Contacts Count In Your Career: Why You Need A Little Black Book

Photo source: Flickr

Building up contacts is pretty similar to networking. It’s an important action to remember to take as you move up your career ladder, as you never know whom you might need help from in the future.  It can work in your favor for potential new clients, new job opportunities and companies you may need to hire when planning events or exhibitions. Building up a loyal contact list means you are not going in blind when hiring outside companies or searching for a new job yourself. Below are some smart ways to start creating a little black book.


Contacts For Hiring


It may be that the company you work for requires a freelance journalist to cover some newsworthy stories about to happen for your brand. Therefore it pays to have a bunch of trusted ones in your contact book. These are accrued through networking events, friends, old colleagues and more. You can even search Twitter and LinkedIn for freelance journalists and make introductions that way. The same goes for events. Perhaps you need a production company to film a spectacular event you are hosting. Again it pays to build up a contacts list. It may be that previously you have worked with a company such as Mob Film and you trust them to do a great job. If so, then pop them in your address book. Know a good bookkeeper and accountant? Put them in your contact list. The same goes for interns, office juniors, and PRs. Anyone, you meet who you think is interesting, fantastic at their job and could help push your career forward, add to your contact list.

Photos source: Pexels


Contacts For Referrals


You can increase your chances of getting an interview for a job you love by getting a referral. That’s why it pays to network and make as many contacts as you can in the industry you are keen on breaking into. Statistics show that referred candidates are more likely to get the job. Use your networking skills to find out who in your contact list works on the inside of the companies you are interested in. If you know Director’s, even better. But be sure not to just use them for a referral. Make and keep contact long before you think you may need them. And suggest the occasional drink. No one likes to be used, and it doesn’t make for good practice.


Contacts for Potential Business


There are many opportunities where you meet people that know other people that might need your company’s help. Always jump on the chance to hand out your business card to new people you meet and let them know you are available for work. You could be anything from a marketer to an event planner or an osteopath to a corporate photographer. Letting people know what you do and what you can offer is a great way to bring in new business. It may be that your neighbor has a daughter who is desperately looking for someone to take on a bit of freelancing marketing. Or it might be that your beauty therapist has had a bad back for weeks and you happen to be an osteopath. Always be open about what you do for a living and let you ask your current contacts if they know of anyone else that might need your services too.

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