Lettuce Turnip The Beet In Your Kitchen


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Ok, maybe we have gone one pun too far here, but stick with it.

Getting creative in the kitchen is definitely in fashion.  Whether you cook from the heart or get all scientific with your style, the world is enjoying more and more time in their kitchens and less time in restaurants.


Soul food is a real passionate and loving cuisine which comes from Africa.  Although the western world has now adopted the phrase and created their own versions. For us it evokes a feeling of warmth and love.  Regardless of what country you are from, it is almost certain your culture will have it’s own version of food made from the heart, for the heart.  Neo soul food is the latest to the party.  With diabetics, the health-conscious and traditional all being catered for.  


You don’t need a kitchen full of technology and gadgets to produce a meal to warm the soul.  Simplistic cooking is the order of the day and as a result the utensils required are fairly basic in nature.  A good quality set of knives are every budding chef’s best friend.  Weight and size will depend on you and everyone’s idea of the best tool for the job is different.  Check out this fantastic read for advice on purchasing the most important object in your kitchen.  Then grab yourself a chopping board and you are already on the way to becoming a culinary king.  Check out our earlier post on how to eat amazing food too.


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Deep, rich flavours are key.  Imagine the cooking of your grandparents or your mum.  It should be as much about smell as it is about taste.  It is the kind of meal that you eat propped up in the kitchen whilst talking to friends, or that you make yourself on a cold winter’s night as you sit watching an old film under a blanket.  For the original soul don’t think health kick here.  Starch, fat, cholesterol and calories are the unfortunate additions to most of these dishes but don’t let that put you off.  A little bit of bad can be good, right?  If you don’t agree then the Neo soul food recipes see coconut oil and turkey used over the more traditional butter, steak and pork.  Also you can tweak the cooking methods of most recipes.  Trying to cut portion size will also help but sometimes you just have to let yourself have a blow out and when food is this delicious? It’s hard not to keep going.


For some exciting recipes check out this link then get cooking.  Most importantly remember that this is a textual experience too.  Soul food isn’t for plates.  It needs to sit in a bowl which you can cup in your hands and treasure the warmth.


Soul is something with a beat, with a passion and with a purpose.  So turn up the beat in your kitchen and serve a little love in up to the people you treasure.


Three Lakes Design

I am so excited to introduce you all to Three Lakes Design! This Etsy shop is ran by April and Sydney who create such classy, beautiful, and simple jewelry. 

These ladies are both awesome moms and love their families. They enjoy using their shop as a way to raise Autism Awareness, and $1 from each sale goes directly to their cause. 

Besides adorable bangles, they also design a variety of necklaces, all of which can be customized or personalized.

This “Wifey” bangle is such a fun piece to add to many outfits. It is light, beautiful, and easy to put on. 

Their simple hook closure is very easy to open and close, and stays closed all day. 

Their items are made with a variety of gold and silver metals, and plated metals.

Three Lakes Design has a variety of fonts and birthstones they use to create a beautiful piece, that is meaningful to you or a loved one.

They showcase their items not only on Instagram, but on Pinterest as well. 

I hope you will consider them for yourself, family member, or friend. Their pieces would also be perfect for any Bridal Party!

Thank you April and Sydney for the amazing support!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting Cash For Luxury Items

Every once in awhile, we look for ways to make a little bit of extra cash. It might be that a credit card bill has come in and we are taken aback by how much shopping we’ve done. It may be that we need medical treatment our insurance won’t cover. Maybe we’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime date. One way or another, we know we need some extra cash.

If taking on an extra job isn’t practical and we don’t want to take on additional debt, it becomes a matter of seeing what we can sell. This, obviously, may not be too easy. Think of the highest value items you have, and they’re probably things you need. You’re not going to sell your house to raise quick cash. You might sell your car; but if you’re using that to get to work it fast becomes a false economy.

PeteLinforth // PixaBay

Only Sell What You Can Afford To Part With

The key to selling off possessions and property is to bear in mind not just their value in the present, but in future. For example, if you own real estate that you lease out, it may be a way of making a quick, large cash income. However, you need to look at your monthly budget. Without that rental income do the sums add up? If not, is there anything you can cut from your monthly spending?

The high-value items you can afford to sell are the luxuries. The things you love to have, but don’t need. Expensive watches, shoes you love but have never worn – that kind of thing.

Don’t Sell To A Pawnbroker If You Can Help It

If you’ve thought about selling your possessions before, then a pawnbroker has possibly seemed like the logical way. They’ll give you cash, and you can walk away the same day. But the truth is, you’re never going to get a good price from a pawn shop. They may make for entertaining TV shows, but they want to make a profit. So when someone is keen to sell, they’ll take advantage of that.

If you’ve got an expensive watch that you know has a high value, check online. Google “how much can I sell my Rolex for” and other related terms to find ideas. Talk to experts and find the best price, not the quickest.

Only Sell To People With Credentials

Putting your items up for sale online can pay off for you, but you need to be careful with who you are selling to. One of the disadvantages to using free ads is that anyone can read them and they have the upper hand. You’re going to need to see that they can fund the purchase before you agree to part with the item.

In selling something like a watch or a piece of expensive jewelry, find out if they have business premises. They should if they are selling big-ticket items.

Don’t ever sell to someone who asks to meet you at a neutral location. This is a common trick that scammers use – if your buyer is legitimate, they’ll know this and understand your reticence. Most importantly of all, only ever hand over the item once you’ve agreed on a price and seen the money.

Staying Stylish From Head To Toe: How To Have All Bases Covered


Fashion can be a bittersweet interest. Not only do you want to look good in what you wear (and often feel comfortable too), you want to be able to feel as if you’re wearing the style well and staying ahead of style. Trends might come and go, but there are also so classic fashion staples that never go out of style. When you stick to what you know, what suits you and what you feel your best in, your style will always be on point. But, it never hurts to boost your look whenever you get the chance. If you feel like ensuring your look is polished from head to toe, covering off these go-to areas should help.

Stay Supported

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that your outfit is supported as best as it can be by your underwear. If you’re not wearing the right underwear, it can often show and sometimes spoilt your finished look. So, when you pick out and outfit, you need to try it on beforehand with different kinds of underwear. And, if you haven’t got a style that suits, it’s time to head out to the lingerie department of your favourite store and pick up the perfect set. True style depends on it!

Cover Up

Then, taking us from the bottom straight to the top, we’ve got to talk outwear. Sometimes, you can ruin a really good outfit with a pour jacket choice. When you’re planning an outfit, you can often think of dresses or tops and pants as the entire package, but in reality, they’re the bread and butter. You need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing alongside your clothing choices not only work with them but set them off in style.

Swim Prim

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of heading to the pool when you’re at home, on vacation, it’s usually always a feature activity. So, you need to make sure you give your swimwear as much attention as you would the rest of your wardrobe. And no, that doesn’t mean just picking out a pretty bikini or swimsuit – you need to think of the entire package. That means shoes, bags and other accessories, along with coverups, hats and sunglasses are included! Every item counts.


Live And Lounge

Outside of the house, you can often feel like a different person to when you’re at home and in your sweats. And that might be okay for some, but what if you were to get an unexpected visitor, or you had an emergency and you had to go out – wouldn’t you want to look your best? When you’re at home, it’s understandable that you want to be comfortable, but you can be stylish at the same time. When you’re lounging around, invest in chic and cozy loungewear, like styles made by Vanilla Night & Day lingerie, to feel good and look it too.

Sleep Tight

Similarly to lounging around the house, you’ve also got the option to stay fashion-conscious when you sleep. Again, the comfort factor is important here, but there is a wide range of nightwear options that look incredible and will facilitate your sweet dreams. Pajamas don’t have to be ugly, they can be chic, cute, or anything you want. And if you’re on a style hunt, it would seem silly not to cover off your sleepwear.

Hose Away

When you put an outfit together, you can often come to terms with correcting your underwear issues, but it’s easy to forget about those underwear accessories that count – pantyhose. Not everyone loves them, but depending on the look you’re going for, they can add a certain effect that nothing else can. If you’re not sure what style of pantyhose will suit you, or go with what you’re planning on wearing, then it will help to read up. This guide to pantyhose will certainly help. But, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your choice, so try out a few different styles first to see which works.

Don’t Leave Them Out

And, while we’re making this all about you, it might be an idea to focus on the little ones too. When you’re trying to pull a full look together, what your baby or children wear is just as important. Not only do you want them to look cute, but it can be super fun to style them up too. Having a stylish child doesn’t have to be a battle, you can keep cute clothes for special occasions and ensure they stay stain-free when it counts.

Friend Expecting? Stylish Gifts To Ensure Their Little One Is The Next Kate Moss

It’s always exciting to find out that one of your good friends are expecting a baby. After all, it means you will have a fun new playmate to go and visit. However, it can be a challenge to think about what you want to get your friend for their little one. If you are a fashion fan like me, you ought to consider going for some clothes. That way, you can ensure it’s a mini style icon. Therefore, here is some stylish gifts for your friend’s new baby to ensure they are the next Kate Moss!




A cute pair of mittens

 One thing you should consider getting your friend’s baby is a cute pair of mittens. After all, these are perfect for the colder months. Your friend will be able to put the baby in the mittens before they head out with the pram. And they will certainly look adorable with the rest of their outfit. You can get some really cute ones around which will be perfect for the new baby. If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, you might want to go for cream or yellow that will ensure they look stylish either way. And ask your friend about coats they have got their newborn. That way, you can buy some mittens that will match, so the little one looks super stylish.


A designer dress

If your friend is having a princess, you should consider getting them a beautiful dress for their wardrobe. After all, your friend will be delighted to have a gorgeous dress they can put their little one in during special occasions. And if you want to ensure you get them something that no one else will get them, you could opt for getting them a designer dress. After all, nothing says style than going for a brand like Dior for kids. In fact, your friend’s kid could end up wearing something which has been worn by the likes of Suri Cruise. Therefore, have a look in the designer shops for something cute for your friend’s baby.


A pair of luxury socks

You can never have enough socks when you have a newborn. After all, they ensure the baby’s feet stay nice and cozy. Therefore, you should opt to get some socks for your friend’s new arrival. But rather than go for traditional white socks, you should go for something bit more stylish. You should opt for a pair of luxury socks which will impress your friend. And you could even get some cute baby shoes for them to use too. They will look like a mini style icon in their cute socks and shoes.


A gorgeous bib

Bibs no longer have to be boring. You used to only get them in plain white, pink or blue. But now they have become a gorgeous fashion accessory for kids. You can get bibs which come in beautiful patterns that your friend will love. And they can be worn while their child is out to collect drool while ensuring they look fabulous at the same time!


And remember to get something for your friend too. After all, she has gone through the stress of carrying the little one for nine months. You can get some ideas of good gifts on my previous blog.

Stylish & Elegant Date Fashion

Every woman struggles when it comes to dressing for dates. The problem is that we want to wow our dates (of course we do), but we also don’t want to look like we’ve gone all out and overdressed for the occasion. When it comes to date night fashion, it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. Although dressing for a date – be it a first date or the tenth date – isn’t always easy, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling stressed out. Here are some tips to make dress for dates in a stylish and elegant way, without looking over the top, easier.

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans

No matter what type of date you’re going on, you really can’t go wrong with skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans paired with a smart top and a pair of pretty flats or wedges is the perfect look for almost any date. It doesn’t matter where you’re going; this look will wow your date. This look is the perfect combination of dressy meets relaxed – you can add additional elegance with a sophisticated hairdo and a classy clutch, such as one of the Olga Berg designs. 

Use accessories to make a statement


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If you’re worried about your look being too boring, dress it up with accessories. As well as adding a few simple pieces, such as earrings, hair pieces, and a bracelet, consider adding a statement piece. To increase the wow factor of your outfit, adding a statement accessory, such as a piece of jewelry, is ideal. It’s just a case of finding that perfect piece of jewelry that matches your outfit and adds extra elegance and style to your look. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with a cute bag or clutch purse, to add additional style.


Make your little black dress your go-to outfit

Every woman needs a little black dress (also known as LBD), as for dates it’s the perfect choice for throwing on. When you’re not feeling jeans, or you wore your favorite jeans on your last date, a little black dress could be the ideal outfit option. Pair it with tights, a cute cardigan or jackets, a statement piece of jewelry, and your favorite pair of heels, and you can make a real impact when you walk through the door, without looking overdressed, of course.


Ensure that you feel good

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When it comes to dressing for a date, the most important thing is to ensure that you feel good in what you are wearing. You see, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, then you won’t enjoy yourself as you will be constantly thinking about your outfit. So, it’s important to make sure that you’re happy with whatever you’re wearing.

Dressing for a date is never easy, as there’s a lot that needs to be taken into account. However, there’s no need to get stressed out, like dressing to impress is much easier than you would think.


Carbon & Copper

Hello 2017!

I am so excited to be sharing Carbon & Copper with you all. Christina hand makes some of the prettiest, and fun jewelry I have seen.

She uses a variety of beads and metals to create her line of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. 

The colors in this pendant necklace can go with a variety of outfits, and is going to be one of my favorite spring and summer pieces this year! 

Her wooden beaded bracelet is a go to for summer Boho styles, and the detail in elephant charm makes this one of my favorite pieces. 

Searching through her Instagram and Etsy, I never see two things that are the same. I love how creative she is, and how one of a kind her pieces are.

She has a variety of styles on her site, and even had a beautiful Bridal section! I hope you will check her out.

I am so thankful to Christina for her amazing support, she also sent along these earrings to be given away! Keep your eyes on my Instagram where I will pick two lucky winners!

Thank you Carbon & Copper

How To Eat Amazing Meals Even When You’re Busy

We all love good food – there’s no argument about that. Who doesn’t love to feast on some amazing meals and stuff themselves silly with great tasting treats? The problem is, unless you can afford to constantly eat out at fancy restaurants and cute bistros that supply the desired goods, you’re the person in charge of feeding yourself.


Then it’s a completely different ball game.  Whilst we all want to eat great food, there’s not many of us that want to come home after a long day at work to slog it out in the kitchen for a good hour or two, especially when your meal is gobbled up in less than fifteen minutes!


Image from Pexels


But don’t worry. There are ways to have great tasting food that fills the soul without needing to dedicate your life to being in the kitchen. Enjoy great food whilst also having a great social life by following these top tips on how to get the job done quickly AND to a high standard.


  1. Get yourself a blender


One of the most boring things to do in the kitchen is spending half an hour chopping up vegetables for your favourite dish. Chop, slice and dice your way to food heaven by using one of these great time savers. They aren’t just great for cutting up your veggies for you either. You can use any decent blender to make some great creamy soups for cold winter nights and you can impress your friends with some amazingly fruity cocktails. Check out Blender Friend for advice on the best models out there.


  1. Navigate your way around the spice cabinet


Image from Pexels


Learning how to correctly use spices and herbs is one of the best things you’ll ever do as a cook. They can make or break a dish and learning how to add them to the right things will bring your dishes alive. You can turn even the most boring chicken dish into a sensation to your taste buds if you know what you’re doing. If you have no idea what to do when it comes to adding extras to your food, check out this guide on how to use herbs and spices in cooking.


  1. Consider weekly food prep


If you’re stupidly busy during the week but find you have quiet Sunday evenings after your mad weekends then it’s definitely a good idea to prepare your meals at the beginning of each week. You can cook enough to have numerous meals per batch and it means you’ll only have one load of washing up to do for the entire week. You can get home after a hectic day and bung it in the microwave and sit down to eat a delicious meal.


  1. Acid can be your best friend


Image from Pexels


When it comes to sprucing up any meal, there’s more to be done than just adding salt. If you find yourself being severely underwhelmed with a dish then try adding a splash of acid (the safe type, such as white vinegar and lemon by the way) – it will sharpen up all the flavours in your dish in seconds!