Things To Do After The Wedding

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With all the stress leading up to your big day, you might think you’d finally be allowed to put your feet up afterwards and enjoy married life – but no! There’s still things to be done. Of course, none of its urgent (and I’d recommend slotting in a honeymoon first), but don’t leave it until your first anniversary either.   

Thank your guests

Some of your guests travelled far and wide to be at your ceremony/reception. Send out some personalized thank you cards to let them know that you appreciated them being there (even if you didn’t get speak to them). Make sure to keep track of which guests bought you which gifts, so that you can refer to these when thanking your guests.

Sell wedding paraphernalia

You may have bought all manner of wedding decorations when preparing for the day. Some of these you may wish to keep, but others may be worthless. There may be candles or food that you didn’t use that you can sell onto another happy couple. Then there’s issue of gifts. Whilst it’s always nice when a guest buys you a wedding present, quite often a lot of it is junk bought out of politeness. Swap or sell any duplicates or generic tat that you may have accumulated (but don’t forget to thank those guests anyway – they’re better than the ones that didn’t give you a gift at all!)

Preserve your dress

Some ex-brides will cling onto their dress in all it’s post-wedding glory complete with food smears and red wine stains. Don’t let it stink away in the attic, get it professionally cleaned do that you may be able to look at it in years to come with a fondness and not have to pinch your nose. Some people go the extra mile and frame it behind glass. Those who are sentimental may savagely sell it. Whatever you plan to do with it, just make sure you clean it first.

Get your name changed

If you’re changing your second name to match your other half, you’ll have to go about the process of getting it legally changed. This means altering your passport and driver’s license plus a multitude of other documents. Create a list of all the places that need to know of your change of surname and go through them one at a time. This can be a stressful task (much like changing your current address on every document you’ve ever owned after moving house), so be sure that it’s definitely what you want, as you don’t want to have to spend the same amount of time changing it back again. Many modern couples choose to keep their own names to avoid the hassle. Those who like tradition may grin and bear it.  

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