Brighten Up Your Little Black Dress! How To Accessorise For Holiday Parties

Every woman has a little black dress. The one that you pull out every year for a number of different occasions – birthday parties, meetings at work, maybe even a funeral. And now the festive season is rolling around and it’s time to give your faithful little black dress a brushing down so you can slip into it again and look incredible at your holiday parties. Here are some tips on how to accessorize your LBD this holiday season without having to resort to the Santa hat that someone helpfully handed you earlier.


A pair of forest green tights is a great way to look Christmassy and festive without going overboard. That pop of bright colour will make your outfit a little more fun without having to resort to cheesy Christmas costumes. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could go for red tights. Black sparkly ones are a safer – and possibly more elegant – choice.

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Adding a piece of jewelry to your outfit is the perfect way to make yourself look brighter and more sparkly for your office party! If your dress is plain, go for a chunky, colourful statement necklace or bright dangling earrings. If you want to go more obviously festive with your outfit then your earrings are the way to do that – dangling Santa hats or reindeer antlers will make you look as if you’re into the spirit of Christmas without turning you into one of Santa’s elves. If you want to go a little more low key, try a choker necklace.

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Slip on a jacket over your dress to jazz it up a little. If you want to look more informal, go for a denim jacket. Bear in mind that dark or black denim looks more suitable for a party than faded! A leather jacket could add some rock chick vibes to your outfit, particularly if it’s a little battered and well worn.


We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. Heels are always a great idea for a party, but make sure they’re comfortable enough that you can move around in them! If you’re the only person not dancing because your feet hurt, you won’t feel great about your sartorial choices. If you’re more of a casual shoe person, go for your normal flats or boots with a shorter skirt that you might not always wear to work.

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Before you decide on which bag to use, consider what exactly you’ll need to take with you. If it’s an office party, then chances are you’ll be leaving your everyday purse at your desk – but if you’re going out to a club or restaurant then you can pare down your belongings to a few essentials. Lipstick and powder can jazz up faded makeup. If you tend to get oily then blotting paper can help with that. Make sure you take a bag that closes properly at the top with a zip – this can prevent any thefts, which can occur easily in busy environments. If you want to feel really put together, match your bag to your shoes.

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