How You Can Style Your Summer Clothes in the Transition Period to Fall

Summer is in full swing, and so are our summer wardrobes. We still have several weeks left of some good weather and sunshine, and possibly a vacation or trip too. But before long we will be in that awkward transition period when we go from summer to fall. It can be awkward because it isn’t quite cold enough for a thick coat and gloves. But you can’t just wander around in strappy maxi dresses anymore. There are a few pieces from your summer wardrobe that you can keep out and use in the transition period, though. You just need to know what to style them with or how to wear them for fall weather. So here are some ideas to help you with your transition to fall wardrobe.

One thing that you don’t need to pack away in fall is your denim shorts or skirt. Denim is a big trend over summer, and I can’t see it going too far when it comes to fall. It might be too cold to just wear your shorts with flip flops. But you can style your denim shorts or skirt with some black tights, for example. Teamed with some little booties, it can look so chic. You could even wear them with some women’s knee-high socks and converse, for a more casual look.


It might be a little too cold to wear your a summer tea dress out by itself. But you can dress it up and make it warmer, by wearing with tights and a blazer. It would be a perfect outfit for the office, in the transition period. Then if it does get a little warmer that day, you can just take off the blazer. A blazer works well instead of a coat to start with. It adds warmth but can look so much more stylish. You can add things like a pashmina or scarf to it too, so you can keep warm as the days get a little cooler.

You can keep some of your strappy tops or summer tees out too. They can be layered up with each other, and then styled with a cardigan or blazer. Layering is a great idea in the transition period from summer to fall. Some mornings might start cold but then be a little warmer by lunchtime. So then you can just take a layer off, as and when you need to.

One thing that just screams summer is sunglasses. But you know what? You don’t need to pack them up just yet either. Sunglasses can work all year round. You can still get bright sunny days in fall and even in winter. So keep them out all year round. If you are driving around and it is so bright and sunny, putting on your sunglasses is a big help. They look good and help protect your eyes from the bright sun rays, even if it is cold outside. It saves you from squinting your eyes which will eliminate lines around your eyes too. Pretty perfect solution, right?


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