Don’t Fear The Big 3-0! How To Celebrate Turning Thirty In Style

You’re approaching thirty. That much dreaded moment of true adulthood. We all know you’ve been an adult since you turned 18. But there’s something about the big 3-0 that sounds extra mature. No, you might not have your life completely in order yet, but not to worry. There’s plenty of time for that. So rather than dreading the approach of a landmark birthday, why not get excited for it. Your thirties are going to be full of adventures and surprises. You’ll grow as a person and who knows. Maybe you’ll start your life as a mother or wife. So, stop dreading and start planning a great way to celebrate this milestone with your loved ones. Have all attention entirely centred on you and your big day.


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Let’s get planning! This isn’t a chore. It should be fun for you. Think of a way you’d really like to celebrate the turn of another decade. Do you want to go away for a long weekend? Perhaps you’d like to go for a meal? Or host a party entirely dedicated to the occasion. Whatever you choose, bear key things in mind. Will the people who you care about most be able to attend? Will it be within their means of time and budget? Will you have enough time to draw all of your plans together without rushing? Are you being realistic? Thirty might not the time to invite all of your friends and family on an all inclusive Caribbean cruise. You’ll receive a lot of returned RSVPs mentioning lack of cash, people being unable to get time off work and people not being able to find babysitters for two weeks of luxury in the Caribbean Sea. You also might not realistically have the budget to rent out a castle for a super-sweet-sixteen-esque extravaganza. But there are plenty more reasonable things that you can get up to. Find something that suits both you and the people you want to spend the date with.


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Perhaps you’ve chosen to throw a party. There are a few things that you should do to adequately prepare for this. First things first. Where are you going to host the big event? A local hall? A rented warehouse space? Maybe even your own back garden. Bear in mind the number of guests you will be inviting and make sure that there is enough room in the venue to accommodate them all comfortably. Wherever you host the party, be sure to offer food and drink. Your guests will grow hungry and you don’t want people leaving to go to the McDonald’s round the corner. If you’re keeping to a low budget, prepare your own mini buffet. Designate a couple of tables to food. Finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, cupcakes and crisps are all good options. Keep it simple and try to use foods that people can eat whilst standing or with their hands. If there isn’t much seating, people are going to struggle to eat a full portion of chow mien with a good dose of soy sauce, for example. If you are going all out, you can look into hiring a catering service. Regardless of the occasion, they’ll be able to hook you up with a feast for the eyes and stomachs. From canapés to full buffets or even full three course meals. Decide what best suits the occasion and dig in.


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