Mindy Boho

I really enjoy being able to share pieces that are not only beautiful, but are also made to inspire you.

Mindy Boho is a Canadian based company that creates and import jewelry and fashion accessories that add color, style and fun to your day.
The name is a mix of Mickael, Cindy and a dash of Mégann, and is pure motherly love.

Founded by an enthusiastic fashion admirer, they believe in the importance of self-expression, and exploring all areas that make us delightfully unique.

The Turquoise wrap bracelet they are featuring is so beautiful. It is made with natural leather, turquoise and antique gold beads.

The adjustable clasp (pictured below) is made with a nickle free closure. It can close at 34″, 35″, and 36″; the bracelet is handmade.

Mindy Boho can be found on Facebook and I really enjoy following their Instagram account. Their pictures are beautiful and are always a welcome sight when they pop up in my feed.

Their products will inspire your day and embrace a free spirit, unconventional way of living.

I am so thankful that they have chooses to support me, and I am happy to support them right back!

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