Oh So Geeky

Attention! Attention! Calling all Fandoms!

Oh So Geeky creates the cutest buttons with a variety of themes. She has pieces for Avengers, Whovians, and of course, Harry Potter. She also has a collection of really fun, classic styles.
I am so thankful I have connected with such a wonderful Etsy Shop owner!

She sent me two of the cutest Harry Potter inspired pieces, and I love my Accio Coffee button! As a busy mom, I find this button helps to encourage me through my day.

This button is just a classic, and I love that she was able to add my name! I like to add them to my purse strap to add some flair to my day. 

Oh So Geeky has an adorable Instagram account where she showcases her items beautifully.

She can also create custom orders, so head on over and check her out!

2 thoughts on “Oh So Geeky

  1. Hi, Lindsay! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the buttons and grateful to have participated in this collaboration. Thank you for the feature and the time you put into this. The photos look amazing!


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