Fancy Fall Style

I was so happy for the chance to style this amazing skirt for fall. 

When it first popped up on my local Versona’s Instagram page, I went right in to grab it.

I had the chance to style it for a summer and knew then how I would transition this piece to a different season. 

A printed skirt with a solid top makes for not only a great look, but a stunning statement outfit.

I also love the handmade necklace from Find the Beauty in Everything I paired with it. The stones she chose contrasted beautifully with my navy blue top.

Outfit Inspiration:

Navy Blue Kai Top – Yala Designs

Printed Full Skirt* – Versona

Nude Heels* – Versona

Natural Gemstone Necklace^ – Find the Beauty in Everything

Orange Stud Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!
*Exact item not online. Similar items are available.

Motivation Monday 

I have had to remind myself of this recently. Things can become overwhelming and we can feel that we HAVE to say yes, take on more, etc.

This is how we get burned out, tired and frustrated. I took last week to take a breather, allowed myself space to think, and I feel better heading into this week. 

Hang in there, you are doing great things! 💋

Don’t Fear The Big 3-0! How To Celebrate Turning Thirty In Style

You’re approaching thirty. That much dreaded moment of true adulthood. We all know you’ve been an adult since you turned 18. But there’s something about the big 3-0 that sounds extra mature. No, you might not have your life completely in order yet, but not to worry. There’s plenty of time for that. So rather than dreading the approach of a landmark birthday, why not get excited for it. Your thirties are going to be full of adventures and surprises. You’ll grow as a person and who knows. Maybe you’ll start your life as a mother or wife. So, stop dreading and start planning a great way to celebrate this milestone with your loved ones. Have all attention entirely centred on you and your big day.


Image Source


Let’s get planning! This isn’t a chore. It should be fun for you. Think of a way you’d really like to celebrate the turn of another decade. Do you want to go away for a long weekend? Perhaps you’d like to go for a meal? Or host a party entirely dedicated to the occasion. Whatever you choose, bear key things in mind. Will the people who you care about most be able to attend? Will it be within their means of time and budget? Will you have enough time to draw all of your plans together without rushing? Are you being realistic? Thirty might not the time to invite all of your friends and family on an all inclusive Caribbean cruise. You’ll receive a lot of returned RSVPs mentioning lack of cash, people being unable to get time off work and people not being able to find babysitters for two weeks of luxury in the Caribbean Sea. You also might not realistically have the budget to rent out a castle for a super-sweet-sixteen-esque extravaganza. But there are plenty more reasonable things that you can get up to. Find something that suits both you and the people you want to spend the date with.


Photo Credit


Perhaps you’ve chosen to throw a party. There are a few things that you should do to adequately prepare for this. First things first. Where are you going to host the big event? A local hall? A rented warehouse space? Maybe even your own back garden. Bear in mind the number of guests you will be inviting and make sure that there is enough room in the venue to accommodate them all comfortably. Wherever you host the party, be sure to offer food and drink. Your guests will grow hungry and you don’t want people leaving to go to the McDonald’s round the corner. If you’re keeping to a low budget, prepare your own mini buffet. Designate a couple of tables to food. Finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, cupcakes and crisps are all good options. Keep it simple and try to use foods that people can eat whilst standing or with their hands. If there isn’t much seating, people are going to struggle to eat a full portion of chow mien with a good dose of soy sauce, for example. If you are going all out, you can look into hiring a catering service. Regardless of the occasion, they’ll be able to hook you up with a feast for the eyes and stomachs. From canapés to full buffets or even full three course meals. Decide what best suits the occasion and dig in.


Oh So Geeky

Attention! Attention! Calling all Fandoms!

Oh So Geeky creates the cutest buttons with a variety of themes. She has pieces for Avengers, Whovians, and of course, Harry Potter. She also has a collection of really fun, classic styles.
I am so thankful I have connected with such a wonderful Etsy Shop owner!

She sent me two of the cutest Harry Potter inspired pieces, and I love my Accio Coffee button! As a busy mom, I find this button helps to encourage me through my day.

This button is just a classic, and I love that she was able to add my name! I like to add them to my purse strap to add some flair to my day. 

Oh So Geeky has an adorable Instagram account where she showcases her items beautifully.

She can also create custom orders, so head on over and check her out!

Contacts Count In Your Career: Why You Need A Little Black Book

Photo source: Flickr

Building up contacts is pretty similar to networking. It’s an important action to remember to take as you move up your career ladder, as you never know whom you might need help from in the future.  It can work in your favor for potential new clients, new job opportunities and companies you may need to hire when planning events or exhibitions. Building up a loyal contact list means you are not going in blind when hiring outside companies or searching for a new job yourself. Below are some smart ways to start creating a little black book.


Contacts For Hiring


It may be that the company you work for requires a freelance journalist to cover some newsworthy stories about to happen for your brand. Therefore it pays to have a bunch of trusted ones in your contact book. These are accrued through networking events, friends, old colleagues and more. You can even search Twitter and LinkedIn for freelance journalists and make introductions that way. The same goes for events. Perhaps you need a production company to film a spectacular event you are hosting. Again it pays to build up a contacts list. It may be that previously you have worked with a company such as Mob Film and you trust them to do a great job. If so, then pop them in your address book. Know a good bookkeeper and accountant? Put them in your contact list. The same goes for interns, office juniors, and PRs. Anyone, you meet who you think is interesting, fantastic at their job and could help push your career forward, add to your contact list.

Photos source: Pexels


Contacts For Referrals


You can increase your chances of getting an interview for a job you love by getting a referral. That’s why it pays to network and make as many contacts as you can in the industry you are keen on breaking into. Statistics show that referred candidates are more likely to get the job. Use your networking skills to find out who in your contact list works on the inside of the companies you are interested in. If you know Director’s, even better. But be sure not to just use them for a referral. Make and keep contact long before you think you may need them. And suggest the occasional drink. No one likes to be used, and it doesn’t make for good practice.


Contacts for Potential Business


There are many opportunities where you meet people that know other people that might need your company’s help. Always jump on the chance to hand out your business card to new people you meet and let them know you are available for work. You could be anything from a marketer to an event planner or an osteopath to a corporate photographer. Letting people know what you do and what you can offer is a great way to bring in new business. It may be that your neighbor has a daughter who is desperately looking for someone to take on a bit of freelancing marketing. Or it might be that your beauty therapist has had a bad back for weeks and you happen to be an osteopath. Always be open about what you do for a living and let you ask your current contacts if they know of anyone else that might need your services too.

Stuck In A Job Rut? Make Changes Today For A More Rewarding Career


Picture source: Unsplash

Being stuck in a job rut can feel very stressful and demotivating. If you are starting to dread Monday mornings, feeling undervalued and work is becoming monotonous, it may be time to make some changes. If you are unhappy at work, feel a pang of jealousy when someone you know gets an exciting new job and pretty much just wish you were somewhere else rather than work, then you’re stuck in a rut. We’re not saying that jobs are all about being happy and unstressed all of the time. But more often than not they should be rewarding, and there should be a certain amount of joy in the work you do. After all, our working life spans a hell of a long time. So there’s no point settling when you could be soaring. Below are some ideas to help you get out of that rut, starting today.

Picture source: Unsplash


Scheduling In Time


The trouble with looking for new career prospects is the time it takes. Applying for positions, tailoring letters and preparing and attending interviews takes lots of effort. And when you are already working so many hours, it’s probably the last thing you want to do. But it’s important at this stage to schedule in a set amount of time each week to devote to your plan. Even if that means taking a week off work to concentrate on new job searches. The key is to staying motivated.

Picture source: Pixaby


Work Out What You Dislike About Your Job


To work on improving your career, you first need to work out what you dislike about your current job. Do you need more of a challenge, or are you being challenged too much? Is your job far too easy for your skill set or do you simply not enjoy the industry you are in? If you want more help from an outside professional why not consider investing in life coaching? Coaches such as Darren Christopher Rowland offer lifestyle and job coaching. Such coaching can help focus your mind, create confidence and help discover and develop your potential. If you are stuck in a rut, it’s worth having conversational coaching to help work out a successful strategy to improve your career.


Complete Career Overhauls


Perhaps it has got to the point where you feel like the field you have chosen to work in actually isn’t making you happy. Some people feel scared or embarrassed about admitting this. But again, staying in a miserable place for the next thirty or so years is just not worth the pain. Many people change career paths halfway through their life. I know lawyers who have retrained as osteopaths and travel agents who have become teachers. There are endless opportunities for retraining, going back to school or taking on internships. Utilize your friends who have jobs they enjoy and let them help mentor you. Think about what you love and start from there.

Picture source: Pixaby


The Game Plan


It may take some time to work out you want to do, but accept that that is ok. Once you know, though, make a game plan. Write down your goals and work out what it will take to achieve them. This can be anything from finding out where to retrain to updating your CV. And don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile to show off the skills you have that may catch a potential recruiters eye. Draft a selection of targeted cover letters and attend networking events to meet like-minded people. Be proud that you have started carving out a new path, and keep going forward. Lots of people aren’t brave enough to take the leap, but sometimes jumping is the only way to find out how far you can fly

Warm Fall Style

It’s October, which means we should be starting to wear boots and scarves. However, the weather outside has other plans. 

I recently received another Stitch Fix and this adorable shirt dress was in it. I love how simple and chic it is, I just had to keep it!

I paired it with leggings and sandals for this Outfit Inspiration, but look forward to pairing it with my boots once the weather cools off.

Outfit Inspiration

Shirt Dress – Stitch Fix

Black Leggings – Target

Black Sandals – Target

Arrow Necklace* – Mod Pod

Handstamped Cuff^ – Sparked Beauty XO

Happy Shopping!
^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!
*Item not available online.

The Secrets Of Styling Vintage Clothing With Ease

Image by Flickr

While the fashion industry is obsessed with finding the next best thing, it also keeps its eye firmly on the past too. Vintage clothing continues to excite designers and provides inspiration for their collections. This is often why the same styles and trends continue to return time and time again. Vintage clothing offers a brief glimpse into bygone eras and is often affordable and accessible than designer goods. It also encourages individualism as vintage pieces are generally one of a kind. However, many people overlook vintage clothing because they are unsure how it should be worn.

This guide contains a few insider secrets that will help you style your vintage pieces with ease while still looking fashionable.

Combine new and old

Many people feel that if they wear all vintage, it may look like they are wearing costumes or going to a themed party. This is often what makes them afraid to try it. Rather than buying an entirely vintage outfit, start with a few separates instead. It could be a silk shirt or a sweater for instance. These can then be easily teamed with newer items you have in your wardrobe. You could wear the shirt with a pair of jean or wear the sweater over your favourite dress. This is the perfect way of introducing you to the world of vintage while also building up your confidence to wear it more often.

Choose items that look current

The majority of contemporary fashion design is inspired by vintage clothing. So choosing items which look current shouldn’t be difficult. Do some research into trends to see what silhouettes and patterns are tipped to be big next season. For instance, if colourful  florals are in, start looking at vintage blouses and dresses with floral designs. If you’ve seen you favourite actress wearing a sheer black shirt, see if you can find a vintage version online or in a vintage shop. This will ensure your look is relevant and chic, even though it was made decades ago.

Remember that if an item doesn’t fit or needs slight alterations, most vintage shops will offer tailoring services too. So you can give vintage pieces a more modern feel by removing sleeves or raising the hemline if you prefer.


Wear contemporary accessories

To bring vintage clothing right up to date, try teaming it with contemporary accessories. From oversized sunglasses to statement necklaces, this can add a modern twist to your vintage look. You might want to consider wearing vintage dresses with black biker boots for an edgy rock chick look. Or adding acid coloured jewellery to simple vintage blazer and shirt. The possibilities are endless so start experimenting to see what works.

As well as using contemporary accessories, you might also want to consider modern looking hair and makeup too. This will ensure you don’t look like you are wearing a costume and also makes your look interesting.

So rather than shying away from vintage clothing, you now know how to wear it with confidence. Get online or visit your nearest thrift shop to see what treasures you can find.