Dressy Beach Style

It’s nice when you are at the beach, and this is as dressed up as you have to get.

Also, for those who follow me on Instagram, yes, this is the “martinis” outfit! 😆 Don’t know what I am talking about? Find out here and have a good laugh.

This top will surprise you, because it wasn’t made to be a normal top; however when I came across it, in a rather surprising store, I knew I could wear it another way! 

It is actually a swim cover up and I found it at Academy Sports about two weeks before our trip! It is still one of my favorite things to wear around for summer. 

Paired with the leggings, and sandals, the print on the top gives it such a nice look, plus the fabric (almost chiffon like) helps to make it look very classy. 

I love being able to find different ways to wear such neat items!

Outfit Inspiration:

Tunic Coverup* – Academy

Black Tank – Versona

Black Leggings – Hue

Black Sandals – Target

Initial Heart Necklace^ – Day and Co Jewelry

Cushion Set Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!

*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available. 

3 thoughts on “Dressy Beach Style

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