Smile & Look Back Positively on 2016


2016 has been a particularly challenging year. It’s often felt like there have been so many changes happening that it’s been hard to keep up! In the UK alone, we’ve lost many of our favorite musicians and celebrities, and people that we thought we’d always see on our television have gone. Of course, it’s sad, and it can be very disorientating when famous people pass away.

And of course, there have been so many political changes this year; it’s been hard to ignore them. Even if don’t follow political events at all, 2016 has been very unusual. The EU referendum caused a furious debate, and your social media channels have felt very challenging at times. It feels like everyone has had a political standpoint this year! England has a new Prime Minister, and so does the USA. Donald Trump becoming President-elect has also been a hot topic. It can be very hard to stay positive when so many changes are thrown at you. 2016 hasn’t been all bad, though! Many good things have happened to. Here are some positive takeaways for you…

  1. The Ice-Bucket Challenge worked!

Remember when you couldn’t escape videos of people drowning themselves in ice-cold water for charity? Well, that campaign worked because scientists have found the gene responsible for ALS. This means treatment is now going to be more effective!

  1. Travelling is still an option

So, we all know that Brexit is happening. The good new is that you can still travel! The world is still your oyster, and you can still visit almost anywhere you want in the world. Nothing is closed to you. This is worth remembering. Don’t worry about the future either there are ways to get around a new European visa, and although many see Brexit as a challenge, it could be a good thing. It’s important to remain positive and plan your next far-flung trip!

  1. More tigers

Nature is doing better. Where once the tiger was very nearly extinct, 2016 has seen the global number rise to a safe place. How horrible would it have been to know that the tiger was no more! Worry not, Tigers are now much less likely to become extinct. What brilliant news!

  1. renewable energy is coming to the forefront

Did you know that in 2016 the nation of Portugal was able to run the whole country on only renewable energy for four whole days? With the environment and the hole in the ozone layer a massive issue, this is really good news. If the world can find a way not to rely on oil, it will be so much better for the environment.

  1. Leo won

One of the sweetest moments of 2016 was watching Leonardo DiCaprio win his Oscar! After years of him being a runner-up, it was wonderful to see him finally collect the little gold statue. It was a great moment and it felt like the whole world was happy to see it happen. It also left us with some amazing and hilarious memes!

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