Stuck In A Job Rut? Make Changes Today For A More Rewarding Career


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Being stuck in a job rut can feel very stressful and demotivating. If you are starting to dread Monday mornings, feeling undervalued and work is becoming monotonous, it may be time to make some changes. If you are unhappy at work, feel a pang of jealousy when someone you know gets an exciting new job and pretty much just wish you were somewhere else rather than work, then you’re stuck in a rut. We’re not saying that jobs are all about being happy and unstressed all of the time. But more often than not they should be rewarding, and there should be a certain amount of joy in the work you do. After all, our working life spans a hell of a long time. So there’s no point settling when you could be soaring. Below are some ideas to help you get out of that rut, starting today.

Picture source: Unsplash


Scheduling In Time


The trouble with looking for new career prospects is the time it takes. Applying for positions, tailoring letters and preparing and attending interviews takes lots of effort. And when you are already working so many hours, it’s probably the last thing you want to do. But it’s important at this stage to schedule in a set amount of time each week to devote to your plan. Even if that means taking a week off work to concentrate on new job searches. The key is to staying motivated.

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Work Out What You Dislike About Your Job


To work on improving your career, you first need to work out what you dislike about your current job. Do you need more of a challenge, or are you being challenged too much? Is your job far too easy for your skill set or do you simply not enjoy the industry you are in? If you want more help from an outside professional why not consider investing in life coaching? Coaches such as Darren Christopher Rowland offer lifestyle and job coaching. Such coaching can help focus your mind, create confidence and help discover and develop your potential. If you are stuck in a rut, it’s worth having conversational coaching to help work out a successful strategy to improve your career.


Complete Career Overhauls


Perhaps it has got to the point where you feel like the field you have chosen to work in actually isn’t making you happy. Some people feel scared or embarrassed about admitting this. But again, staying in a miserable place for the next thirty or so years is just not worth the pain. Many people change career paths halfway through their life. I know lawyers who have retrained as osteopaths and travel agents who have become teachers. There are endless opportunities for retraining, going back to school or taking on internships. Utilize your friends who have jobs they enjoy and let them help mentor you. Think about what you love and start from there.

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The Game Plan


It may take some time to work out you want to do, but accept that that is ok. Once you know, though, make a game plan. Write down your goals and work out what it will take to achieve them. This can be anything from finding out where to retrain to updating your CV. And don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile to show off the skills you have that may catch a potential recruiters eye. Draft a selection of targeted cover letters and attend networking events to meet like-minded people. Be proud that you have started carving out a new path, and keep going forward. Lots of people aren’t brave enough to take the leap, but sometimes jumping is the only way to find out how far you can fly

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