion Set Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!

*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available. 

Simple DIY Tricks For Creating A Home That’s More Comfortable & Cozy

Your home should be your retreat from the world; somewhere that’s warm and cozy. It should be somewhere that you look forward to spending time in and love to use to relax and unwind after a hectic day at work or out and about. However, if your home isn’t as comfortable or cozy as it could be, then you may not enjoy spending time there. Your home should be your sanctuary, the place that you go to escape from the world.

Does your home feel a little unwelcoming? Perhaps it’s lacking a little something when it comes to how comfortable and cozy it is? Or maybe, it just needs a few personal touches? Whatever it is that means your home isn’t as inviting or comfortable as it could be, you need to change that. How you opt to go about it is up to you. Just in case you’re stuck for ideas, I thought I would share a few with you below.

 Change up the color scheme

Photo source

The reason your home might feel less comfortable and cozy than you want it to could be because of the color scheme in place. If your home is decorated in white or cool shades like duck egg or mint green, it may feel cooler and less welcoming than it should do. White is a color that although versatile, in most spaces is too harsh and sterile to create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Instead of having a home decorated in these colors, use paint or wallpaper to change up the look of the space. Opt for colors that are warm and welcoming – red, yellow, and pink are ideal, to create a home that looks and feels warm. These don’t have to be bright shades – they could be pastel colors, it doesn’t matter. There’s something about these types of colors that create a warm, welcoming vibe. Could it be something to do with the fact that these are the colors of Fall?

Update the heating

 Image credit

Okay, so your home might feel cold and unwelcoming because it actually is cold. Some houses, particularly older ones, are harder to heat than others. If this is the case, the important thing is to think about how you can combat the issue.

If you’ve got a stove in your home that you use to heat it, you may be wondering why it isn’t keeping your home as warm as it should. It could be due to not having an effective stove fan – you might be wondering about stove fans do they work? While not all stove fans are effective, if you pick the right one it can be an effective way to help make your home feel warmer and cozier. The way stove fans work is by moving the heated air that would normally rise up above the stove, around the room. This helps to make the heat go further.

Another option could be to rethink your home’s heating. Maybe you could consider having underfloor heating installed? Although this would come at a price, it could be a more effective method of heating your home. Especially, if you’ve got slate or tile floors, as these are known for being notoriously cold.

Add cozy features

Picture link

Sometimes, the reason that your home can feel unwelcoming and cold is because it lacks cozy features. The good news is that combating this issue is simple – all you need to do is invest in some items that make your home look and feel more welcoming. If you’re stuck for ideas, take the time to get inspiration, there’s plenty of ideas online. Instagram is a great resource, as there are always plenty of inspirational pictures on there that you can use to get ideas.

Head to your local home store and pick out cute, cozy pieces for each room in your home. Things like rugs, throws, and cushions are all ideal for helping to give your home that cozy vibe that you crave. Scented candles can also be a great accessory to add, especially if they have a cozy scent. The great thing about scented candles is that if you don’t want to buy them, they’re incredibly fun and easy to make. If you’re feeling creative, you could even make your own cushion covers and throws – it just depends on the time that you have to do it. Another great option for upping the cozy vibe is lighting – a string of fairy lights can do the trick perfectly.

Invest in art

Photo credit

Are the walls of your home bare – this could be part of the reason your house doesn’t feel homey. The more personalized a space is, the cozier and inviting it tends to feel. This is why, having art on the walls of your home is so important. This could be pieces designed by local artists, your kids, or yourself, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you bring your walls to life. The more personalized your home is, the cozier and appealing it will feel.

Dot homemade accessories around

 Image from Flickr

To add a little more of a personalized look and feel to your home, get creative and make homemade accessories. Things like homemade table lamps, coasters, and bunting can be all it takes to make your home look and feel more homey. The problem is that homes that lack personalized pieces don’t feel as cozy or welcoming.

So the best thing you can do to add a cozy vibe to your home is to get creative. If you need a little inspiration, Pinterest has plenty of ideas. From cute cushion designs to stylish pieces of wall art, there are so many easy ways you can create your own DIY decorations for your home.

Be creative with your furniture

 Picture source

Last but not least, when it comes to your furniture get creative. As well as having the normal bits and bobs, like a sofa and coffee table, opt for some more comfortable features. Things like an ottoman and bean bag chairs are ideal, as these add a sense of comfort to the space.

 I believe that all homes should be comfortable, cozy and welcoming. So if your home doesn’t feel as comfortable or cozy as it could be, take the tips above on board to change that.


Beach Bound Style

I miss the beach, can I go back now?

Yes, I look totally casual in this picture, messy hair don’t care! 😆 This was a beach day for us, and I loved it.

I also love this tunic from H&M and wear it even when I’m not at the beach. The way it ties on the side is adorable!

Outfit Inspiration:

Royal Blue Tunic* – H&M

Black Leggings – Hue

Black Sandals – Target

Blue Earrings^ – Floorboard Findings

Sunglasses* – Versona

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!

*Exact item not available online. Similar items may be available.

How You Can Style Your Summer Clothes in the Transition Period to Fall

Summer is in full swing, and so are our summer wardrobes. We still have several weeks left of some good weather and sunshine, and possibly a vacation or trip too. But before long we will be in that awkward transition period when we go from summer to fall. It can be awkward because it isn’t quite cold enough for a thick coat and gloves. But you can’t just wander around in strappy maxi dresses anymore. There are a few pieces from your summer wardrobe that you can keep out and use in the transition period, though. You just need to know what to style them with or how to wear them for fall weather. So here are some ideas to help you with your transition to fall wardrobe.

One thing that you don’t need to pack away in fall is your denim shorts or skirt. Denim is a big trend over summer, and I can’t see it going too far when it comes to fall. It might be too cold to just wear your shorts with flip flops. But you can style your denim shorts or skirt with some black tights, for example. Teamed with some little booties, it can look so chic. You could even wear them with some women’s knee-high socks and converse, for a more casual look.


It might be a little too cold to wear your a summer tea dress out by itself. But you can dress it up and make it warmer, by wearing with tights and a blazer. It would be a perfect outfit for the office, in the transition period. Then if it does get a little warmer that day, you can just take off the blazer. A blazer works well instead of a coat to start with. It adds warmth but can look so much more stylish. You can add things like a pashmina or scarf to it too, so you can keep warm as the days get a little cooler.

You can keep some of your strappy tops or summer tees out too. They can be layered up with each other, and then styled with a cardigan or blazer. Layering is a great idea in the transition period from summer to fall. Some mornings might start cold but then be a little warmer by lunchtime. So then you can just take a layer off, as and when you need to.

One thing that just screams summer is sunglasses. But you know what? You don’t need to pack them up just yet either. Sunglasses can work all year round. You can still get bright sunny days in fall and even in winter. So keep them out all year round. If you are driving around and it is so bright and sunny, putting on your sunglasses is a big help. They look good and help protect your eyes from the bright sun rays, even if it is cold outside. It saves you from squinting your eyes which will eliminate lines around your eyes too. Pretty perfect solution, right?


Alecca Trends

Alecca Trends shop owner, Diane, knows how real Mom Life is from day to day.
This full time working mom stayed home for a year when she had her daughter. She came up with this logo with she realized how much energy Moms need to get our days started, and that we also need a little “wine-down” help at the end of the day.

The shop name was created by using the Greek nickname for Alexandra, her daughter’s name.

Her apparel line includes items for Moms, Kids, and now Dads! She is also branching out to all women! I love this baseball style tee, and she has many other styles in her shop!

Please check her out on Instagram and Facebook!

Also! Pop into her Etsy Shop and use code LEOPARD20 to get a discount on your order now through July 31st!