Celebrate Your Partner With These Ultra Stylish Gifts


I’m sure your partner does a lot for you and the kids. Our husbands and boyfriends are some of the most important people in our lives. Not only are they kind and loving, but they are also extremely supportive. Plus they are fab with the kids! So you’ll probably agree that our partners could do with spoiling sometimes, right? But what do you get that special man in your life? Here are some ultra stylish gifts I think any bloke will enjoy!

 Globes And Atlases

Do you and your partner love to travel? If you have travelled to various destinations around the world, then they will love a travel-themed present. And what better than a stylish globe or atlas! You can find some really smart atlases in bookshops these days. They make great coffee table books. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, think about splashing out on a globe. They are slightly more expensive, but certainly look the part! You could even get a globe with a small bar inside!

 Classic Cocktail Kit

Talking about bars… What about getting your beloved a classic cocktail set? This is just like a regular cocktail making kit. It’s just this one has everything you need to make classic cocktails! If you know that your man is partial to an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, this gift will go down really well. And so will the drinks he makes! Not too sure of any classic cocktail recipes? No worries; you can find a load here http://www.liquor.com/mosaic/classic-cocktail-recipes/

Record Player

Is your guy a bit of a music nut? Then why not fuel his addiction by buying him a record player! Records are really in fashion these days. All music stores sell them, as well as the players. But try and find him something special. How about one that folds into a suitcase?! It’ll be very portable. Perfect to take to any parties! You can find these and more record accessories on sites like http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/category/3446/gifts-for-him.

Professional Knife Set 

Got a foodie husband? I’m sure he will love something he can use in the kitchen. And what better for preparing food than a professional knife set? You can get different types of sets. Some are comprehensive and come with a complete range of knives. However, these can be expensive. But don’t fear! You will be able to find smaller sets that just include the most frequently used knives in kitchens.

Football Shirt And Season Ticket 

And what about all the football fanatics out there? I’ve got them sorted as well! If your hubby loves football, spoil him with his club’s latest football shirt. That way, he will always look the part when he goes to watch them. If your partner loves cheering on his favourite team, you could also get him a season ticket for the year!
That should give you enough gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and special times in between!

Mindy Boho

I really enjoy being able to share pieces that are not only beautiful, but are also made to inspire you.

Mindy Boho is a Canadian based company that creates and import jewelry and fashion accessories that add color, style and fun to your day.
The name is a mix of Mickael, Cindy and a dash of Mégann, and is pure motherly love.

Founded by an enthusiastic fashion admirer, they believe in the importance of self-expression, and exploring all areas that make us delightfully unique.

The Turquoise wrap bracelet they are featuring is so beautiful. It is made with natural leather, turquoise and antique gold beads.

The adjustable clasp (pictured below) is made with a nickle free closure. It can close at 34″, 35″, and 36″; the bracelet is handmade.

Mindy Boho can be found on Facebook and I really enjoy following their Instagram account. Their pictures are beautiful and are always a welcome sight when they pop up in my feed.

Their products will inspire your day and embrace a free spirit, unconventional way of living.

I am so thankful that they have chooses to support me, and I am happy to support them right back!