Things To Do After The Wedding

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With all the stress leading up to your big day, you might think you’d finally be allowed to put your feet up afterwards and enjoy married life – but no! There’s still things to be done. Of course, none of its urgent (and I’d recommend slotting in a honeymoon first), but don’t leave it until your first anniversary either.   

Thank your guests

Some of your guests travelled far and wide to be at your ceremony/reception. Send out some personalized thank you cards to let them know that you appreciated them being there (even if you didn’t get speak to them). Make sure to keep track of which guests bought you which gifts, so that you can refer to these when thanking your guests.

Sell wedding paraphernalia

You may have bought all manner of wedding decorations when preparing for the day. Some of these you may wish to keep, but others may be worthless. There may be candles or food that you didn’t use that you can sell onto another happy couple. Then there’s issue of gifts. Whilst it’s always nice when a guest buys you a wedding present, quite often a lot of it is junk bought out of politeness. Swap or sell any duplicates or generic tat that you may have accumulated (but don’t forget to thank those guests anyway – they’re better than the ones that didn’t give you a gift at all!)

Preserve your dress

Some ex-brides will cling onto their dress in all it’s post-wedding glory complete with food smears and red wine stains. Don’t let it stink away in the attic, get it professionally cleaned do that you may be able to look at it in years to come with a fondness and not have to pinch your nose. Some people go the extra mile and frame it behind glass. Those who are sentimental may savagely sell it. Whatever you plan to do with it, just make sure you clean it first.

Get your name changed

If you’re changing your second name to match your other half, you’ll have to go about the process of getting it legally changed. This means altering your passport and driver’s license plus a multitude of other documents. Create a list of all the places that need to know of your change of surname and go through them one at a time. This can be a stressful task (much like changing your current address on every document you’ve ever owned after moving house), so be sure that it’s definitely what you want, as you don’t want to have to spend the same amount of time changing it back again. Many modern couples choose to keep their own names to avoid the hassle. Those who like tradition may grin and bear it.  

Let It Be Yours Co.

Calling all coffee, tea and hot cocoa drinkers!

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good mug, even better when they are personalized!

Let It Be Yours Co. is a wonderfully adorable Etsy shop that specializes in coffee mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, and more!

They can personalize any item, and also do wedding gifts. 

They can also do custom orders, while also carrying many items for “his/her”, friends, family, and even various professions.

I love my “Mama Bear” mug; it is high quality and dishwasher/microwave safe!

They have a great Instagram, and share specials discounts and coupons through their Facebook page!

Head on over and use the coupon HOLIDAY16 for 15% off your purchase through December 26th.

Thank you so much, Let It Be Yours Co., for the amazing support!

Channel Old-School Hollywood Glamour For The Festive Party Season

Is there anything quite as luxe as old-school Hollywood glamour? Probably not! The style was pioneered by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – women just as relevant today as there were back then. It makes us think of a glitzy showbiz era that today’s modern industry can’t quite manage to live up to. Perhaps it is this dreamy nostalgia that draws us to it, in a way. But unlike many other fashions, the style of 1950s America is still one that can be used today. Part of the beauty of it is that it is classy, timeless, and the styles and shapes suit women of nearly every size. Around this time of year, party seasons tends to be in full swing – so with that in mind, there’s never been a better time to experiment with vintage glam!

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The 1950s was all about creating a womanly silhouette. Don’t worry if you’re not the skinniest gal out of all your friends. Old-school clothing caters for and celebrates a fuller figure as well as a slim one – after all, Marilyn herself was a beautiful size 12 to 14 for most of her career. If you want to emulate one of the biggest sex-symbols of all time this winter, it’s all about creating that hourglass figure. Opt for an A-line skirt that nips you in at the waist. If the skirt itself isn’t enough to do that with, the solution is easy – just pop a belt around your middle instead. The belt and skirt will nip you in at your smallest point, with the skirt underneath kicking out so you’re not sucked in too tight. If you’re feeling brave, pair with a low cut top and a pair of killer heels. You can either go full-on with the 50s theme by embracing satin and polka dots, but it’s just as easy to modernize the trend too with contemporary patterns.

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Delicate, classy jewelry was the perfect way to accessorize your look in the golden era of Hollywood. Silver was a popular choice, and the key to nailing the look was to be mindful to not go overboard with too much bling. A statement necklace was paired with smaller earrings, and vice versa. Aside from waterfall-style silver jewelry, pearl earrings were among the most popular choices for women. Able to be dressed up or down, they are just as classy now as they were then. You can choose to pair them with a matching necklace, or to let them do the talking on their own.

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The secret to glamourous, retro hair is that it’s all in the bounce! Hair was rarely grown past shoulder length – so if you fancy a whole new look for the new season, why not consider going for the chop? Shorter hair weights less than longer hair, meaning it is able to retain bounce and curl without it being weighed down. Invest in a set of rollers to get a luxurious curly style a la Marilyn; or you can even achieve a similar look using bobby pins. Finish with a touch of hairspray and you’re good to go!

LBD Style

Every girl needs a Little Black Dress (or two) in her closet. These are our perfect “go-tos” for a variety of events. Business dinners and lunches, rehearsals/dinners, weddings, and really any event where the dress code is “Cocktail Attire”. 

I love that these dresses can be worn with varying accessories and shoes to keep them looking fresh and different. 

The one I am wearing was sent to me via Stitch Fix, and I paired it with classy jewelry and leopard print heels.

Outfit Inspiration:

Loreen Crochet Detail Dress – Stitch Fix

Olivia Leopard Heels* – White House Black Market

Layered Bracelets^ – Sparked Beauty XO

Pearl Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!

^ A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter!

*Exact item not available online. Similar items may be available.

Smile & Look Back Positively on 2016


2016 has been a particularly challenging year. It’s often felt like there have been so many changes happening that it’s been hard to keep up! In the UK alone, we’ve lost many of our favorite musicians and celebrities, and people that we thought we’d always see on our television have gone. Of course, it’s sad, and it can be very disorientating when famous people pass away.

And of course, there have been so many political changes this year; it’s been hard to ignore them. Even if don’t follow political events at all, 2016 has been very unusual. The EU referendum caused a furious debate, and your social media channels have felt very challenging at times. It feels like everyone has had a political standpoint this year! England has a new Prime Minister, and so does the USA. Donald Trump becoming President-elect has also been a hot topic. It can be very hard to stay positive when so many changes are thrown at you. 2016 hasn’t been all bad, though! Many good things have happened to. Here are some positive takeaways for you…

  1. The Ice-Bucket Challenge worked!

Remember when you couldn’t escape videos of people drowning themselves in ice-cold water for charity? Well, that campaign worked because scientists have found the gene responsible for ALS. This means treatment is now going to be more effective!

  1. Travelling is still an option

So, we all know that Brexit is happening. The good new is that you can still travel! The world is still your oyster, and you can still visit almost anywhere you want in the world. Nothing is closed to you. This is worth remembering. Don’t worry about the future either there are ways to get around a new European visa, and although many see Brexit as a challenge, it could be a good thing. It’s important to remain positive and plan your next far-flung trip!

  1. More tigers

Nature is doing better. Where once the tiger was very nearly extinct, 2016 has seen the global number rise to a safe place. How horrible would it have been to know that the tiger was no more! Worry not, Tigers are now much less likely to become extinct. What brilliant news!

  1. renewable energy is coming to the forefront

Did you know that in 2016 the nation of Portugal was able to run the whole country on only renewable energy for four whole days? With the environment and the hole in the ozone layer a massive issue, this is really good news. If the world can find a way not to rely on oil, it will be so much better for the environment.

  1. Leo won

One of the sweetest moments of 2016 was watching Leonardo DiCaprio win his Oscar! After years of him being a runner-up, it was wonderful to see him finally collect the little gold statue. It was a great moment and it felt like the whole world was happy to see it happen. It also left us with some amazing and hilarious memes!

Find A Little More Motivation To Achieve Your Dreams With These Tips For Success

Sometimes, especially on a damp and dreary day, you find yourself lacking the motivation to get up and go. But those are the days that you could be achieving the most! It’s not fun to reach bedtime and realize you didn’t get much done. And if you haven’t taken that extra step to get you closer to your life’s ambitions, then you really did waste the day. Waste no more, feel motivated and inspired, and check out these fab resources to help you make the most of today:


We wear jewelry for lots of reasons. Some pieces will tell others we’re in a serious relationship. Others are there to affirm our faith. Engravings can provide you with a personal message of love or inspiration whenever you might need it. You can find stamped necklaces or ring engravers online that can offer you jewelry or engraving. Whenever you need that little boost of assurance or motivation, just have a quick look at your ring or necklace.

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We’ve all seen the kitty poster with the tag line ‘Hang In There.’ Most of us have probably had one of those on the wall at some point! It’s worth finding those images or words on a poster that you can hang up in your home or your workspace to spur you on. Why not try a work of art that speaks to your creativity? Or something abstract that inspires you to find pleasure in your day to day tasks?

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Bumper Stickers

We all love a funny sticker on the back of the car in front, especially when we’re stuck in traffic. Some can be offensive; others strike a religious note. But there are a few that might just make your day. You might even choose to invest in one yourself so you can promote the message you live by. Messages like ‘Be A Good Human’ or ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ have become very popular. Of course, you may have your own words of wisdom or fun slogan to adopt. Sometimes all it takes is something funny to get you back in a great mood.

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Friends are the best people in the world to pick us up when we’re down and cheer us on through the hard times. But sometimes they don’t notice that you need a hand or word of encouragement. Don’t be hard on them. Just let them know you need some motivation, some support, and they’ll be there for you. The power of friendship is enormous. Be a good friend, and you’ll have good friends take care of you when you need it.

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Keeping a diary or a journal is a really good idea if you are ever prone to days that are less than productive. Documenting all your good days, achievements and high points make for a great reference. Read them when you need to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Make sure you’ve detailed what your goals are. What do you want to achieve? What are your dreams? Now get out there and grab them!

Find The Beauty In Everything

Juli, the owner of Find The Beauty In Everything, has always loved jewelry and gem stones. She tried creating some pieces several years ago, however she did not have the time she wanted to create more.

In March, her career path took a different turn, and she started taking some online marketing courses and also started creating jewelry again.

She has no training and simply decided to go for it! She started by creating necklaces and has recently added bracelets, earrings, as well as sets.

Juli attends various craft fairs, as well as sells her gorgeous items on Etsy

Her business name came from her daugher’s tattoo, a beautiful mandala that her friend drew, with the words “Find the Beauty in Everything” in cursive, written by her Dad.

They have used this phrase to adopt a new outlook on life.

She showcases her pieces beautifully on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook.

I love the necklace she sent me, and I love knowing that each of her pieces are one of a kind. The various blacks, browns, and golds in the gemstones means I can wear this necklace with many colors and outfits. 

She told me that she created the piece using the specific dyed rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, and gold beads because she felt it would go well with leopard print; which means she also pays attention to personal touches for her customers.

I hope that you check her out, she is such an amazing woman and I am thank to have connected with her!

Fashion Tip Friday

No really, I need to address this for Fashion Tip Friday.

 I understand that stores are selling all the Christmas apparel, but that does not mean we wear it yet. 

The holiday season is really close, let us be patient, and then we can deck the halls, as well as our wardrobes. 🌲

Leather Jacket Style

When preparing for these fall and winter seasons, I knew I wanted a leather jacket. 

It is a piece that is a bit more edgy, and can be styled a few different ways.

I’m looking forward to sharing more outfits with you through the seasons.

Outfit Inspiration:

Faux Leather Jacket – H&M

Purple Tank – NikiBiki

Straight Leg Jeans, Cuffed – Old Navy

Leopard Flats* – Versona

Silver Bar Necklace^ – SBXC

Rhinestone Stud Earrings – Versona

Happy Shopping!

*Item not available online.

^A Leopard Print Lindsay Supporter! (Use code LP15OFF in her shops for a discount!)