One Outfit, Two Ways

Autumn is finally arriving around here, and I am ready. We hit the 90s last week, and have thankfully been seeing some cooler temperatures this week.

The warm temperatures will likely return to us, so I keep my closet ready for both kinds of weather.

As you know, I am all about a more classic style, while also having pieces to mix and match. You will see some of these pieces more through out this season; I am looking forward to showing other ways to style them.

Summer Transition:

Once fall arrives, I pretty much move on from summer, mentally at least. I was glad when we had a slight dip in weather (meaning it was probably low 80s) and I was able to wear this transition outfit. 

I left the vest open since it was warm out, and paired the outfit with my Chuck Taylor’s.

Outfit Inspiration:

Green Vest* – Versona

Black & White Striped Shirt – Target

Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy

Shore Line Chuck Taylor’s – DSW

Gold Pendant Necklace* – Versona

Gold Cuff Bracelet^ – Sparked Beauty XO

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Fall Inspired:

The base pieces of this outfit are the same. I simply closed the vest for the cooler weather, and paired it with a cute pair of black ankle boots. This is such an easy way to take an outfit from summer to fall!

I also switched up some of the jewelry.

Outfit Inspiration:

Green Vest* – Versona

Black & White Striped Shirt – Target

Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy

Black Ankle Boots – Target

“Brave” Hand-Stamped Necklace^ – Worn Wisdom

Gold Cuff Bracelet^ – Sparked Beauty XO

Gold Charm Bracelet^ – Sparked Beauty XO

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!!

*Exact item not available online. Similar items may be available.

Denim Shirt Dress

I found it! I finally found it!! THE Denim Shirt dress! I have been on the search for this item for awhile now, and when Target started rolling out their fall items, I was immediately drawn to it.

This is one of those items that is great in any season, and can be worn different ways. You will be seeing variations of this through fall and winter. (Which I do hope come soon, I’m over the heat and humidity we are having. 😂)

Outfit Inspiration:

Denim Shirt Dress – Target

Black Belt – Target

Black Sandals – Target

Square Druzy Earrings – The Split Rail^

Wifey Bracelet – Three Lakes Design^

Happy Shopping!
^ A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter

Easy Halloween Decor

Halloween is so close and I am so excited! Yes, I realize it is still September, but Starbucks has already release the PSL and the first day of fall is only a few days away, don’t judge me. 

I popped into Target the other day and frolicked happily through their display. I am rather impressed with myself, I only bought six items. Success! 

(This has nothing to do with the fact that I have already purchased items from Michael’s Crafts and JoAnns. We’ll just pretend that didn’t happen.)

Anyway, last year I shared my Floating Witch Hats, this year  I came up with two really easy “DIY” decor pieces that anyone can do. Yes, I mean that, you could have two bottles of wine and still manage to get these done.

Be sure to remove the tags from all your fun purchases. (I’m looking at you, Mom.)

First Piece – 

Items needed:

Bird Cage – Target

(You don’t need to get all fancy, the one in the link will do.)

Crow Skeleton – Target 

(NOT a real one, that’s just weird. Also, NOT a live one, you don’t want that mess in your house.)

Now, take the crow (you can give it a name if you want to, I’ll call mine Herbert), open the cage, put him (or her if you have given it a girl’s name) in it, close the cage.

Yep, that easy. 

Look how happy he is, he loves it!

Second Piece – 

Items Needed:

Small Cloche – Target

(Be sure to get the one from the Halloween section, it has a cute bat on top. Plus it is made of plastic, so if you are doing this while full of wine, it’s unlikely you’ll break it.)

Purple Bat Lights  – Target

Orange Pumpkin Lights – Target

(These items are in the  $1-$3-$5 section in store only. If you go, don’t drink or text and drive, thanks.)

AA Batteries – 2 per each light set. 

(Yes, Target carries them too.)

Gently unwind lights from inset in box, and put the batteries in, turn lights on and look at how pretty they are.

Gently place lights in the top of the cloche, spreading them around as evenly as you can. 

Place the bottom of the cloche on, be sure to leave the battery packs out. Flip back over and voila! 

It might take a few tries to move the lights around to how you like them.

These are perfect placed on a mantel or side table!

Woohoo! You did it! Now go make yourself some Halloween Munch to celebrate! 

Why We Should All Be Printing Our Photographs



Now that most phones have cameras, fewer people are choosing to print their photographs. Instead, they opt to edit and share them immediately on social media, websites, and blogs. For many, it’s also easier and more cost effective to store their photographs onto a computer or tablet.

While there is nothing wrong with digitally storing photos or sharing them on social media, it’s not the same as holding a photo in your hand. Traditional printed photographs may seem old-fashioned to some. But there are still relevant in this modern world. Here are some compelling reasons why we all should be printing our photos rather than just having digital copies.


They can improve your skills

When you print one of your photographs, particularly on a large scale, it allows you to see them in more detail. You can spot editing mistakes you may have made or areas which have blurred when you captured the image. There may even be issues which you might not have picked up on when you viewed or edited your images on your computer or phone. Once you’ve identified these mistakes, you’ll make a more conscious effort not to repeat them again in future. This motivation to do better can then help to improve your photography skills and editing abilities. Printing one of your first and latest images can also show how much you have progressed with your photography. This too can make you feel more confident and eager to continue progressing.



 They can inspire you

When your photographs are displayed around your home in frames, you get to see them more regularly. Being able to view them so often can make you eager to grab your camera and capture the things that excite you. There are also many ways in which you can print your photographs. For instance, you can use a Polaroid camera for instant images or use traditional methods of developing your film. Seeing the varying outcomes you can create can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. See this best polaroid camera selection guide or watch tutorials to start experimenting with your photos. You never know what you might create.


They can be a useful backup

 As amazing as technology can be, it’s not always the most reliable. One click of a button or a simple fall onto the floor can result in the permanent loss of your photographs. If you don’t have a means of backing up your photos, you could potentially lose your entire portfolio. This can be devastating for any photographer, whether they are just starting out or a seasoned pro. But when you get your photos printed, they act as a useful backup that can prevent this loss from happening. You can store your photographs in albums or boxes and quickly rescan them into your computer should they get deleted accidentally. This can save you a lot of stress, while also allowing you to have both a physical and digital copy of your work.

Hopefully, now you will consider printing your photographs, rather than just storing them onto your phone or laptop. It may cost you more money, but the benefits of doing it make it a worthwhile expense.


Looks You’ll Love This Fall: What’s Hot Now!

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to those floaty dresses and Daisy Dukes. Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to discover what’s hot in the fashion world. If you’re a keen follower of fashion, here are some of the key looks you’ll be falling for in the coming weeks.


You know the cooler weather is coming when the shops are full of velvet skirts, dresses, and jackets. Velvet is a luxurious material, which adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Go for a burgundy or navy pinafore dress with a classic white blouse, thick tights and ankle boots for a laid-back look. Or pair a velvet blazer with some black skinny jeans, a silk cami and pointed courts for a night on the town.

Faux fur

Not a year goes by when faux fur isn’t big news on the catwalks. This trend is great for those miserable fall days when there’s a chill in the air. Opt for an oversized jacket, jeans and sneakers for a casual daytime outfit. Dress up a long-sleeved printed dress with a longline gilet and knee length boots for something a little more glamorous. You’ll find some fantastic catwalk copies on the high street. Search online for offers like H&M coupon codes to update your wardrobe for less.


Image by
Leopard print

Leopard print is a fall/winter staple, and it’s a really versatile option. You can embrace the trend and run with it. Or you can adopt a more subtle approach. Go for statement tees, blouses or dresses. Or keep things simple with basics teamed with printed accessories. A leopard print clutch or a pair of stilettos are the perfect addition to an LBD, for example. For daytime looks, go for a printed tote bag or a slouchy woolen scarf.


Image from

The puffer jacket

Good news for all fans of 90’s fashion: the puffer is back! It’s had a bit of a makeover for 2016, and there’s a definite luxe vibe. Think patent black and Christmassy metallics. This isn’t a trend that everyone will love, but give it a go if you’re feeling brave. If you’re not completely convinced, go for a muted version. Khaki and black are excellent color options for those not eager on grabbing the limelight.

 Festive fairy

If you love the sparkle and glitter that comes with the arrival of the holidays, the tinsel trend is one for you. Think pleated metallic skirts, layered dresses and glittery fringing. If you’re looking to toughen up a girly daytime look, throw a biker jacket over a sequin t-shirt or add a black fur coat to an iridescent midi skirt.


Image credit

Fall is coming, and what better way to beat the post-summer blues than with some wardrobe updates? It’s time to swap lightweight skirts and dresses for opulent fabrics, standout prints, and festive sparkles. Check out the glossy magazines for ideas and styling tips, and take a trip to the mall. You may be mourning the end of summer, but fall is a great time of year to try out some fabulous new trends.

Reese and Rose

Reese & Rose is a small, family owned business that is based in Northfield, NJ. They have been making beautiful pieces since 1935!

Their motto is “Live the Life”, which they apply to their everyday living, and hope people will do the same when wearing their designs. They like to create trendy jewelry with a classic twist, while adding a resort feel to each piece.

I love their cute elephant necklace, its small, delicate design looks lovely with many outfits, and can also be worn dressed up or dressed down.

They have many different charm necklaces, as well as anklets and bracelets. 

They have also recently added some great new items! 

Their Instagram account is so much fun to follow, and is updated often. Reese & Rose can also be found on PinterestTwitter, and Facebook!

I am so thankful for the support they have given to me, and love that I can give the support right back by sharing it with you.

Please go check them out and say hello!

Monday Motivation

I know I have missed a few #MondayMotivation posts, I can be open and share that I have been struggling a little. 

New school/workout schedule, as well as my house cleaning schedule. I also feel like I have slid into a bit of a rut when it comes to #OutfitInspiration posts. I am mentally in fall, but the weather here is still really hot, so I feel I have worn all my summery style outfits.

I have spent the last few days thinking and reflecting, and told myself, “I want to be a success story.”, and it struck me as a perfect quote to use for today. 

No matter where you are, or what you are going through, remind yourself of why you started. I’m cheering you on as well. 💋

Fall For Versona

Recently, I was contacted by Versona (my favorite clothing, jewelry, and accessories store) to do a feature of some of their new items coming soon in their Fall Look Book!

I was so honored and delighted, plus very excited to see some of the great pieces they have coming for fall!

I popped into the store last week and spent time with Heather and Kelly, two fantastic Versona associates. They showed me some of the great tops, dresses, jewelry and more that we’ll be seeing this season. 

Besides great bling, they have an excellent line of fall shoes! These heeled, black ankle boots are new this season, and will pair greatly with leggings or jeans.

They have also came out with some adorable clutches and wallets. I especially like the little, encouraging “Spend me” message on the bottom one. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be fall with out plaid! Versona has a wonderful collection of shirts right now, they also have some great scarfs with fun colors in plaid as well. 

This dress would be perfect with leggings and boots! I also like the long, gold necklace they paired with it. The warm tone of the brown will help you welcome fall.

How adorable is this jacket? It is such a beautiful gunmetal silver, that perfectly picks up a light pink. This not only looks amazing with a tulle skirt (see their Instagram post for how they styled it), but would also pair well with skinny jeans and black ankle boots!

No post would be complete without jewelry! Maroon/Burgundy looks to be the color this season, it will pair well with different colors and will transition from fall to winter. 

You know I couldn’t pass up sharing the leopard print wrap bracelets, that also comes in other colors and styles. 

The rhinestone floral necklace is a piece I can see for those glitzy Christmas parties and will also be perfect with a black dress on New Year’s Eve!

Lastly, how amazing are those statement earrings? I am looking forward to pairing them with some great outfits this season!

I hope you check out their Fall Look Book, it launches this Friday! Happy Shopping!