Our Cleaning List

Hey all!! I hope you have been doing great. We are working back into the post-summer, new school year schedule here, and goodness, the last two weeks have been busy. I think we are finally getting settled and used to it though.

One new thing I have implemented into this year is a new “cleaning schedule”. Mostly because I was tired of getting to the weekend and spending an entire day cleaning the house.

The idea behind this is that your house is pretty much always in a state of cleanliness. Certain things get done once a week, so nothing waits too long, or gets to dirty.

As you can see, I have the “chores” split into categories. I do certain things daily, like dishes and general straightening, to keep the main living spaces of my home looking clean and organized. 

I then split up the larger chores up and assigned them each a day. Did you notice though? NOTHING is on Saturday! Yes, that is the best part for our family, we don’t have to get up and drag all the cleaning products out any more. 

Finally, as you can see, Friday is spent doing a monthly chore. At the bottom of the page, I have four items listed, and I rotate them each week.

I created my list by scrolling through other examples on Pinterest and deciding what was most important for our home to include on the list, as well as the best order. 

Certain things weren’t added to the list because they didn’t really need to be, as they are either already done on a certain day, or they are done every other day. (Examples: trash/recycling always go to the curb Sunday night, and the cat box that is cleaned out every 1-2 days.)

Of course, if needed, the schedule can be swapped around, or I can double up chores if I would like to do so. I also don’t hesitate to get the vacuum out if it’s later in the week and I have company coming.

I hope that this helps you to reorganize the cleaning schedule in your life, and gives you your weekends back!

If you have any questions, please ask!

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