Why We Should All Be Printing Our Photographs



Now that most phones have cameras, fewer people are choosing to print their photographs. Instead, they opt to edit and share them immediately on social media, websites, and blogs. For many, it’s also easier and more cost effective to store their photographs onto a computer or tablet.

While there is nothing wrong with digitally storing photos or sharing them on social media, it’s not the same as holding a photo in your hand. Traditional printed photographs may seem old-fashioned to some. But there are still relevant in this modern world. Here are some compelling reasons why we all should be printing our photos rather than just having digital copies.


They can improve your skills

When you print one of your photographs, particularly on a large scale, it allows you to see them in more detail. You can spot editing mistakes you may have made or areas which have blurred when you captured the image. There may even be issues which you might not have picked up on when you viewed or edited your images on your computer or phone. Once you’ve identified these mistakes, you’ll make a more conscious effort not to repeat them again in future. This motivation to do better can then help to improve your photography skills and editing abilities. Printing one of your first and latest images can also show how much you have progressed with your photography. This too can make you feel more confident and eager to continue progressing.



 They can inspire you

When your photographs are displayed around your home in frames, you get to see them more regularly. Being able to view them so often can make you eager to grab your camera and capture the things that excite you. There are also many ways in which you can print your photographs. For instance, you can use a Polaroid camera for instant images or use traditional methods of developing your film. Seeing the varying outcomes you can create can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. See this best polaroid camera selection guide or watch tutorials to start experimenting with your photos. You never know what you might create.


They can be a useful backup

 As amazing as technology can be, it’s not always the most reliable. One click of a button or a simple fall onto the floor can result in the permanent loss of your photographs. If you don’t have a means of backing up your photos, you could potentially lose your entire portfolio. This can be devastating for any photographer, whether they are just starting out or a seasoned pro. But when you get your photos printed, they act as a useful backup that can prevent this loss from happening. You can store your photographs in albums or boxes and quickly rescan them into your computer should they get deleted accidentally. This can save you a lot of stress, while also allowing you to have both a physical and digital copy of your work.

Hopefully, now you will consider printing your photographs, rather than just storing them onto your phone or laptop. It may cost you more money, but the benefits of doing it make it a worthwhile expense.


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