Find The Beauty In Everything

Juli, the owner of Find The Beauty In Everything, has always loved jewelry and gem stones. She tried creating some pieces several years ago, however she did not have the time she wanted to create more.

In March, her career path took a different turn, and she started taking some online marketing courses and also started creating jewelry again.

She has no training and simply decided to go for it! She started by creating necklaces and has recently added bracelets, earrings, as well as sets.

Juli attends various craft fairs, as well as sells her gorgeous items on Etsy

Her business name came from her daugher’s tattoo, a beautiful mandala that her friend drew, with the words “Find the Beauty in Everything” in cursive, written by her Dad.

They have used this phrase to adopt a new outlook on life.

She showcases her pieces beautifully on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook.

I love the necklace she sent me, and I love knowing that each of her pieces are one of a kind. The various blacks, browns, and golds in the gemstones means I can wear this necklace with many colors and outfits. 

She told me that she created the piece using the specific dyed rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, and gold beads because she felt it would go well with leopard print; which means she also pays attention to personal touches for her customers.

I hope that you check her out, she is such an amazing woman and I am thank to have connected with her!

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