Reese and Rose

Reese & Rose is a small, family owned business that is based in Northfield, NJ. They have been making beautiful pieces since 1935!

Their motto is “Live the Life”, which they apply to their everyday living, and hope people will do the same when wearing their designs. They like to create trendy jewelry with a classic twist, while adding a resort feel to each piece.

I love their cute elephant necklace, its small, delicate design looks lovely with many outfits, and can also be worn dressed up or dressed down.

They have many different charm necklaces, as well as anklets and bracelets. 

They have also recently added some great new items! 

Their Instagram account is so much fun to follow, and is updated often. Reese & Rose can also be found on PinterestTwitter, and Facebook!

I am so thankful for the support they have given to me, and love that I can give the support right back by sharing it with you.

Please go check them out and say hello!

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